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Crossroads 2017 – Honesty, Integrity and the non-Partisan approach ( and Information just to hand follow up) – A comparative look, and general commentary, on the differences between so called “information sources”

A November to remember… A somewhat surprising, record breaking and very pleasing month at RVL (2017)

For Unity – Long Live The King Congratulations on Maven Lore’s ascension in New Orleans

California Dreamin’ – A one-on-one with the amazing Lady Shannon McCabe

Chiaccherando con i vampiri – Un partito italiano – Italian language interview with Presidente Davide Santandrea and Lady Maria Amico of LIRV, Italy

(eng. Trans) Chatting with Vampires – An Italian party

Up a dark alley: 1964 to 2016 The final (so far) piece of the Vampire history puzzle that began life in 2010. The “Up a dark alley” Historical series is available from the drop down menu under “Vampire – History, Mythology and Folklore”.

Vampire Deities – The “ultimate” design? Could there be  ‘heaven’ for Vamps?

Vampire Deities 2017 Why can’t WE have our own Gods?

Communication, Prognostication and Unique solutions Modern Living Vampires? What language should we employ, as a symbol of our unique identity

Crossroads 2017 ~ Titled or Entitled The use of titles in the modern culture.

Crossroads 2017 – On glamour and honour No such thing? Look again…

Another path Might just be healthier…Go quietly amid the night and the dark, and remember what peace there may be in the moonlight and the silence.

Hand in glove or Hand in hand – Vampires and the Occult Mutually exclusive or inclusive?

Focus Pocus Vs. Self Interest, which one is better? Focus groups or Self Interest groups, which one works best?

Real Vampires: The hardest thing about being us Part 4 Real life problems of Real Vampires

Crossroads 2017: Red Flags by RVL Italian Correspondent Lady Ronin Costa

10 Years – Stand up, Stand out, BE COUNTED… In memory of Sophie Lancaster

Crossroads 2017: Another N word Neti-what???

New for old for old for new Tolerance and respect for belief, old concept or just a lost concept?

Who would you want at your back? A tongue in cheek look at who would the best to “have at your back”

Crossroads 2017: When in Rome… We must look awesome… and we can do neat stuff

RSVP…? Ever been added to a group without your knowledge or consent?

Why can’t I be a…  A timely reminder about iImportant information for non-vamp seekers.

Crossroads 2017 – But what does it all mean? It is our contention that unless these “wrongs” are addressed then the ball of confusion simply grows and grows until one cannot separate the fact from the fallacy from the fiction.

Vampires, Pack or Solitary beings Part 2

Vampires, Pack or Solitary beings Part 1

Crossroads 2016  A look at civilisation within the modern living Vampire world.

Welcome to 2016 – RVL Indicative sub-culture survey results Nov. 1, 2015 to Jan. 15th, 2016

Origin of the Species So, like, where do Vampires come from?

An RVL Guest Editorial – A Question of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc. Guest editorial by Lady Rei Tadashi

Crossroads 2015: Plain Speaking Part 3 – Peace for our time.

Crossroads 2015: Plain speaking Part 2 “By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “The Cost of Discipleship”

The Unity Question – Part 2 – Peace for our time

About a conflict that has been going on since around the early nineties ~ perhaps ’93 or ’94. So far as we know it hasn’t claimed any lives but it has affected, probably, somewhere in the thousands of people.

Peace for our time Drama, Stress and a “peaceful online vampire group”, like sands through the hour glass…

Crossroads 2015 – Pick, or picket, a fence… A look at the core of belief versus healthy skepticism, or denialism

Crossroads 2015: “In the club…” A look at prevailing influences that detract from mutually beneficial interaction and communication.

RVL meets reality – Mindfulness, Crisis prevention and tossing away old baggage Part 3.

RVL meets reality – Mindfulness, Crisis prevention and tossing away old baggage Part 2.

Crossroads – The proof of the pudding…? Takes a look at the sub-culture and its skeptics.

1984 – Sense and sensibilities where we take a look at the latest furor over Facebook and revisit some cold hard facts about using the internet.

Warning Signs and ‘Red Flags’ – A timely reminder of some of the hazards associated with the internet and with the modern vampire sub-culture online.

Up a dark alley 1640 to 1752: Politics, War and Vampire Hysteria Quite possibly one of the most tumultuous times that I have looked into yet.

Up a dark alley 1500 – 1639: Erzsébet, Clara and Breslau The historical trail continues as we visit with some of the most famous exploits of this time.

Crossroads 2015 – The year of the… The new year arrives and we present our opening “Crossroads” editorial for the year


Special Edition – Sang vs Psi: Making a case for Separation ~ by Lady CG The renowned and highly respected Lady CG of Smoke and Mirrors offers us her insights and analysis of the subject that has been avoided for a long time.

Crossroads 2014 – Suffer the little child? I believe that this represents one of the single most important issues that our sub-culture has ever, and will continue to have to, recognize.

In the King James Version of the Christian Bible, Matthew, Chapter 19, it was written:

13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.
14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Crossroads 2014 – Reclaim your balance. Suddenly acting totally out of character, loss of memory, sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason, a drained feeling, an icy cold feeling on part or all of your body, recurrent or frequent nightmares, strange or recurring accidents, the feeling someone is watching you, a loss of self-confidence, a sudden loss of energy, sudden illnesses that cannot be explained, sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships, sudden depression without an apparent cause, seeming ongoing bad luck, irrational fear, anger or sorrow or a negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won’t go away.? Maybe you might want to read on…

Ghost Amp – Hearing the un-hearable?

15,000 Vampires live and breathe in Britain.
Hard to believe? Take a look at this special presentation

Real Vampires – The hardest thing about being us Part 3  In October of 2012 we began presenting a series of short papers under the working title “The Hardest Thing About Being Us”. The first part focused on questions of how we interact with the non-Vampire. The second part, “Real Vampires – The hardest thing about being us” Part 2, turned attention to some of the dynamic of the sub-culture. Now, in Part 3, we look into the topics of “Acceptance”, “Leaders and Followers”, “Protectionism” and “Welcoming and Helping Our Own”

The Essential Vampyre – A Guide.  How do you become a vampyre? Well, follow this tongue-in-cheek guide and you’ll be ready to make sweet music with the other ‘children of the night’ in no time at all…

Vampire health matters… To all of us ~ We take a look at some of the key topics in medicine, psychology and psychophysiology for Vampyres.

The next timeline, version 1 ~ One of the unfortunate associations in the modern world are so called “vampire” crimes… where did the association come from? Find out here.

Embracing the Vampire ~ From earliest origins to modern times

Crossroads 2014 – “The time has come the Walrus said…”

Vampires and Religion: Do the undead pray? – Reloaded

A seat at the ballet… Highlighting the new ‘vampire ballet’ “Irene” by Shaun Dougherty

Real Vampires – The hardest thing about being us #2

Crossroads 2014 – Reflections

Up a dark alley – 1858 to 1963 Part 1 of a multipart series that examines the history of the vampire archetype in relation to fine art, classical literature and contemporary social circumstances of the times.

Up a dark alley – 1753 – 1857, The quiet years Pt.1

Up a dark alley – 1753 – 1857, The quiet years Pt.2

Up a dark alley – Pre 800 BC – The beginning?

Crossroads 2014 ~ An editorial and an invitation

A new beginning. An editorial/Interview with the founder, and Executive Officer Elect, of the International Council of Elders, Stefan Resurrectus.

“The Living Vampire – A social survey” Presentation of results Part 1 – The first presentation of the results of a one year long survey undertaken by Real Vampire Life.

A VAMPIRE’S GUIDE TO NEW ORLEANS by author Steven P. Unger. A stylish peek into the author’s adventures in creating his New Orleans guide.

Community Development: A world of hope. A summary look at the ‘Seven Principles of Community Development’.

Alternative thinking – The spirit be willing. An editorial/interview that looks at the rise of the concept of Spiritual vampirism.

Alternative thinking ~ The Vampire Retrovirus. A look at the concept of the Vampire Retrovirus theory.

Community Health and Safety ~ A new initiative. A ‘spotlight’ on the Fangsmith Resource Network.

Look out Sava’s about…! An editorial/interview, with special guest Dr. James Lyon PhD., looking into the reappearance of one of Serbia’s favourite ‘undead’ sons.

Real Vampire Life is… An in depth look at the why’s and wherefore’s of RVL.

Real Vampires ~ One of the hardest things about being us. Let me ask you, as a real vampire, when you get an email or a message from someone begging you to tell them how to be turned into a vampire what do you do with it?

The ABC’s of Absinthe. Come meet the Green fairy.

That Was Then . . . This Is Now. Lady M takes a look at some of the differences between being a vampire in the 50’s and 60’s and being one now.

Following Jonathan ~ Reloaded. Tim takes the reader on trek to retrace the steps of protagonist Jonathan Harker (of Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

Temple House Sahjaza ~ Taking back the night. (reproduced with permission) A statement issued by the esteemed Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza in the July-August 2012 edition of the Temple House newsletter.

Bigotry in a Marginalized Minority Community – Vampires and Human Rights. (reproduced with permission) The amazing editorial by Elzie Roze.

Crossroads ~ What’s in a name?

Talismans, Amulets and other shiny things…

Crossroads ~ In response to Separatism, Isolationism or just good sense? (reproduced with permission) an editorial written and contributed by Rev. Mercutio Draconnis.

Crossroads – Separatism, Isolationism or just good sense?

Vampiric Aging. Lady M looks at the fact that we modern vampires are not, unfortunately, “trapped in eternal beauty” and offers some sage advice from a very reputable source.

Crossroads ~ Playing with words. Pedantics, Semantics and plain ol’ antics.

The OVC – Evolution or Devolution? A choice facing everyone.

Crossroads – Talking of roles…

RVN meets reality ~ Depression & Mental health

Crossroads ~ All the news that’s fit to print…

RVN meets reality ~ Money

The Vampyre Spotters Guide

Something in the blood? – Real Living Vampires

Crossroads ~ The new ‘chic’?

Crossroads ~ Pride, Prejudice, Intolerance and Ignorance

Crossroads – Sauce for geese and ganders

Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness

Where Do You Seek Your Truth? By Lady M.

Crossroads ~ Playing the man. The tendancy to, “If you can’t tear down the argument, resort to tearing down the person”.

Crossroads – On being a real vampire

Do you think you might be a vampire?

The needs of the? Outweigh the needs of the? Or the?

Crossroads – Of Politics and Drama

New report on blood consumption

Crossroads – The VC/OVC; a positive power

Icons, Idols and Stereotypes ~ Evolutions

Considering Youths in the Real Vampire Community. By RVL founder and owner Mr. John Reason.

Crossroads: Into the OVC – Which way now?

“How can I tell if I’m a vampire?”

Myths, Images, Metaphors and Symbols by contributing author Lady Angel Night.

To Eat or To Feed? By contributing author Lady Angel Night.

Psi Vampire/Healer: Oxymoron or Natural Choice? By contributing author Lady Angel Night.

Surviving an Awakening by RVL Founder and Owner Mr. John Reason.

Disbelief (reproduced with permission) by Belfazaar Ashantison

Crossroads – In whom we trust

Expert Opinion: ‘Dark Shadows’ vs. Real-Life Vampire

Safety First. Comments on the need for safety and discretion in and around the VC/OVC.

Where are all the vampyres? – Tracing a cultural development

Welcome to the Real Vampire News Bulletin Board