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You wake up in the morning, afternoon, when the alarm goes off.
You look at the ceiling in confusion for a moment and you realise that it’s time to get up for work. How do you feel?

Is the feeling good? Bad? Indifferent? Hopeless? Stressed?


Does the old adage, “Gotta pay the bills somehow”, make you want to grab the speaker by the throat and hurl them through a plate glass window from the forty-seventh floor of your office building?

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You may very well be in a “Toxic Work Environment”, so, you ask, “What the hell can I do about it?”

Question should be, “What the hell is going to happen to me, and my family, if I don’t do something about it?”

There’s no doubt about it, workers in the United States are in a vast pool of available labour, workers are engaged, pretty much every day in a “survival operation” within that labour pool and all are having to settle, often, for not enough return for time invested.

This morning my Monster.com notifications brought me this;

The hostile work environment checklist: How toxic is yours?

This is how to recognize a poisonous job situation and the steps to take in response.

Reading through it, and comparing it to my own experiences in the five years I have resided in the country, I realised that I had been in toxic work environments… I got out.

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I know, I know… you have mortgages, children, school fees, insurance, bills and costs… we all do, every man, and woman, jack of us BUT do we kill ourselves because of it?

One of the things that really used to burn me, in having a conversation with people where you’re talking about your respective jobs, you might be explaining some particular situation or other that happened as a result of incompetence (not yours) ineptitude (not yours) or sheer buggery (again, not yours) and all of a sudden the other person says, “Yeah, it is what it is…!”

A moment’s silence and then…the thought comes to you… “Faster than a Bruce right and they’d be on the ground…!!!”

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…but, naturally, you don’t go there because you realise that the person you are talking to has given up, given up on making a difference, given up on changing their world, given up on whatever…

The other thing you hear all the time, over and over, “So-and-so is in such a toxic relationship, why doesn’t he/she get away?”… you could just as easily say, “So-and-so is in such a toxic job, why doesn’t he/she get away?”

Not so easy? Yeah, it might not be but then nothing worth having ever came easily did it? What did you want to be when you were in High School? What was, if ever, the best job you ever had that you actually enjoyed? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR WORKING LIFE? Be miserable, depressed? defeated? No… well then, do something about it…


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Y’know, it’s said that,

No matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideals, or how high our hopes, ultimately we need courage to make them a reality. Without action, its as if they never existed.”
~ Senora Roy ~

I know, it’s scary and difficult and hard and seemingly impossible to contemplate it but without it what are you going to do, wither away and die?

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