Oi, Oi…

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Tim (Who else?)

Oi, oi… what the actual fuck???

If it ain’t one thing it’s another… there I was, relaxing on a Sunday morning with the computer and coffee, listening to, and watching, the Liverpool, Man. City match from Anfield and BAM… call out from work…!!! Why don’t all the American Christian organisations get together and ban working on Sunday? I’m sure the Big Black Book said something about that along the way didn’t it?

So yeah, then, well… what’s been happening in your world this week? “Same shit different day…!”, you mutter… seems to go that way don’t it.

Going to throw an early one atcha today, look past everything you’re getting ready for and think about December, especially think about this…

Img. courtesy of Vampire Court of Dallas

The Vampire Court of Dallas

Mike Burgess and our good friends at the VCD are holding a winter event and toy drive, even if you can’t make the event please think about donating to the toy drive. Contact the VCD for details of how to make ‘out of state’ donations. The Toy Drive benefits The New Beginnings Center of Garland.

The Vampire Court of Dallas presents:


– A Holiday Toy Drive Benefiting The New Beginnings Center of Garland.
Sunday, December 9th.

Doors open: 9pm

Your Host: May May Graves


Wild Bill’s Ugly Sweater Party in the Video Bar and Joe Virus in the Main Room.

With performances by:

Dead Girl Circus, Arty Dodger, Toni Tabasco, Scarlette D’Vine

Also featuring:

*Vendors for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

*Fangs by Blacksmith Fangs (Houston)

*Krampus Costume Contest at the end of the night with prizes from Cat Dillon and Dan Miga Designs

*Roving Performers by The Krampus Society

*And Much More!

Suggested Dress Code: Christmas Goth, German Folk, Christmas Horror, Krampus, Winter Horror, Traditional Goth


$10 over / $15 under 21

$5 off with Church Dog Tags

Free Drink (1 per individual) with Donation of New/Unwrapped Toy!

Venue: The Church, 2424 Swiss Ave.

Info: thechurchdallas.com

Social Media: thechurchdallas

Info: vampirecourtofdallas.org

Social Media: thevampirecourtofdallas


Img. Courtesy: Vampire Court of Dallas

Yeah, Christmas, it comes Masterrrrrr… it commmmmmes….

Right… time to make some fucking noize, wotcher reckon’?

We’re goin’ to have a British invasion today… no, not the friggin’ Beatles (apologies to my lovely wife)

Slade 1969, an original “skinhead” band…
Img. source: wikipedia.com

Oi, oi…awright Noddy???

Let’s ‘ave a look at wot me lovely assistant’s bin up to this week then…

Img. source: NY Haven Masquerade Ball


Haven: A Masquerade Ball

Venue: The DL · 95 Delancey Street, New York, New York 10002

Gawd bless ya balls Gotham…!!!

Wot else we got ‘ere then…

Ooooh, yeah, like…

Blutengel – New single coming out soon – “Vampire”

Img. source: Blutengel

Gotta be lookin’ forward to that one…!!!


Picked up from the Nerdist.com… (Who sez we don’t luv them nerds???)

Kendall Ashley gives us an insight into the new “mockumentary”
What We Do in the Shadows

Imagine, Vampires in Staten Island… wotever next, I ask you???


This one’s for every single last one of you ever luvvin’ mothers in the modern Vampire culture… yep, EVERY SINGLE ONE…!!!

Yeah, like… a bit uv th’ best o’ British there for us…

Okay, it’s time, it’s that time, it’s THE time… drumroll please, it’s none other than everyone’s favourite segment…



Img. source: teluguone.com

Okay, okay, ‘old it down… OI, you lot, stop snoggin’ up th’ back there…

Leaders, leadership, leading, being led… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this recently. There have been a lot of extensive posts made, over the years, about “What is a leader” – in reference, obviously, to our beautiful, raucous, frivolous, frenetic modern living Vampire culture. Many, many people have come forward and opined on what is “BEST” for ALL of us… I tend to regard such things with a sort of healthy cynicism now. Many have been the attempts to create leadership frameworks, Councils and the like and without exception each one that has sought to dictate some form of “best practice” among the far and wide groups, Houses, Temples and organisations has failed dismally.

As a matter of fact a leader is;
“A person in control of a group, country, or situation.” – Short and sweet.

Leadership is;
“the set of characteristics that make a good leader.” Also, “The position or fact of being the leader.” And, “the person or people in charge of an organization.”

There, that’s it, nothing mystical, nothing about experience, knowledge or any other thing. Naturally, whenever someone decides THEY are a leader people are going to be looking at what that person has done, said, or not done in the past. That’s natural. The self-declared leaders are going to be looking to their followers to validate their assumed position. It’s the way of things.

Now, here’s the thing, there are many different types of leaders…
That’s the real question isn’t it…?

When all else fails “Keep Calm and Listen to your Muse”…

Or, just say “fuck it all…!!!” and go…

Oh, yeah, for the record, Liverpool and Man. City played a nil all draw, that leaves City at the top of the English Premier League on Goal Average… PFFFFFT…!!!

Ta-rahhh for now like…!!!

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