Midnight Custom Fangs

Lafayette Ne
Grand  Rapids, Michigan USA 55555
Phone: (616) 893-7605



My name is Midnight and I am the owner and Fangsmith of Midnight Custom Fangs.

I make custom made one-off fangs.   Every tooth is hand crafted by myself in my home shop with care and attention to detail every customer deserves. Let me run you through the process of how it work.

Using dental acrylic I shape the general shape of the  fangs around your teeth. Once the acrylic sets I then take them off and shape them to the style you want. However, if your teeth are gapped or you happen to have receded gum lines, I take what is called a “Dental Impression”.  A dental impression is very similar to that of what a Dentist would do to make a copy of your teeth. I mix up a little something that is called Alginate. Alginate is an amazing dental impression compound that can pick up very fine detail if done right. After the alginate is mixed up it is then ready to go into a dental tray, a dental tray looks very similar to a mouth guard. Some dental trays are made out of plastic and some out of metal however there purpose is to create a tray in which to allow the Alginate to sit as is forms the mold of your teeth. With the alginate set in the tray I then place the tray with the alginate in your mouth and allow for you to bite down. it only takes a few minutes until the stuff is ready to be used for the positive mold of your teeth. After I remove the dental tray from your mouth with what is referred to as the “Negative” mold of your teeth,

I then use our special plaster stone into the negative called “Labstone”. Labstone is much stronger than other types of plaster meaning it can more easily stand the tests of time. Finally once the Labstone sets I have a perfect replica of your teeth. On to that I can then sculpt the fangs which are made out of quality dental acrylic to best match your tooth shade color and size specific to what you want.

Please contact me if you have any questions, want to arrange an appointment or ask about pricing.



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