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The weather’s getting warmer and net radio’s getting hotter, so come on down if you dare and plunge into…

The Leathur Lair

Friday Nights 11:00 PM CST / midnight

From The Prince

“Once a week, for five hours, I get to kick off the shackles of conformity and societal norms, hold my head high, fists in the air, and commune with all the gods as an equal!! “

The Leathür Lair… it simply IS: The Leathür Lair”

“The Leathür Lair features the best of rock, classic rock, hard rock, old, new, metal, oldies, blues, comedy and what’s more TLL has always striven to be one step or more above Average, and is constantly evolving to meet or exceed that goal.
Rock Blocks are a featured staple of TLL, showcasing three-song blocks arranged by varying themes, foremost among these being The Five Alive block and others. Also in the audio arsenal are such goodies as Smash Or Trash, WTF’s, Listener Request Blocks, Double- and Triple-Shots, and more…”

Friday Nights 11:00 PM CST / midnight

What’s more, that sound, that feeling, that spark…

do you have it in you to face the Bloodlit Dark?


  Join our friend DJ-Father CoVen

“Right now the LIVE 2 hour Bloodlit Sessions are back! Every Thursday at 10pm EST (Toronto, Canada time) we feature a band of the week (our last was the legendary Inkubus Sukkubus) We have created a new page on our site dedicated to our listeners and what they share during our LIVE broadcasts, truly amazing what people are doing when they tune-in! All I can say at the moment is the wheels are starting to roll again, more news it to come!”

~ DJ-Father CoVen

 Also, on May 9th this year, at 10pm EST, get on down to Bloodlit Radio

with Suicide CommandoBloodlitBanner

If you’re feeling rough and don’t know what to do, there isn’t much can’t be fixed, with a shot of Whiskey or two… that’s Whiskey at WFKU of course…


WFKU is a Dark internet radio station Broadcasting live out of New York City. We Play the newest Dark and Dance music, and fulfill your muscial lust for the Sinister and Mysterious. If you’re a night owl who embraces the dark instead of avoiding it, can be found prowling a graveyard at any given time and could easily claim that most of your wardrobe is black, then WFKU is the internet radio station for you.

Look out for these attractions ~

Fire Walk With Me Live Mondays at 6:00PM

Tactical Beats Live Sundays at 9:00PM

Ritual Noise Live Thursdays at 7:00PM




Perhaps the spoken word, more powerful than the sword, within you strikes a chord… if so just go ‘blogtalk’ with these awesome shows…


You can catch up with some of the coolest and most fascinating ‘blogtalk’ on the planet…


Join Gabrielle Faust and David de Lara at Nocturnal Confessions Radio


Every monday 8pm est on

LIVE Chat with hosts & Listen Live

ravenAlso at Liveparanormal

Raven’s Nest Vampire Radio


Saturday evening’s at 11pm EST (2hrs)

Welcome to Ravens Nest Vampire Radio with your hosts Raven & D. Join others in the Vampire community as well as other like minded members of in our interactive chat room. Talk with Raven & D and their guest of the show real time in chat or call in.”

Call by Ravens Nest Radio on Facebook for the latest news…

So get out there, get down to Net Radio and support the people that are doing it for you, your “community” and the real vampire sub-culture…






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