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“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.”

Margaret Fuller (1810 – 1850)

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At RVL it has always been one of our aims to bring together sources of knowledge and information in order to further the understanding of the modern living vampire. This includes interview material, documented fact and information, and information gathering exercises designed to enlighten and assist our readers in their understanding.

This page will detail, and provide results, from efforts currently underway in order to further that goal.

We invite anyone who wishes to submit a project to our audience to do so, here, and from time to time we will feature the current projects underway to our readership in the form of posted articles.

The key to any such effort is, naturally, input. Information from the members of the sub-culture is integral to the success of building any store of knowledge and the only commitment we seek of anyone using this page to seek such input is that, at the conclusion of their study, they freely share the results here so that we can enhance the knowledge and understanding of all.

Interactive Studies Results:

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Comparison indicators: Living Vampire Survey, October 1st, 2012 to September 30, 2013 as shown against 3 month survey conducted November 1, 2015 through January 15, 2016. NOTE: Studies are NOT empirical in results, simply indicative of social norms over the scope of the period of the two surveys.
Question/ Indicator
How do you identify yourself in relation to the vampire sub-culture?

2012-2013       2015-2016
Vampire/Vampyre            67.20%               60%
Donor                                2.50%                _
Vampire fan                      5.90%                _
Vampirism Student           4%                     _
Otherkin                           5%                    26%
Lifestyler                          1.20%                _
Vampire/Vampire Artist    7.40%               14%
None of the above           3.10%                _

How long have you been involved with the vampire/vampyre sub-culture?
0-2                                   21.40%              _
2-4 yrs                             11.80%              _
4-6 yrs                             11.50%             25%
6-8 yrs                              9.30%               _
8-10 yrs                            9.90%             16%
10-12 yrs                          8.70%               _
12-15 yrs                          6.50%             12%
15 yrs+                            21.10%            47%

In your opinion are there any organisations that can claim to represent the majority of the vampire/vampyre sub-culture? (2012-2013 survey)
Yes               20.40%                _
No                79.60%                _

Who would you prefer to have, or permit to, speak for you within the sub-culture? (2015 – 2106 Poll)
Myself                                                                  82%
My House/Coven/Clan/Organisation                   15%
A specific 3rd Party/ Person or Representative   2%

Do you think that scientific testing is the answer to discovering why living vampires/vampyres exist today?
Yes               48.90%           18%
No                51.10%           68%
Unsure           0%                15%

Do you think that psychological evaluation should go hand-in-hand with the medical analysis of the candidates of scientific testing?
Yes              68.70%            65%
No               31.30%            22%
Unsure         0%                  12%

Do you think that modern vampire/vampyre society should be a visible, and promoted public entity outside of the sub-culture?
Yes                  52%             38%
No                   48%             32%
Unsure             0%              30%

Do you believe that anyone has the right to define another’s nature, or claimed nature, by their own definition?
Yes                  22%             20%
No                   78%             68%
Unsure            0%               12%

How would you rate the level of interpersonal communication within the sub-culture today?
Poor                17%              25%
Fair                 28.10%         58%
Average         33.10%           0%
Good             19.90%          12%
Excellent         1.90%           5%

Do you think that the VC/OVC, in general, needs a “guiding” body of any description to coordinate efforts, communication, aims and goals?
Yes                 39.13%         52%
No                  30.43%          30%
Unsure           30.43%         18%

“Coming out of the coffin” is the term for revealing yourself as a real living vampire either to the world in general or to your immediate circle of acquaintances, family and friends. Have you, at this point in time, come out of the coffin?
Partially          50.00%           _
Yes                 25.00%         55%
No                  25.00%         45%
It is our hope, at RVL, that some, or all, of these study items will draw some favourable reactions and that the cause of enhancing the understanding of the modern living human vampire can be furthered to the benefit of everyone in the sub-culture.

RVL Staff


As always, should you have any questions, or wish to register a project on this page for our readership, please do not hesitate in contacting us via the contact form below, or via email to

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