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This is the RVL Health & Well-being page, the page that will house submissions, articles, editorials and links to health matters. In the interests of communicating and educating members, particularly the newly arrived and awakened, of the modern culture in matters of health and well-being pertinent to maintaining one’s vampiric well-being.

We have included a contact form on this page in the event that you have specific questions. We cannot guarantee to have an answer for you but we may be able to give some guidance in where to go for the answers.

The first statement it is necessary to make is:
This page, and RVL E-Zine in general, does NOT purport to be attempting to represent any qualified medical knowledge whatsoever. The information we post here is NOT meant to replace, override or conflict advice from qualified health practitioners and/or advisers. If a contributor to this page is a medical professional then their qualifications will be listed at the closure of their contribution.

If you believe that your symptoms and/or condition are physical and/or physiologically based then please consult an appropriate health professional at the earliest opportunity.

With that understanding we have a number of articles dealing with Vampiric health matters for, just like anyone else, Vampires today need to maintain their health and well-being to maximise their potential and get the most out of life.

Health and Well-being – Heat Intolerance

Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation framework examples

Vampire health matters… to all of us

RVN meets reality ~ Depression & Mental health

RVL meets reality – Mindfulness, Crisis prevention and tossing away old baggage Part 1

RVL meets reality – Mindfulness, Crisis prevention and tossing away old baggage Part 2

RVL meets reality – Mindfulness, Crisis prevention and tossing away old baggage Part 3

Putting your vampyric life together Or “How to be a whole, happy, well-adjusted vampyre” – Lady CG

Blood substitutes or how to be a healthy, happy Vampyre – Lady CG


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