Vampire Deities – The ultimate design?

“Assumption of the Virgin” by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London
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Yes, this could get bigger than Ben Hur, Star Wars and Friday the 13th all rolled into one but hey, it’s fun ain’t it?

The next step in considering the matter of Vampire Deities is to consider the fact that modern Religion has, like all things, come from something far simpler that was born far earlier than this time. In this model I am going to default to a predominantly Christian model, I’m doing this because I was born into a Christian household and I was baptised into a mainstream religion (which I rescinded in fairly short order I might add)

By the way, speaking of religion, “Christian”, “Christianity”… From my recollection The Bible is the Word of God right? It’s way older a story that didn’t just “start”, according to the authors and contributors, with the life of the personage referred to as Jesus of Gallilee.

So, given that, why isn’t Christianity called Godianity? Why aren’t its adherents called Godians? Why, if we neo-pagans are called “Godless heathens” aren’t Christian folk called “Godful folk” Curious eh?

Hmmm, questions for another time p’raps…

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Evolution of cultural worship

Wanna take a look at what we have given ourselves to work with thus far?

From the article Vampire Deities 2017 we have a workable pantheon of deities that we can say govern the physical world in a pagan-like sense, perhaps, as is often demonstrated in the modern Vampire culture, this is the preferred way but if it becomes untenable, or irreconcilable, with evolving spiritual beliefs then we can easily make a case for the development of the sole God-figure, the “ultimate power” and assign our other deities to roles of “significant others” or “angels”.

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Let’s assume we are, as the mainstream Christian religions manifest, a Patriarchal society, we may assign Bohduhn, (Sanguine) Supreme-Father, King/Father of The Gods, Embodiment of The Earth to the role of “THE God”, the ONE TRUE God. Then we need find places for all the others, they will become transmuted into “angelic”, or rather “Vampgelic” beings created by the “one true God” to serve and worship him. The roles don’t necessarily change but the definition of roles becomes of wider scope.

We can progress to a development of our ‘hierarchy’…

Let us say that the “Vampgels” are arranged ranked by importance of function, we can develop the upper echelon (let’s call them Seravam for sh*** n giggles) and place the following deities therein;

The Seravam – These are the 7 uppermost Vampgels.

Abandaid, (Sanguine) Angel of healing and prophecy

Basplash, (PsyVamp) Angel of Seas and Straits

Antipastus, (Sanguine) Angel/Protector of Home and Hearth

Amthoranas, (PsyVamp) Angel of Weather (Storms, Thunder and Lightning, Sky God, God of Wind, Rain & Hail etc. etc. etc.)

Belaslap, (Sanguine) Angel of War – God’s second in command

Intarabus, (Sanguine) Angel of Sexuality (NOTE PLEASE: non-gender or orientation specific)


Rockariah, (PsyVamp) Angel of Music


So far, so good… don’t forget, we are undergoing a Patriarchal evolution in line with the tenets laid down in the world’s major religions thus the upper echelon is all male angels.

Oh, one thing, very important, we need have a protagonist, an “anti-God”, if you will so we’re going to take a bit of a liberty and roll the following into one…

Ankloventis, (PsyVamp) God of death, Disdaway, (Sanguine) God of the Underworld and Cemetery’s and Verbatias, (PsyVamp) Goddess of Death and The Underworld and we’re going to call this “negative” Vampgelic force, The Angel Andiver, “The Fallen”, “The Cast Down”, “The Unclean”, “Prince of Lies”, “Ruler of Hell” ~ Okay, okay…The Devilsheesh, colour us provincial why dontcha…!!!


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Right, we have our “One True God”, our “Seravam” and our “Devil”, next comes the rest of the Heavenly Host, they encompass all the other duties that our original deities carried. They will, naturally, need to be sub-divided by type because… well… because “Nirvana” is reached through ascendance so we have to have “levels” to ascend through to achieve “True Bliss” right?

Anyway, here we go…

Second Tier Vampgelics;

Ceenalot, (PsyVamp) Angel of Fertility and Procreation,

Bleafnia, (PsyVamp) and Arborea, (PsyVamp) Angel of Trees, Forests. Jungles and Rainforests,

Annasplash, (Sanguine) Angel of the Seas and Straits,

Arnema, (PsyVamp) Angel of Healing and Physicians,

Avethemom, (PsyVamp) Angel of Mothers and Childbirth,

Cumblessus, (PsyVamp) Angel of Temples, Churches and Sacred places,

Agroh, (PsyVamp) Angel of war and Protector of Warriors,

Erehot, (Sanguine) Angel of The Sun,

Mairiae, (PsyVamp) Angel of The Moon,

Namataloss, (Sanguine) Angel of Learning and Education,

Sinonu, (Sanguine) Angel of Sexuality and Procreation (NOTE PLEASE: non-gender or orientation Specific)

Scalene, (PsyVamp) Angel of Law and Justice,

Septulis, (Sanguine) Angel Protector against Sickness and Accidents


Sabrina, (PsyVamp) Angel of Rituals (please understand, there’s no such thing as Magick now, it’s all a metaphor for “God’s Will”)


Third Tier (Minor Host) Vampgelics;

Abanwet, (PsyVamp) and Assobah, (PsyVamp) Angels of Rivers, Streams and inland Waterways,

Asteponup, (Sanguine) and Esumsus, (PsyVamp) Angels of horses, donkeys, mules and their riders,

Blaziaas, (PsyVamp) and Conventus, (Sanguine) Angels of Wells and Mineral and Hot springs,

 Caneton, (Sanguine) and Luxoomis, (PsyVamp) Angels of City Water supplies, Sewage and Refuse,

Cickallass, (Sanguine) Angel of Warriors, Soldiers and Services members,

Cissonthis, (PsyVamp) Angel of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Retail services,

Esausus, (PsyVamp) and Aufwattup, (Sanguine) Angels of Garden, Crop and Culinary vegetation,

Ivanturus, (PsyVamp) Angel, and protector of, youth (People under 18 summers of age)

Lascraftaran, (Sanguine) Angel of Crafts and Learning,

Mohguns (a.k.a. Morguns) (Sanguine) Angel of The Hunt,

Nodbarkens, (Sanguine) Angel of Dogs, domestic and wild,

Trixdamit, (PsyVamp) and Rusmeada, (Sanguine) Angels of Animal reproduction and Crop/Food abundance,

Belishot, (Sanguine) Angel of Fire, Crafts and Light

Eclipsus, (Psyvamp) Angel of Stars

Ritalinona, (PsyVamp) Angel of Birds and Flying creatures

Shepirona, (PsyVamp) Angel of The Hunt and Wild animals


So, there is the ‘Heavenly Host’ahhhh, forgot someone…

Bragatoviah, (PsyVamp) Supreme-Mother, Queen/Mother of The Gods, Embodiment of The Earth.

Hmmmmm… tricky, salient points, she WAS a ‘person of interest in the old days’, some people, a lot of people might be upset with me if I just “lose” her but we’re patriarchal…we can’t have a senior “female angel” in the Heavenly Host… what to do, what to do?

“Mary” by Fra Angelico ca. 1437-1446
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*Snaps fingers* Got It…! She can be our “Immaculate Virgin” , an honorary angel and ascend to heaven at such time as she is employed for some really important job… That will suit our purposes as far as possibly needing something along those lines in the near, or distant future… there ya go, all good…!


Okay, have I pissed anyone off yet? That was most definitely NOT my intention, as in the editorial “Vampire Deities 2017”, I sought only to demonstrate how the religious evolution occurs. Normally it is spurred on by the formation, and growth of, religious belief systems but in this instance all I have done is brought our Neo-pagan Pantheon into the modern world by using the time-tested processes of contemporary religion.

Cernunnos Plaque
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Yeah, personally that’s why I am a Neo-pagan and proud of it. It’s damn hard to “evolve” religion and still keep the best interests of EVERYONE in sight – right?

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