Submission Guidelines – Real Vampire Life E-Zine

Submission Guidelines – John Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine

Welcome and thank you for considering John Reason’s RVL for your submission. Along with accepting submissions we also provide, on request, proof reading and editorial assistance, if desired, for your contribution.

Copyright ownership of Submissions –
If your piece is published at RVL we request that the copyright ownership for the purposes of reproduction and distribution, be shared equally with RVL but with the understanding that all intellectual rights remain with the author.

Types of submissions –

The following is a list of the type of submissions that we are willing to consider publishing at RVL;

  • Editorials containing commentary on current affairs within, or connected with, the modern living Vampire subculture.
  • Written editorial/interview articles that are of balanced, unbiased and informative nature.
  • Written essay submissions that deal with the history, the folklore and the mythology of the Vampire, we also accept submissions that deal with the general history and development of the modern vampire subculture.
  • The notes, resolutions and discussions of working groups that set themselves to consider questions, concerns and development of the modern living Vampire subculture.


RVL reserves the right to publish in part, or in whole, any submission received and undertake to advise the authors we work with as to the result of a decision to either publish or not. This decision is not subject to appeal.

What we will NOT publish –

We will not publish any submission that we deem to be needlessly or maliciously argumentative or inflammatory. We will not publish any submission that we deem to be subject to any possible claim of libel, or which could be deemed defamatory or discriminatory against any person, or group of persons.

We will not publish any material that we deem to either describe, depict or promote pornography or unlawful activities regardless of the ruling legislation of the place of origin.

These guidelines notwithstanding, all submissions, and the decision to publish or not publish by RVL, are governed by the laws of the United States of America.