It’s a EPIC way to go…

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Remember the epic death scene at the end of the film Gladiator?

Well, have we got another EPIC DEATH for you…

Epic Death we’re born on April 1, 2010 and, in the beginning, the band started out as a two piece outfit consisting of Mistress Demona (Becky on keyboards) and The Guitar Vamp (Dennis on guitar and vocals).


It took another 2 years to find other band members who would fit right into the picture that Becky and Dennis were creating and who loved the style as much as The Guitar Vampire and The Mistress did. That’s when Lycan Shredder (Jason onguitar/backing vocals) and Succui (Arni-bass and backing vocals) joined the band.

The latest members of the outfit, Davey Demon (Davey-drums) and Ginger Mortis (Angie-keyboard) happened before the end of 2012.


Epic Death, a metal band like no other metal band, make their home in Houston, Texas. Each member of the band brings with them something that, as a whole, creates a massive explosion of fast shredding, thundering beats and dark creepy tones. Much like the four horsemen of the apocalypse Epic Death sets out to destroy and conquer, to rule and prevail and to increase their loyal horde that they call “The Undead”.


Says Mistress Demona, “We are not going to change our music to be marketable to people that are not real fans of METAL! We do not play follow the trend music, we play the theme music to the revolution of true freedom and individuality!!
Epic Death is currently in the studio with producer Stephen Bogle and the band has recently shared the stage with URN, Mushroomhead, Gemini Syndrome, Society’s Plague amongst others and, like any other band, they are also hoping for, and working hard toward becoming a mainstream metal band. They have punched out what many consider to be their best, tightest and most epic track yet…

Do yourself a favour, get on over to YouTube and check this out, you’ll probably become diehard “Undead” as well!

 Eye of the Storm

Clickit 2 hearit and enjoy an Epic Death!


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