The Leathür Lair of The BratPrince


The Leathür Lair of The BratPrince is an internet radio show not quite like any other internet radio show you may have heard.

Beginning in late 2003, TLL has strived to be one step or more above Average, and is constantly evolving to meet or exceed that goal.  The Leathür Lair features the best of rock, classic rock, hard rock, old, new. metal, oldies, blues, comedy and more.

Rock Blocks are a featured staple of TLL, showcasing three-song blocks arranged by varying themes, foremost among these being The Five Alive block and others.
The Leathür Lair is hosted by the incomparable BratPrince, who as a radio DJ can best be described as an amalgamation of: Wolfman Jack, Dick Biondi, Dr Johnny Fever, Robin Williams’ character of Adrian Cronauer, and a splash of Dr Demento. The BratPrince is someone who truly knows about the music he has a passion for.

The Leathür Lair of The BratPrince can be heard every Friday night at 11:00 PM Central Time, on Treble Radio

Tune In!
Ever wondered how to tune into Treble Radio?  Friday Nights 11:00 PM CST / midnight

11:00 PM CST / midnight eastern


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