Happy… Happy… Ahhhh “What th’ Hell Day…”

Yep, that’s right, he’s baaaaaaack… tossed this one together, sort of did some research and then, like, threw everything together in a somewhat random order… more or less…

Oh, yeah, presented by…


Yes, just decided to have a what th’ hell kinda day, and why not… I hope everyone’s cruisin’ along as well as can be expected, for many, chin up – tomorrow’s Friday…!

So, what’s first you ask… well, check this little beauty out…

Pair of elderly German men escape their nursing home to go to a heavy metal festival
YES… That’s right, they did it… they busted on outta there, they went on th’ lam, they made it to Waken Open Air Festival 2018… may all the Gods Bless these aged delinquents… just goes to show, old Metalheads NEVER DIE…!!!

Now that’s the fuckin’ way to kick off a what’s what night…!!!

Oh, yeah, Lady Kaia shared a l’il something with us the other day…
HAH…!!! Whoever put that together deserves a fuckin’ medal… maybe now we’ll get people to stop messaging us and asking us to help them become Vampires… (as if *sigh*)


Dr. Tomas Ganz, Professor of Medicine and Pathology at University of California Los Angeles, at his home in March 2014. Picture: Tomas Ganz.

Hey, here’s a one back from June, posted by Erin Chapman at Vamped.org,
it’s well worth a read…
All the Gory Details: Dr. Tomas Ganz Discusses Blood Drinking

Hahahahahahahahaha… more fucking NOIZE…

What a classy remix of a classy classic…!!!

Now then, let’s take a look at what my beautiful assistant, Lady M, has for us this week shall we…

Oooh, yeah, fuckin’ rock on… finally Illinois gets on th’ beat…!!!

img. source: The Darkness Underground

Masquerade d’Vampire

Saturday, October 13 at 8 PM – 2 AM

Oct 13 at 8 PM to Oct 14 at 2 AM

Venue: Blackbird Urbana

Hosted by The Darkness Underground


…and, another l’il tidbit to whet ya glands and make you secrete all over the fuckin’ place…

img. courtesy: Ian Eskelson

You NEED to get yo asses over to this site
and check out our new friend’s music…

If you don’t you deserve to be committed…!!!


Don’t argue, just do it, right…


Hehehehe… dontcha just love it when I’m forceful…???

What else???

Ahhh… yeah… now, y’all know this dude, right? You’ve read stuff, seen movies, been told shit, right?

Img. source – www.thefirstvampire.com
Copyright John Davies

Well, okay, personally I read “The First Vampire” and I think, “Okay, where did he come from?” Yeah, seriously, like…okay, was there like a Vampire chicken that jus’ laid the mutha??? Did he get left out when he was a baby and a flock of Vampire Bats chewed on his l’il bare butt? Never mind, jus’ questions…

One of the things that is, fairly reliably, reported is that this crusty ol’ dude spent time at Poenari Castle… well, The First Vampire page has a video of a drone flight over the very place. It’s quite awesome, go check it out for yourself.

Img. source – http://www.ebay.com/

…and orf to Jolly old England again, wot ho…!!! Halloween happens there too you know…!!!

Red FX

Robbie Drake Special Make-Up, Fangs and FX



OKAAAAAAY… now for sum f’kin noizzzzzze for them as prefer to stay BLIND…!!!

Mwaaahahahahahahahahaha… Gotta love that Waken stuff…!!!


Alrighty… it’s time for…

img. source: istock



Novelist Tom Clancy said it…
“The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.”

So, here we have this amazing, awe-inspiring, sprawling, global, almost instantaneous information system. On the many, many, many ends of it’s tendrils we have, within our culture, a large number of folks of whom others say… “Oh, you really need to get in contact with such-and-such, they know EVERYTHING about that…!!!”

Ohhhh… is that right… so… ummmm…where is this information? Locked in a cupboard in the cellar? Sealed in a airtight bag in the freezer guarded by automatic cannons and a pack of Rottweilers? Do they keep it all hardcopied and stored jealously away in some hidden self-store unit?

Is it only shared with a certain “class” of associates? Is it kept within a small circle so that, “you can control people”, is this like the “1%” that everyone tells me owns and runs the United States?

Ever wondered where this information goes? Is used? Is circulated? Because I’ll tell ya one thing… seems like the great unwashed masses are seen as a…



Well-ah, Well-ah, Well-ah… might as well finish off in the right frame…

Here’s one for some very fine people I have known in my life, amazing people who have a culture and spirit that dates back some 40,000 years or more, some people I have worked with, broken bread with, drank and danced with (Yep, I’ve been to a stompin’ ground) and I’ll tell ya what – some of the finest bruddahs ‘n’ sheilas I’ve ever known…

Go Warumpi…!!!

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