It’s not RKO, it’s Net-Radio

Hey kids,
Headin’ at the weekend at a rate of knots? The weather’s absolutely shocking and you’re flat broke? The Cat/Dog/Budgie is not well and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in your wardrobe fits you properly anymore?

Don’t despair, just grab yourself a glass/cup/mug of your favourite and settle down by the fire with your ‘puter… the gang in vampnation radio land will make everything Ohhhhh-kay…!

You can join “The Prince” at

The Leathur Lair on KrushNation
Spanning the spectrum of the music of the spheres…
Interact with livetime listener requests and be part of the experience that is

LeatherFriday Nights 11:00 PM CST / midnight

Krush Nation
All varieties of music spanning the last several decades. We have syndicated shows, independent artists, rock, classic rock, metal, pop, country, blues and more!



 You can dive in an’ kick it with DJ Father CoVen at Bloodlit Radio


We tapped Father CoVen to try and get him to reveal some “state secrets”

Quote “Just letting you know BLR is moving to a new studio at the end of February. Their is going to be a major change in our 24/7 streaming radio and it’s going to be re-launched sometime in March once everything is set up. It’s going to be awesome for bands, listener’s, and RVL to apart of our free ad program. More news on that will follow soon….

 New activities this year in the Bloodlit dark include:

Bloodlit classics! I would like you all to help out, and be more apart of the Bloodlit Darkness. So post and share what’s your classic Bloodlit video/song! Thanks in advance, Dj Father CoVen

We got some awesome news that is blooming for! A new Youtube Channel (bloodlitit T.V.) is in the works! Also new features coming soon to our 24/7 radio station….

All our Bloodlit Sessions can now be downloaded or streamed of our site!


…and from 8 Jan 2013 – “The time has come for a new beginning and a time for us Vampyres to come together as family! Tonight at 9pm EST is the premiere of the brand new Bloodlit Sessions with Dj Father CoVen!

Get on down to the dark sounds of Bloodlit Radio


 You can cruise on over to WFKU and get it on with Whiskey


WFKU is a Dark internet radio station Broadcasting live out of New York City.   We Play the newest Dark and Dance music, and fulfill your muscial lust for the Sinister and Mysterious.     If you’re a night owl who embraces the dark instead of avoiding it, can be found prowling a graveyard at any given time and could easily claim that most of your wardrobe is black, then WFKU is the internet radio station for you.




If you’re more of a mind for ‘blogtalk’ radio, shoot on over to

LiveParanormal BannerLive Paranormal Online Radio

You can catch up with some of the coolest and most fascinating ‘blogtalk’ on the planet…

 Join Gabrielle and David at Nocturnal Confessions Radio

Every monday 8pm est on

LIVE Chat with hostrs & Listen Live

Internationally acclaimed horror novelist Gabrielle Faust and notorious dark surrealist David de Lara invite you to take a peek behind the proverbial velvet curtain at the inner workings of the fascinating minds responsible for today’s vivacious artistic underground. From vampires and horror filmmakers to macabre New Brow painters and gothic burlesque troupes Faust and de Lara explore the infinite facets of dark culture…


 Also at Live Paranormal you will find the show of our friend Raven


Raven’s Nest Vampire Radio

Saturday evening at 11pm EST (2hrs)

Welcome to Ravens Nest Vampire Radio with your host Raven. Join others in the Vampire community as well as other like minded members of in our interactive chat room. Talk with Raven and her guest of the show real time in chat or call in.”

Visit the Ravens Nest on Facebook

Raven was kind enough to let a coupla cats out of the bag for our readers:

Quote: “We’ve still got a couple of things in the works. Can’t announce them just yet. We have a rare interview with Lord Ramirez (Court of the Iron Garden) on Feb 2nd and this Saturday is Shaolin Macphee. We’ve had Katherine Ramsland, Corvis Nocturnum, Joseph Laycock, and quite a few interesting guests as well.”


Whatever you’re doing you don’t have to do it alone, tune in to any of these amazing folks who are serving, and looking after, the vampire nation’s ‘net-radio waves’.

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