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At Real Vampire News we are privileged to be a part of a global culture of self-identified modern vampires, their partners and supporters. This is, naturally, the main focus of our work but we also believe that providing real information about, and from, the culture is a vital step in communicating with those not members of our culture. When we speak of the “culture” of the modern vampire we can no longer be tied into old concepts and archetypes, the modern vampire community is a multi-faceted and cross-cultural entity that is inhabited by such a diverse range of individuals that it is extremely difficult to quantify and define it in a single description.
At RVN we believe that presenting as much information, in as positive a light as possible, is the way forward for our culture and we constantly seek to bring such information to as many people as possible so that they can become better informed and better involved in the culture that supports all living vampires today. In maintaining a neutral position regarding internal affairs RVN also seeks to provide “outside” people and organisations with a window on the culture in as realistic and as proactive a manner as possible. We strive to represent views and opinions from every part of the culture so that the whole picture can be truly represented and not seen from singular viewpoints or through restricted eyes. It is our aim to give “voice” to as many in the culture as we can.
That is why we say;

RVN, Real Vampire News for Everyone…!

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There’s an intriguing thread developing at Vampire/Vampyres at present, it’s all about “Vampiric Personalities”.

It carries the link to a personality test and, after taking the test, you are invited to return to the “Question of the day” thread at VV and compare your result with others gained so far. It would be extremely interesting to see if there are certain “commonalities” between the people who participate.





At RVN, as you will have seen if you follow us, we involve members of the real vampire life to help us in bringing our readers the best of a cross-section of views from within our culture.

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Chatting with Vampires ~ Radio waves in the dark

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From Sarajevo with…fangs
with author and special guest Dr. James Lyon Ph.D


and speaking of …

“Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.”
Jessica Lange


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