J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine 1st Annual Report

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Compiled, Written, Edited and Presented by

Editor in Chief – J. Reason’s RVL E-Zine

Good morning,
It is a very exciting point in the history of J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine, for the first time in the history of the publication we are in a position to release an Annual Report. In dealing with the period beginning July – August of 2017 we have kept monthly records of statistics and circulation (Contained on a link tab at our home page) There is one month of data unavailable, being October – November last year because your chief Editorial staff were swanning it up, and swilling cold beer, in Australia on vacation…!!! (Sorry ’bout that… NOT…!!!)

In looking at the records over the previous 13 recording periods we can see that the most popular times seem to be between September and January, although this year the March – April month was especially busy as it has been this last month, July – August 2018..

One of our biggest milestones came on 7/26/18 when we passed the 250,000 visits mark at RVL.

Much of what happens at RVL, naturally, occurs around what we write and present and we are keenly aware of three things at all times, 1. Keep it real, 2. Keep it relevant and 3. Have some fun along the way.

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In putting a good mix of these things together we believe that we create, and reinforce, a culture that creates interest among readers. Having a “little fun” or “a little light insanity” along the way keeps the audience from feeling they are trapped in a world of negativity and in this way we hope to be able to engender greater interest in the modern culture and send out a message that not everything has to be nasty, bitchy, back-biting and squabbling when Vampires come together, be it on or off line.

We have, as many are aware, gone through some rather intensive changes over the last twelve months and we have welcomed new Staff Members to the E-Zine, our deepest gratitude and thanks must, firstly, go to –

Lady Ronin Costa (Editor, Staff Writer and Foreign Correspondent in Italy)
Gordon Smith (Editor and Researcher) of the CLAVIS Research Group.
Dave Wolff (Editor and Rock God) C.E.O. and Editor in Chief of the Auteroticasphyxium E-Zine.
Lady Suzanne Carré (Editor and Science Advisor)
Lady Kaia Liivamägi (Editorial and Medical Pathology Consultant)

And, Lady Sylvere Ap Leanan (Assoc. Editor and Modern Living Vampire Community Consultant)

With these fabulous people on board we can continue to provide high quality reading and infotainment for our audience, an important… nay vital, part of any publication.

For myself, and speaking on behalf of J.Reason, we must also acknowledge the tireless, unending efforts, work, patience and research that goes on every single day of the week and which is under the watchful eye of Lady Marmoon Bey. Without her extraordinary work we would not be able to present that publication, nor have the Facebook portal site, that we enjoy.

Without reservation we express our deepest gratitude to all those whom have participated in editorials and interviews over the past year. It is, we believe, an excellent opportunity for people to connect, in a fashion, with many of the fascinating and intriguing people that are part of our Modern living Vampire Culture.

Of course, a huge thanks MUST go out to everyone who reads, follows and supports RVL around the world. Without those people we would have little purpose, direction or incentive.

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Planned developments.

This is an area that has been under discussion over the last three months. We are working in with both WordPress and with our server host to determine the best way to increase our level of control, flexibility and versatility WITHOUT monetizing (yup, we ain’t in it for th’ money friends) the E-Zine and thereby having annoying ads permitted there.

Our main areas of expansion this last year has been in the arena of Historical information and presentation. With these things contained in our Vampire – History, Mythology and Folklore department we are always seeking to update, improve and expand on the information for all those interested in the Vampire Mythos as well as the real living Vampire life.

We are always considering new projects that will enhance the range and type of information available to our readers and, in that vein, we will be incorporating a new series of interviews that will focus on consultations of specific points of discussion to supplement our ‘general biographical’ interviews.

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J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine annual figures 2017 – 2018

Site Visits Period              Total Visits         Avg. /Day        Twitter F’lwers     Countries

July – Aug 2017                     2891              103.25                 1102                    96

Aug – Sep 2017                     3413              121.89                 1111                    106

Sep – Oct 2017                      4048              144.57                 1141                    110

Oct – Nov 2017                     absent            absent                absent                absent

Nov – Dec 2017                     3850               137.5                  1184                    119

Dec 2017 – Jan 2018            3854               137.64                 1205                   123

Jan – Feb 2018                     3214               114.79                  1232                   124

Feb – Mar 2018                     3272               116.86                 1267                    127

Mar – Apr 2018                     4566                163.07                1279                    131

Apr – May 2018                    3196                 114.14                1309                    132

May – Jun 2018                    2835                 101.25                1333                    136

Jun – Jul 2018                      3175                 113.39                 1361                    141

Jul – Aug 2018                     4369                 156.04                 1352                    143


The top 5 editorials/interviews over the last year by number of views to the end of 8/25/18 were;

Title                                                                                     Views

Vampire Deities                                                                                                     3,989

Blood Substitutes Or “How to be a Healthy Happy Vampyre”                               1,123

A VAMPIRE’S GUIDE TO NEW ORLEANS ~ Steven P. Unger                               949

Dr. Death and a Vampyre Beauty                                                                             565

A new “world” order – reprised                                                                                 547


The top 5 Countries, by visitors, as at 8/25/18 were;

% of visits          Visits by location

1                              United States                    67.72%                  14,810


2                             United Kingdom                 4.55%                      996


3                              Germany                            3.47%                     758


4                              Canada                               2.96%                    648


5                              Australia                              2.28%                   499


Our top ten referrers by links, for the year to 8/25/18, were;

Search engine source                     # referrals

Facebook                                            3,769

WordPress Android App                        660

Twitter                                                    246

sanguinarius.org                                    103

theb9.com                                              103

nexus-noctis.net                                      72

vampirefragments.com                           58

feedspot.com                                          56

blog.feedspot.com                                  43

t.umblr.com                                             40


The top ten search terms used to reach RVL, as at 8/25/18, were;

amazon                                                              22

vampire gods                                                     11

https://realvampirenews.com/                            10

vespertine ball                                                     7

vampire god names                                            6

real vampire dentures                                         4

deities of vampirism                                            4

vampire language                                               4

vampire symbols                                                4

unity ankh mavenlore                                        4

Common vampire bat

In conclusion:
As can be seen, over the previous year, 2017 – 2018, we have experienced a real growth of 23.034% in total site visits compared over the twelve record periods.

The number of people following RVL on Twitter has increased by 22.686% and our Global reach has increased by 48.958%.

Amidst this we have always done our utmost to bring quality, accuracy and, above all, independent information, free of any group, organisation, House, Court or other such affiliations or influence to our audience. Indeed, there have been times when our people have been, or are, holders of memberships to other organisations but that is something which, like your coat at a fancy restaurant, is left at the door on the way in.

Copyright RVL, 2018

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