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We are a collective of creative people who seek to celebrate the darker side of the creative arts, and our own place within it. We are a showcase, a support center, resource library, and a place to refine our skills.

We are a collective of individuals: a collection of dreams and dreamers. We embrace Vampyres, Therians, Otherkin and wielders of Magick and Mysticism.

The Court of Lazarus is the Original Salon Noir: a haven for dark ideas, performances and rituals combined with a classic Goth lounge night and dark cocktail party – and some surprises are always thrown in.

A Safe Haven for New Jersey’s Nightkind Community

The Iron Garden is a New Jersey based organization providing a safe haven for gathering, socialization, education, promotion of the arts, charity-work and fun for the New Jersey Nightkind Community.  The Iron Garden is comprised of mature, discrete, intelligent, like-minded folk.


Vampyres For Freedom of Expression ~ An Outreach of House Rakoczy

Aristos Vampyre International Magazine

Smoke and Mirrors Public

Black Sun Rising Lodge of House Rakoczy

Left Hand Path Lodge of House Rakoczy focused on Setian Gnosticism and Loogaria. Membership in House Rakoczy is offered, but not required to study with us.

London Vamp



The Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society (or CMVS for short) was first born in the mind of Joanne Perry (aka Morella Eastgate) in the 1980s after reading alleged factual accounts of dealings with vampires. This finally became a reality in 1993 with the formation of the Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society. The aim was to bring together people interested in the stories, art and mythology of vampires to both revive the old and create new.

We are a society that appreciates the literature, poetry, researching myths and legends, movies, music and art. We encourage people to submit their art, music, poetry, literature, factual research, movie, book and music reviews and we endeavour to be an information network. We will be hosting quarterly picnics and working with new businesses and of course some old contacts.

We will aim to publish, at least a couple of times a year, a magazine showcasing art and literature contributed by you, the members. We would also like to feature investigative articles examining factual or mythical accounts of vampires and analysing the facts, psychology, etc.

So please, start contributing.

We will aim to hold functions at which various kinds of art and music can be expressed, with the support of local businesses, with our main annual event being the BloodLust Ball. We hope to have this event in the style of a Grand Ball similar to those in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course with Vampyres as the theme.

Please stop by the website for more information.


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