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Good morning,

Today we’re not going to talk about modern Vampires… well maybe just a smidgin, later on. No, tonight we are going to talk about the psychic arts and, in particular, one practitioner.

In speaking of this lady she has been described as “The Hollywood Witch” and it is often suspected, in a joking fashion naturally, that she knows where more skeletons are located than any other person alive today.
This Los Angeles Celebrity Psychic and Publicist lives and works among the stars and celebrities.  She is a clairvoyant, medium and energy healer who incorporates tarot, pendulum divination, chakra cleansing and balancing, sound healing, house cleansing, yoga and meditation into her work and her life as a mystic, yogini and spell crafter. Best known as a successful “bride maker,” she specializes in love, romance and finding true love. She began her career as an expert on “Entertainment Tonight,”  made appearances on the Fine Living Network, was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger and, most recently, appeared on NBC’s “EXTRA.”

She is currently the Managing Editor of the e-zine ENTERTAINMENT 2MORROW,  the co-producer of MAGICK LAB ACADEMY alongside pop culture guru, Tony Sokol and psychic Ana Divina and the co-host and talent of the upcoming “THE DARKWORKERS LIVE” through The Vampire Chihuahua Productions.  As if all this wasn’t enough, she is also a senior partner in Style Coven PR, a charming boutique start up, where she combines her expertise in niche marketing the Occult and New Age markets to promote colleagues, products and services.

RVL is greatly honoured to be granted an in-depth interview with this lady and we are very proud to welcome, to our pages, Lady Marie Bargas.

RVL: Good morning Marie, thank you very much for agreeing to spend some time with us. I suppose that the first, and most common, question that you would get is when and where did you first become aware of your gifts, and become involved in, psychic work?

MB: When I was 19 I was the passenger in a collision of a Honda CRX. The brakes failed as we were coming off the freeway and we crashed into cars in front of us and got hit behind again and again. In a CRX the glove compartment is on the passenger side so on first impact my face and upper body went through the windshield and on subsequent impacts the glove compartment managed to break all of my ribs. Had I not been wearing a seat belt I don’t doubt that I would have been thrown on the hood and died on impact.  Instead, I died for a short time in the emergency room for a few seconds and lapsed into a coma for 3 days.

It was a chaotic time in my life. Just prior to the accident my step mother and only parent had died the Thanksgiving before and I married my high school sweetheart as a shield against the greed of my relatives. Some people thought it was my payback for abandoning my family, but today I know that it was my first meeting with the Goddess that has influenced my entire life – KALI.  In hindsight I realize that Kali was my first and most intimate introduction to Shakti  – or the Divine Feminine which better understood on her multiple aspects (Parvati, Durga, Lakshmi) but KALI is especially close to me because she was the first and I came away from that accident with her mark on my left hand in the form of a scar – the crescent moon and star.  This ancient Vampire Goddess initiated me by taking my blood, breaking my bones and leaving her mark. For me that’s sacred.

After that my gifts were enhanced, so enhanced that they scared me. But, ever since I have studied  witchcraft, the occult, physics, history and philosophy and have had some pretty interesting experiences along the way.

RVL: It is well known that you work among a large number of artistic people in modern media and film, in many diverse fields from literature, to fine arts, to music and to film making – what’s your favourite area to work in?

MB: I don’t have a favourite, I go through phases, like the moon. In this current phase I am dark as the night, but my feeling is that I will be “Full” and back in front of the camera before long. My career has had the trajectory of a lunar cycle. I’m going with that because there are times when I prefer to be behind the camera until the exact time when I need to “shine.” My mother’s maiden name was — LUNA after all.  In my next “phase” I hope to be an “Oprah” of sorts because I’m ready.

RVL: …and, for those who may not have chanced upon our SOC Radio collaboration, how long have you been involved in the art culture and its comings and goings?

MB: Tony Sokol and I left SOC months ago to create our own radio brand. We felt that we were being stifled and forced to fit into a “white litey/sugar coatey” box. We are returning in 2018 with our own show, “The Darkworkers Live” wherein I can be my true Kali self.  Long before that my television career began on Entertainment Tonight as a “Vampire Expert” during the excitement over Coppolla’s “Dracula”, since just prior to that I had been on the cover of “Weekly World News” in a real vampire story. I worked at the studios in various support capacities and then later as a fashion publicist for couture Beverly Hills accessory designer until 2008 when the market crashed and people were no longer investing in $2,000 hand bags. I’ve been a professional psychic ever since, but my background in entertainment has supported that next career. The fact that my ex-husband is an Oscar Winning, Grammy Winning record producer gives me legitimate status in the “First Wives Club.”  I blend a street wise Filipino flippancy and express it with the words of an Ivy Leaguer who smokes too many cigarettes and reads French Literature when she wants to delve into the practicalities of modern love affairs (anything by Collette).

RVL: …and how do you define, personally, your own work and style today?

MB: My style varies with each client. Some people need to hear the truth – plain and simple. Others need me to tell them the future framed as a mythic journey. And still others need me to serve as the Dark Mirror of their secret inner monsters … and yet reflected in me these monsters are heroic, titanic … *Laughs*  I think of myself as the Sacred Fool. I am always searching, playing and learning. I am the trickster, the clown and the wise teacher. I am the witch in the woods with the secret to true love. And let’s not forget Fifi, my loving little Vampire Chihuahua. I wear my masks, they don’t wear me. And all these masks are designed to teach about the past, the present, the future and the different dark paths we traverse across each segment of time.

RVL: Without revealing any trade secrets, can you give us a little insight into what you are up to these days?

MB: I am developing several concepts for television and radio. Entertainment 2morrow and soon The Darkworkers Live will function as two “idea incubators.” I consult for feature films. Just talked to a director today. And I am waiting until after Mercury Retrograde to see what I can do with a tv presentation that has changed hands, but looks AMAZING. I do readings in Burbank currently at the Crooked Path Apothecary, online via Skype, on the phone and I’m soon to be on Patreon.

RVL: …and, quite apart from any sort of ‘nightkind’ or ‘spiritual’ influence, where else do you draw your inspirations from?

MB: My inspiration comes from anything that strikes my fancy. I am a voracious reader and have covered the classics, the must read best sellers and some pretty obscure occult literature, poetry, murder porn, pop culture, gothic architecture, science fiction and haute couture fashion. Such a mixed bag. Once again … the Sacred Fool.  In my mind all these subjects overlap and intersect. I see connections where others don’t see them or even suspect. My psychic mind functions within a very intellectual brain. People ask me if I’ve ever visited the Akashic Library. I’m sure I still owe money on books I’ve checked out but never brought back, if you get my drift.

RVL: I’d like to touch, briefly, on one of your latest pursuits, “Darkworkers”… what brought that about and what’s the main purpose behind ‘Darkworkers’?

MB: Last year Tony Sokol and I did a radio series entitled “Magick Lab Academy.” Originally created to touch on more esoteric topics like modernized ceremonial magick,  it evolved into more of a magickal lifestyle show because our producers were … very … white litey. We were both annoyed, artistically stunted and we left because we were otherwise bored to tears and they couldn’t get their shit together. So, we played around a bit with paranormal online radio which we were shocked to find was vastly populated with “Christian Conservatives” using limited occult knowledge with modern gadgets and Bible Belt sensibilities.  We came away shocked and dismayed  to discover that not only did some people not charge, they didn’t feel that they deserved payment, nor did anyone else. We’re artists, but we are not the sort of artists that were expecting to be noticed and rewarded … only after we died. I mean, being undead has to count for something. Right? I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. I don’t work hard NOT to make money. It was really, really weird. But it was an eye opening experience in a subculture that intersects, but mainly contradicts what we thrive on in the occult world. That “intersection” is where Magick Lab Academy, Entertainment 2morrow and the Darkworkers Live exist in their own dimension. Are Tony and I creating a new genre?  Get back to me in 10 years and I may know the answer.

RVL: Where can our readers view your work and do you have an outlet for retail?

I can be found at facebook @ahollywoodwitch , @stylecoven , @thedarkworkerslive and at the websites: , and over 30 items in GOOGLE NEWS

RVL: We understand that, at present, you are heavily involved with Wildlife Waystation of Northern Los Angeles in the wake of the devastating wildfires there recently, can you tell us a little about that?

MB: The tigers of the Wildlife Waystation are especially dear to me because the tiger is a vehicle of Shakti/Durga representing strength. Durga as you know is Kali/the vampire goddess. For me the connection between vampires, predators and nature has a deep spiritual significance. Kali, in Her earliest forms is Nature this is, “Indifferent to Human Gaze” outside of society and social norms. The tigers mean a lot to me right now. They are beautiful, powerful predators … and so are the best vampires. *chuckles*

[ Ed. Note: from the Wildlife Waystation website – “Now that our animals have returned to the site, a huge effort is underway to clean and removed debris caused by the fire.

We are incurring a great deal of cost with this emergency. Staff was onsite 24×7 during the height of the emergency, and we did have some roofs blown off and corrals burned. If you can help with a donation, it will be greatly appreciated.”

– If you would care to make a donation please go to the website and help out, even if a little]

‘Tyson’ returns to the Wildlife Waystation
img. source: AP News/Nick Ut

RVL: Do you have a favourite method, or medium to, work in?

MB:  I don’t need anything really except permission to “enter” into someone’s aura, but I prefer to use tarot cards or a pendulum as “buffers” because there are some things that I don’t want to know.

RVL: What advice would you give to any budding psychics who may just be on the point of starting out on their own professional journey and spiritual growth?

MB: I mentor a few very talented psychics and I always encourage them to read and study as much of the old occult books as possible. Some of these New Age tomes are utter garbage.  Occultism and the Alchemical Arts can’t be learned through apps. That’s ridiculous. I also encourage them to examine the connections between the occult, physics and literature and to really explore what makes them hot, hungry, excited …  and more than anything else I tell these kids to turn off their phones and their computers and go outside into forests, dark caves, crashing oceans … to live … and to feel the interconnectedness of it all in time … which is an illusion. THAT is how a good psychic evolves, surely not from online correspondence courses alone.  Personally, I always learned directly from flesh and blood teachers … and there are those moments when the Gods, Devas and Spirits drop in to show me a few things or ask a favor.  *Laughs*


RVL: Do you consciously confine yourself to ’tried and true’ practices and methods or is the development of your sphere of influence something that is subject to constant growth and experimentation?

MB: I began with the basics and expanded my repertoire like a musician playing various instruments. Being a psychic for me is an art, not a science. But it is an art that serves several purposes. I not only predict the future, I help people create reality. Time is relative. Reality is an illusion. Play it or be played by it. But it’s not a game, Tim. It’s a SONG. Tony understand that about me intimately. I am HIS soprano and he is MY Impresario.  My name is Marie, maybe after Maria Callas. My step-mother loved la Callas. It was as if she was predicting my future.  I know it sounds obtuse, but I can’t reveal my secrets. All I can do is assure you that they work.

RVL: Do you find, or think, there is a large niche within the modern nightkind culture for the expression and appreciation of skills such as yours?

MB: As a psychic, sorceress of sorts and other things which I can only imply … the modern nightkind culture is part of a culture that I helped shape in a very small way at its Genesis. It is nothing new, I feel more like I am coming home and seeing all these new toys and ivory towers that others have built to play with. We had no such politics or communities back in the very beginning and everything was secret and that made it sacred. We had palpable Gods and Monsters back then. We were really dead and undead and risen and we couldn’t tell anybody but each other, but it was exciting and real. And then I “slept” for decades through the AIDS scare, political correctness … it’s good to be awake again.  All that experience contributes to an informed opinion alongside my psychic perceptions. Translation? I’ve seen the monsters inside real vampires that need to be fed and adored. To me they are puppy dogs that need attention. Surely, THAT is a uniquely dark world nightkind interpretation without judgement. Some people can read vampires. I can give vampires more than a reading but a genuine song of the night, without judgement or prejudice. For a vampire to open themselves enough to get an accurate reading there has to be that simpatico otherwise half of their energy is spent hiding their secret lives. I encourage monsters to come out and play so they can tell me their stories. Don’t you know that monsters know everything? *Laughs*

RVL: So, tell us, when you aren’t communing with the aethyrs what does Lady Marie Bargas do to ‘kick back’ and ‘chill’?

MB: My favourite thing to do in my spare time is spend an entire day at the spa. Massages, whirlpools, mud bathing … and then … Steak, Bloody Marys and fries … and then … drinking at the gambling tables and shocking the dealers with my bizarre choice of cards. I ALWAYS win. I shop for entertainment. I read real books and sip tea while I’m reading. The Vampire Chihuahua occasionally licks the secrets of the universe into my skin in exchange for belly rubs.

RVL: Naturally, I would suppose, we would like to touch, at least once, upon your knowledge and history within the nightkind culture; modern Vampyres in particular, when did you first become aware that there was a modern living Vampyre culture?

MB: As I’ve said earlier I was present at the Genesis of the modern vampire in the crowd scenes at the Rise and Fall of Western Civilization, in the audience at a Nina Hagen concert, a vampire expert for Entertainment Tonight, created by a historical Los Angeles Goth King with ties to Thelema and OTO. Good Goddess Tim. Don’t you know me?

RVL: *Laughs* Thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts, advice and insights with us today. We greatly appreciate your time indeed, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you.

MB: Thank YOU! It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you. This has been a perfect Mercury Retrograde Confession. Bless me Father for I have sinned…

Preparing this presentation was an exhilarating experience, more so because it came in the wake of a guest invitation I received to appear on SOC Radio with Lady Marie, Tony Sokol and Lady Gia Ahlia Bathory. It was the first time that I have done a “live” interview, and show…quite an experience.

It was also exhilarating because when you are in touch with Lady Marie you feel the profound energy, the vibe, and the spirit-passion that she exudes.

Of her accomplishments there can be no doubt, her television work speaks for itself. Of her in person, one can only sit and marvel at the friends that have graced her artistic circle through her life thus far and wonder what more is to come from such an amazing lady but despite the glamour of the situation one can instantly recognise the true soul-passion for her arts, the adventurous spirit of her creation and the fearlessness of her approach.


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