Thoughts on Vampires, Death, Terminal Illness and compassion


Lady Tranquillitas Resurrectus

Death of the Human body is not death of the soul.
These bodies are only a shell for our souls/spirit

Some of us have been approached by the terminally ill asking to be turned into vampires, they think this will prevent the inevitable death they face.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

You cannot turn someone.
You are either born a vampire or not.
No one can make you or turn you into a vampire.

However do not dismiss them.
You can still be of great assistance to them.

Explain that these bodies are not immortal.
It’s our souls/spirit that lives on after the shell/body has died.

When you know someone is terminally ill.
The body is so badly damaged it is beyond healing.

They may be angry, they may be fearful of the inevitable. And it’s a tangible fear that you can sense.
They think that becoming a vampire will prevent this from occurring and they wont die..
It doesn’t work like that.
Gently explain that even as vampires the shell/body dies.
Its our souls/spirits that live on after death.

However you can send energies that can alleviate suffering and severe pain.

You cannot prevent death.

But you can help them at the hours they need you most.

Tell them they must tell the loved ones they want to say goodbye to are near.

If possible try to get them to be with the person.
Not for themselves but for the person that needs them.
They need to stay strong for the person who is dying to make the transition easier for the person who is near death.
The person may be in great pain, struggling for every breath, in this situation send calming, peaceful energies, comforting energies as their breathing gets more labored the end is usually close..
Make sure those that need to can say goodbye.
Let them be near to the person.
Its hard but they must let go of the person and tell them its okay for them to go when they are ready.

You can assist this process by sending calming and comforting energies to the person who is dying and those around them.
The focus should be on the person who is dying and what they need at that time.
Send comforting calming energies so they don’t feel pain.
Make the transition easier for them.
Surround them in gentle lavender light. Surround them in love.

After they have died send comfort and strength and healing to the family and friends left behind.

Many blessings to you all.
Lady Tranquillitas Resurrectus.

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