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There are many things in the dark that one could be afraid of, many things that are not what they seem and many things that are hidden… fortunately this is not one of them. Don’t be afraid, expect the unexpected and discover the pleasures of the sweet velvet night with… – The underground radio station for Vampyres only!

Creator and Host: DJ-Father CoVen  May 23, 2012

Format:  All public postings must be Vampyre “music” related only! Industrial, Gothic Rock, Gothic Metal, Gothabilly, Deathrock, Tribal, Darkwave, Ambient, Goth Synth, EBM, Dark Electro, Neofolk, Dub-step, Jazz, Classical……..

Ave! and Greetings to you all. 

Here at the new it will be our duty and pleasure to bring forth the latest underground club tracks for the “Strigoi Vii” or the “Living Vampyre”! As we invite you to listen to our LIVE 24/7 on-line radio broadcast which is entitled “In The Bloodlit Dark”

Also, every week we will present to our listeners a weekly LIVE session from Mon-Thurs at 9pm (eastern time) that features our “band of the night”! hosted by Dj Father CoVen. Within our website we will provide our past archived sessions that can be streamed or downloaded from our site in case you missed it. With that said, other features we also provide is our “video of the night”, an up to date news page, and free adds for bands that support

Right now the seed for this project is in bloom as we here at are working hard on new things so stay tuned…. This radio station is made by Vampyre’s for Vampyre’s only!!… We will ROCK! We will ROMANCE! and We DANCE! In The Bloodlit Dark!

Eternally, Dj Father CoVen **

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The questions of genre and type are often the first things that come to mind when one considers music, in any form. The Gothic Rock movement that grew out of the post punk hiatus in the late seventies featured such memorable acts as Siouxsie and The Banshees and Bauhaus but did they define or influence?

What is “Vampire Music”? Where does it come from? And, who are its proponents?

We are extremely honoured and proud to present a Chatting with Vampires special with Dj Father CoVen of Bloodlit


RVN: Good evening Dj Father CoVen and thank you very much for sharing a little of your time with us.

DFC: Greetings! the pleasure is mine and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Many thanks to you as well

RVN: Would you care to share with us a little of your own history and how you came to establish Bloodlit Radio?

DFC: Would you believe me this project started more than 10 years ago…LOL! In the beginning of what sparked back in 1996 was an amazing book by Mick Mercer. It was his book “Hex Files: the Goth bible” that really gave me a sense of what amazing amount of independent music is really out there! At that time, this was the best source for finding bands that could relate to the Vampyre/Goth music scene. Afterwards, I started to research and find these bands listed in this book and it has not stop since then. You’d have to give full credit for Mick Mercer for creating this monster of information.

RVN: What was the major reason for Bloodlit being created?

DFC: After reading and following up on the pages of the “Goth Bible” by Mick Mercer. I wanted to expose and get word out about these fantastic bands that were in this book! So afterwards I started looking around my local area for a Vampyre group. With no luck, I turned to the on-line Goth community and joined and gave updates to the site with new upcoming releases from bands that I was listening too and finding out at the time. Afterward, I got the itch to go out and buy dj equipment to expose these cool bands. I did a few private events and then I got a break to do an opening night for Toronto’s Vatikan Club. Sadly, it didn’t not happen! And so I took another route, I studied web graphics and design. Then created my first web page the was I think it was in 1999! After a year or so and learning more tech with web pages and audio, that’s when I launched! Still hard to believe this was 10 years ago LOL…. Also at that time I was starting a business and it slowly drew me away from this project and I had to close the site.

RVN: Many of our readers might be wondering, “What exactly is Vampire music?” What would your reply to that question be?

DFC: That my friends I can not answer! Everyone has their own outlook and own opinion of “What is Vampyre music”. In my own personal opinion, “Diversity” is key! Over the years, you can see that Vampire music and scene is always changing and always flowing. I always say “If it’s Dark, It’s Good!”

RVN: You have obviously worked with a number of vampire music bands, which bands, in your mind, most nearly define the nature of vampire music? and would you say there is a quintessential band that is the premier ‘vampire music’ band?

DFC: This is so hard to define! It is obvious that Vampyre Music is drawn out of early goth music. The genre itself was defined as a separate movement from punk rock during the early 1980’s and steered towards the romance aspect of the Vampyre imagery. A quintessential band that is the premier of “vampyre music” would have to be “The Doors”. From a band to come out of 1965 at a time when happy music and flower power was taking the world by storm. They were possibly the first band to explore dark, haunting and atmospheric sounds. Which possibly influenced legendary bands like Black Sabbath and the never forgotten Type O Negative! There is a vast history on where Vampyre Music has come from. But, the band to really hit the final nail in the coffin would be “Bauhaus” and their legendary song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” back in 1979! As for today, Inkubus Sukkubus would be the main band who are pushing for what is today’s as “Vampyre Rock”

RVN: Perhaps one of the most often remembered “vampire music” examples was the soundtrack to Queen of the Damned by Jonathan Davis of Korn, amongst others. Do you think that this soundtrack was a fair representation of ‘vampire music’ or just suitable as a soundtrack to complement the movie?

DFC: Oh yes! Vampyre movie soundtracks are a great tool to use when being introduced to the Vampyre music world. What first introduced me to gothic music was “The Crow” music soundtrack! It was my very first CD that I had bought and wow! everything changed for me ever since. Movie soundtracks do play a big role when it comes down to exploring new music. Also, movie scores from composer’s of Vampyre/Gothic films are worth checking out as well!

RVN: Without giving away any ‘state secrets’ can you tell us a little about upcoming projects and features at Bloodlit Radio?

DFC: We are not even a year old and we are continuing to bloom! Right now we are in the process of building an audience, and building relationships with people and with bands that share a common theme in music taste. We are hoping in time in time we will be a full on Vampyre radio station, where we will have our very own studio for bands to come out and do LIVE interviews with us! or maybe even do a LIVE fang making sessions in the studio… LOL! who knows what’s to come…..

RVN: For new bands that might be looking to break into the ‘vampire music’ industry, what’s your advice?

DFC: First send your new music to us… LOL! Here at BLR we are always looking for new bands to join the “Bloodlit Dark” On a serious note, I do get asked this questions a lot by upcoming bands! If your a band that wants to get exposure and to be played in Vampyre/Goth clubs. Check out and make contact with on-line magazines and magazine publications that support underground music such as Orkus! and Zillo! They are always looking for like minded bands to interview. Remember! A lot of these bands in our scene now do it part time these days. Because of MP3’s music today is being more accessible. The chances of making a living are very, very slim. If you make music, do it because you love to do so!

RVN: After the ‘moshing’ and the ‘headbanging’ what’s a vampire to listen to with regard to ambient or eclectic ‘vampire music’?

DFC: Everyday I’m constantly reviewing and listing to loud, crazy, fast pasted electro, blasting rock tracks all day! It’s the time before I go sleep I put on the headphones and listen to very quiet ambient music! If I don’t do this I’ll go crazy… LOL! Ambient and Eclectic music play a very special roll in my personal life! And I’m sure it does for everyone who needs a break from the real world.

RVN: Have you had the opportunity to listen to Lee Blasky, Midnight Syndicate and V.A.S.T? What’s your opinion of their forms of ‘vampire music’?

DFC: Ahh! yes fantastic stuff! This is what I mean by “Diversity” in “Vampyre Music”! Three different bands with three different sounds but yet still capturing that good old Vampyre spirit that we hold dear to our selves.

RVN: What is your vision, ultimately, for Bloodlit Radio?

DFC: I’m hoping in time will continue to bloom! Still looking for new opportunities to arrive in the time being. Ultimately, I hope to have a full on radio station with a studio filled with Vampyre’s walking around…LOL! No, No I’m just joking. My main goal is to connect with like minded people who love the bands and discover new music that we play on our radio station.

RVN: Dj Father CoVen, thank you very much for your time this evening. We are most grateful and we wish you every success and continued growth with Bloodlit

DFC: Many thanks to you as well, and I hope you’ll join with me “In the Bloodlit Dark” This is Dj Father CoVen telling you all, to Rest In Peace and …..Goodnight!


It’s not just a sound, it’s not just a fad, it’s not just a flash-in-the-pan… vampire music, “music by vampyres, for vampyres” is part of the vampire life and a part that is to be celebrated. Don’t just sit in the dark, sit in the dark with Bloodlit

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