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Well, slap me sideways and call me a saloon door…!!!

What a time we’re having hereabouts… heat indexes still boiling the thermometers, pollen counts in the millions of parts per million, I think the sun is actually orbiting closer to Illinois than to Mercury at the moment…!!! Seriously, I saw a lady walking her pet Dachsund the other day and I swear the little woofer had griddle marks on him…!!!

Hey, “What’s the weather like on your planet?”


Yeah, oh, speaking of questions, has anybody been playing with those funny little, “Add an answer” things on Facebook? Really, it can be quite amusing… just take a serious question and think up a completely smartarse answer…

Example, I came across the question the other night, “How do like your spaghetti?”… oh, what an opening…


Img. source: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Produzioni Europee Associate (PEA) (Produzioni Europee Associati – Rome)
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas (co-production) and
Constantin Film 1967

Okayyyyyyy… let’s see what my beautiful assistant has for me this time around… some news, some news, some things, some… *shuffle, shuffle, shuff…*

Ah Hah


Img. source: Court of Lazarus

The 198th Court of Lazarus; A Metropolitan Vampire Society

Sunday, July 15 at 9 PM – to Jul 16 at 12 AM EDT


The Court of Lazarus

94 W Houston St, New York, New York 10012

With ShaIn Ilisha, Monica Ann Pedone, Angelica Valkyrie, Patrick DeLaney, Valerie Ferrante, Naamah Aeternus, Elena Innocence, Melissa Rensky, Victor A. Noirlocke and Valerus Lideim.

~ And ~

Img. source: Iron Garden

“Calling All Nightkind – Therians, Lycans, Canis Lupus, Otherkin, Witches, Pagans, Vampires and All Beautiful Children of the Night”

Join us Friday, July 27th – 9PM Sharp!

Events include;

KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Lupa Gunnr MacPhee Lykaios – Founder of Tribe Lykaios presenting on: Wolves Among us

CONCLAVE: The Berserker Mindset w/Citizen Wolfgang Krystman aka Herr Wulfsunus Elder of House of the Dreaming

ART EXHIBITION by: Don Lee Ferguson

CEREMONY: Full Moon Transformation Blessing by Jennifer Bobbe

PLUS – Goth Lounge in the Crypt by QXT’s DJ Pete DeFillipo

and much more… don’t miss out…

Img source: Facebook someplace

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha… I am so gonna use that next time…

Know what? I’ve been thinking, just recently, about “constancy” “- the quality of staying the same, not getting less or more”[1] and “inconstancy” “- not staying the same, especially in emotion, behaviour, or choice of sexual partner”[2]

Yeah, yeah, okay…enough with the sex jokes already… seriously now…

Having spent almost 18 years online, in this wonderful little alternative reality we have called the VC, I have seen an amazing amount of changes… not so much wholesale, widespread, cultural changes but smaller, somewhat radical and fleeting changes. One of the most prevalent types of change that I recall is level of inconstancy of a good many folk. It seems that from initial identification as one form of “kin”, for wont of a better term, there is a decided shift that comes along at not too infrequent intervals where people will re-imagine, reinvent or re-define themselves and I have to ask myself why.

Is it because they have an epiphany? A blinding revelation accompanied by the choral strains of an assemblage of winged daemons telling them that they’re not what they thought they were?

Is it because, eventually, people get bored with their “persona”, get bored with waning visibility, get bored with having to think themselves restricted in topics of discussion (if they care about that sort of thing of course) Is it a need to become “visible” again, to become “noticed”, to become part of the “in crowd” again?

Is that why we seem to be constantly discovering new types of Vampires in our midst? Is it simple inconstancy that afflicts?

Yeah, food for thought I thought…

Img. source: Sacramento Magazine


From Lady Shannon McCabe all the way out on the western side of the continent

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – The VAMPS will be back for our 10 year Anniversary! #VAMPS #ShannonMcCabesVampireBall #Halloween #Sacramento

Check in at Vampire and keep up with the latest news for this years ball in Sacramento


As the lady relates; “I am feeling rather nostalgic today as I think back on the last 10 years… Enjoy some of our beautiful VAMPS from years past… If you haven’t liked the Vampire Ball yet, you should, we have some really exciting things coming up… Peace, love and vampires.
Shannon” (Tickets on sale now for 10/27)

#Sacramento #VAMPS #Halloween #VampireBall

No doubt about it, they have big balls in Sacramento

Okay, digging down into the “medicine bag” again…. annnnnnd….

Ahhh, yes, Lady Raven’s recent message…

Img. source: Vampires Masquerade Ball PDX

A location change for the ball is in the offing for this year. For details on the event and the changes check in at;

Vampire’s Masquerade Ball PDX


I think that’ll be enough out of me for now, don’t you? (Rhetorical question… not necessary to answer…!!! – *Laughs*) Yeah, cuz we have to laugh don’t we? What’s the alternative, sit in a corner and cry while we bang our heads against the wall? Nahhhhh…

Good night “Night People”….

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