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Good morning,
A little bulletin to begin the day, from the United Kingdom, we have been contacted by one of the producers for a British television project who wishes to make contact with modern living Vampires in Boston, Mass. and the New England area. In the message the producer says,

I am a producer at Legend Hunter, a new 6 part TV show for the Travel Channel. We are producing a show about vampires in New England with the wonderful presenter, Pat Spain. I would love to talk to you about the show.

The message goes on to say,

We are investigating historical accounts of vampires in New England (of which, there are many!) and would love to include first-hand accounts of sanguinarians, particularly ones that are local to the Boston/New England area. We are also looking for any events that vampires in New England might be attending, in the days leading up to and including Halloween…

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We want to bring the story up to the present day and to show how present day vampires differ from people who were accused of it, in the past.

I appreciate that it can be a very sensitive subject for a lot of people so I want to make sure that we approach it as sympathetically as possible.

Historically speaking there is a wealth of solid information available about the so named “Great New England Vampire Panic” of the 19th century from sources such as the Smithsonian Mag, the New England Historical Society and Wikipedia entries on the subject.

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Basic information on the show Legend Hunter (U.K.) while sparse, can be found at

If anyone in Boston, or New England would like to make contact with the show’s producers please feel free to drop us a line at Real Vampire Life on Facebook and we can give you the contact details for the show’s representative.

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