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Sweet Home Chicago: We were able to catch a little time with the principal officers of the Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition and find out what’s been happening in the Windy City.

One-on-One: Of dark mysteries and practical thoughts. In this refreshing interview piece we get to spend some time chatting with Magistra Xia of the Ordo Omnia

A Meeting of Minds – An interview with the three principals of the 2019 Elder and Leadership Conference in South Carolina.

Dr. Death and a Vampyre Beauty – A special interview by Lady Suzanne Carré with Dr. Mark and Lady Ines Benecke from Germany

Cause and Effect – Join us to hear from Matt about the mysteries of the “Mudutu Effect”, a discourse on perceptions.

The Whisperers – Lady Alyson of the Paranormal And Supernatural Team (P.A.S.T.) of Saskatchewan in Canada joins us for a chat about ghost hunting, to share some tips for the would ‘ghost hunter’ and to tell us why we probably won’t need to call Ghostbusters…

…in old Chicago town. A one-on-one with Co-founder and CEO of The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition Mr. Derek Lestat

One on One: Another side of a coin. A surprising and candid interview with Michael Vachmiel of the Vampire Court of Houston and the Vampire Society Forum

‘Art attack: A Ronin in NYC join us for a visit to the ‘Big Apple’ and meet an amazing artist.

The mercurial Mr. Curiel A one-on-one with the controversial writer and commentator Marcel Curiel

Interview with the Goddess – The real deal. Part 1 of a candid interview with Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

Vampirist: A book about real Vampires. In which we are joined by author Lady Cecelia Fredriksson to chat about her latest book.

Interview with the Leanan sídhe – Lady Sylvere Ap Leanan in her first, full length, interview with RVL

Adventures through a darkened looking glass… An inspiring interview with a highly respected and widely adored lady in the modern culture, Lady CG talks about her newest project.

One-on-One: A need to know…
Lady Suzanne Carré, author, theoretical physicist, mathematician, Vampirologist… a fascinating interview with a lady that’s got it all.

To boldly go – Autoeroticasphyxium…and the reciprocal interview with underground magazine writer, editor and publisher Dave Wolff

On the receiving end… RVL and AEA
In a complete 180 we are interviewed by Dave Wolff of the underground magazine “Autoeroticasphyxium”

Vampyres Beyond Borders – Im Licht eines blassen Mondes – House Sauromatos
Our first interview with a Vampire House, in the traditional style, in Germany.

In psychic realms – Marie Bargas
The Celebrity Psychic and Hollywood Witch shares her time, her thoughts and her passion with us.


Welcome to 2018 at RVL


California Dreamin’ A One on One with Lady Shannon McCabe

Chiaccherando con i vampiri – Un partito italiano and (Eng. Trans.)

Chatting with Vampires – An Italian party

An interview with President Davide Santandrea and Vice-President Lady Maria Amico of LIRV, Italy about the “real vampires” television work and Halloween

‘Art attack with Goddess Rosemary The artistic adventures, and history, of the matriarch of Temple-House Sahjaza

Dallas but no J.R. A One on One interview with Mike Burgess of the Vampire Court of Dallas.

A new “world” order – reprised A follow up to the series of reports concerning the “Unity Project” with founders Lady Gia Bathory-Von Ecsed, Countess of Cachtrice-Hrad and Queen of The Memphis Court and King (Heir Apparent of New Orleans) MavenLore of The House of Lore.

Setting the Tone – “The real McCoy” A One on One interview follow-up with our friend

Tony Sokol

Chatting with Vampires – Beyond Borders A One on One interview with Prince-Lord Axikerzus of Temple House Sahjaza Brazil

Chatting with Vampires – Beyond Borders A One on One interview with Spurn of the information resource “Vampire Fragments”, and the Danish Vampire Community

‘Art attack with Lady Kate Gallwey A one on One interview, and a look at the art, with artist Kate Gallwey

Chiaccherare con I vampiri – Oltre I Confini

and (Eng. Trans.)

Chatting with Vampires – Beyond Borders

A One on One interview with President Davide Santandrea of the Lega Italiana Real Vampires in Italy.

Setting the Tone Part 1 and Setting the Tone Part 2  A two part One on One interview with musician, composer, journalist and playwright Tony Sokol.

Roundtable: Leaders Summit

In which the following leaders afforded their time to answer some important questions.

Guests: Ankida Mudutu, Mage Elder of Mudutu, Canada, Rev. Aramond Sebastian VanRahamdalph DD, of Clan Rahamdalph, Texas, USA, Matriarch Emilie Conroy of Ophiucus Living Vampires International, Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza High Priestess and Matriarch, High-Elder Magnus Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza Sacred Scribe et Custos Libros, and Prince and Lord Andreas Sahjaza — Temple House Sahjaza, Lord Traveler Asura-MacPhee Elder/Co-patriarch House Pride of Asura Co-founder and Ambassador Iron Garden, Initiate Order of the Black Marble, Madame X, Matriarch of House of the Dreaming, Prince of the Gateway Halo, Co-Founder of Dark Nations, Co-Founder of Iron Garden, Lady Maria Angela Amico, Representative of the Lega Italiana Real Vampires (LIRV) Italy, Lêow Bundeskanzler Samael S. Adib, Der Haus Drachen and Patriarch Stefan Resurrectus of Clan Resurrectus, GA, U.S.A.

The Unity Question  A One on One interview with Rev. Aramond Sebastian Van Rahamdalph DD.

Vampire Media – A roundtable chat A “round table” chat with Mr. Deacon Gray of The Graveyard Press, Lady Julia DarkRose from The Darkrose Journal, and, from London, Mr. Darren Demondaz of The London Vampire Magazine.

One-on-One – A graphic affair A One on One interview with C. Michael Forsyth

Conversing with The Wolf   RVL’s Inaugural One-on-One with a modern Wolf, with our special guest Pack Alpha from New Orleans, Reaper Wolfe

New series for 2015    RVL’s One-on-One introducing and highlighting the work of individuals within the sub-culture. Our first guest is Mr. Gordon Smith of the C.L.A.V.I.S Project

Turning the page… catching up with old friends  – Catching up with author friends L.A. Nantz, Lady Raven Dane, Shaun McGinnis and Lady Eleanor Tombs.

The Tip of the ICE-Berg A chat with Stefan Resurrectus and Lady Alex of the International Council of Elders.

A seat at the ballet, a chat with the man behind the vision… with guest Shaun Dougherty, the creator and driving force behind “Irene” A Vampire Ballet

Smoke and Mirrors re-vamped – Lady CG

Chatting with vampires – Lady Kaia

The Roundtable – Education, Discretion and Decorum with guests Devora Cortois, Evening’s Child, Dr. James Lyon Ph. D., Lady Tania Amethyst Moon, Kalina Red One Alati and Stefan Resurrectus.

Chatting with Vampires ~ To the left please with Lady Anya Ligeia Rakoczy and Lady Kelly Scarlet Rakoczy

Chatting with Vampires – Back and toward the future with Stefan Resurrectus

Chatting with vampires ~ The power of Jyade with Lady Jyade Cythrawl

Mjesec boje krvi ~ A Croatian tale with Ivanetić Josip

Dnash on the road – The 2013 Fang Tour interview with Dnash

The Roundtable – Vampyre ~ Superstition, Society and Subculture with Anthony Hogg, Julia DarkRose Ray, Gabrielle Faust and Lady Tania (a.k.a Hellkat)

Home and Hearth – The benefits of ‘House’ membership with Lady Anya Ligeia Rakoczy

Freedom in expression ~ House Rakoczy with Magister Mephistopheles of House Rakoczy

Chatting with Vampires – A rose in the darkness with Julia DarkRose Ray

Modern Living Vampires ~ Predators or not? With Jane M., Zee No, Vodalok Nightkiller and Dr. James Lyon PhD.

A new world with Bryce H.

Chatting with vampires, one-on-one with Fr. J.P. Vanir

Real Vampires, Real Lives ~ Freedom factors with Octarine Valur

Real Vampires, Real Lives with author, artist and vampire L.A. Nantz (a.k.a. Vodalok Nightkiller)

The noble savage…with renowned artist Chad Savage

Chatting with Vampires ~ Special presentation with Alex Savage

The Vampire Library with Librarian Deb

Through the eyes of ‘Swans’ ~ vampire donors with Swan Queen, Acrophobic Pixie and Cheri.

Chatting with Vampires: The OVC ~ State of the nation Part 2: with Ladies Tania (a.k.a. Hellkat) Cynthia and Starfire.

Website Spotlight ~ The Donors Haven with Acrophobic Pixie

The lady writes… Chatting with Gabrielle Faust

Chatting with Vampires ~ A Pranic roundtable with Emilie, Phobos, Marilys, and Seth

Chatting with Vampires ~ The OVC; State of the nation Part 1 with Dolphinmoon, Riley and Silver Black.

Chatting with Vampires ~ A tide of energy… with ladies Claudia, Emilie Conroy and Starfire.

Chatting with Vampires ~ Blood is thicker… with Vodalok Nightkiller (a.k.a. L.A. Nantz) and Starline07

Chatting with Vampires ~ The “V” word with Anon(ymous) Reverend Mercutio and Lady Starfire

Chatting with Vampires ~ One-on-One ~ Alison Demzon

Chatting with NO Vampires ~ Part 2 with J.V. Krakowski, Johan and Ric.

Chatting with NO Vampires ~ Part 1 with C. Michael Forsyth, Darren Mann and Nadine.

Chatting with Vampires ~ Community, the Media & the Future with Fr. JP Vanir, Lady Victorianrose and Lady C’iana DeCampli.

Chatting with Vampires ~ Modern vampirism, a Pandora’s Box or Mother nature’s gift? With John Reason, Octarine Valur, Starfire and Angel Night.

Website Spotlight ~ V_Luna’s Real Vampires with Lady Luna

Website Spotlight ~ Special Edition ~ House Rakoczy & Vampires for Freedom of Expression with Magister of the Twilight Lodge of House Rakoczy, Mephistopheles.

Between two worlds ~ Hybrid Real Vampires with Lady DarkestHour Archer, Shadow Walker Ka and Casidhe.

Chatting with Vampires ~ One on One with Yehowshua

Coming Out Of the Coffin: Part Three with Katie Reason.

Coming Out Of the Coffin: Part Two with Bill Reason.

Coming Out Of the Coffin: Part One with John Reason.

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