Fangsmiths and FX Artists


On this page, and attached to it, we will be creating and maintaining as comprehensive and up-to-date a list as we can of where to find Fangsmiths and FX Artists.

The purpose of this page is to provide our readers with a “directory” of contact information only.

Like any other “contacts” list the appearance of any person or business on this list does not necessarily constitute endorsement by RVL of any person or organisation, either wholly or in part.

For further information please see our website disclaimer.


( ** – denotes members of The Fangsmith Resource Network)

Puerto Rico
Jyanko Saprat

United Kingdom
Dens Macabre
~ Jen Hayes **

Lestat’s Fangs  **

Steve Bosworth HFX  ** 

 SFX Dental Studio

Special Makeup Fangs & FX ~ Robbie Drake **

United States

New York City – Ali’s Savage Traits

California – Cavallero Fangs ~ Leonardo Cavallero **

California –TheGrave- Custom Made Vampyre Teeth Alfonso Castaneda**

Iowa – Black Cross Custom Fangs ~  Dietrich Von**

 Louisiana – Dark Awakenings ~ Maven Lore **

Louisiana – Fangs By Maul

New York City – Custom Fangs ~ Tom Misfit

Texas – Dead South Fangs ~ Logan South

Utah – Dark by Design

Utah – Bathory Girls Fang Design

Florida – Evan Christopher

Wisconsin – Feral Fangsmithing ~ Lance & Nate **

 New Jersey – Horror Show Jack **

Georgia – Kaos Kustom Fangs**

New Mexico – Kaos Kustom Fangs

Michigan – Midnight Custom Fangs ~ Jacob Ohse **

New York – New Age Modifications

California – Psykic Fangs ~ Vincent Psykic **

New York – Sabretooth Custom Fangs ~ Father Sebastiaan **

California – Synapse FX

Connecticut – Teeth by Dnash ~ Dnash **