Happy Birthday to US…!

Img. source - www.jamespreller.com

Img. source – www.jamespreller.com

2015, five years since John Reason first opened Real Vampire News, the forerunner of Real Vampire Life and we mark the fifth birthday, on February 22nd of this year, with the clocking up of 100,000 visits since we reconstructed the E-Zine after suffering a complete server failure and crash in 2012.

After rebuilding the site from cached records (yes, we learned a lesson there!) we decided to take the E-Zine in another direction, we decided to tend away from hard news articles which, in the main, were not ‘good’ news and follow a more widespread format that embraced and celebrated the way of life of the modern vampire sub-culture.

We think that we do a pretty good job with the time and resources at our disposal and with 100,000 visits under our belt we believe we can say we are achieving our aims.
Naturally it wouldn’t be anything like this without our readers, so, we would like to thank everyone who has visited, read and come back again for more. You are the people we do this for, you are the reason we keep doing it. Thank you.
We know, full well, that there are people out there who don’t appreciate the work we do at the E-Zine, who don’t think we do a good job and don’t think we achieve anything… that is their prerogative, whatever criticisms they might level, whatever might get thrown at us we don’t mind, if just ONE person walks away with something positive that changes their life for the better then we have SPECTACULARLY achieved our mission, and we’re going to keep working for exactly that.

Img. source - www.lifecare-edinburgh.org.uk

Img. source – www.lifecare-edinburgh.org.uk

We deeply appreciate your patronage of John Reason’s RVL E-Zine.

RVL Staff

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