(Don’t) shoot the messenger?

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.”
~ John F. Kennedy ~

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I’ve been away, mostly, for a time but thanks to my splendid support staff at RVL I have been aware of things that have been going on around the place… I must admit, in large part I find myself somewhat bemused.

Allow me to share some thoughts that might just put some things in perspective.
“The Messenger”… an interesting concept. Hardly unique but interesting nonetheless.

A blog setup with the express intent of delivering, we presume, “The Message” to the modern Vampire culture, perhaps even to people outside the culture whom, naturally, won’t understand what’s going on but will see a bunch of nasty, snippy, outrageous and insulting words pouring from a particular bunch of people whom most will already regard as being “crazy as a loon” anyway – trying to find something positive in that perspective is an exercise in futility I would suggest and to be perfectly honest I always thought the “Message” was what you found in religious pamphlets.

The intent, in this action, is quite transparent… it’s a way to start arguments… in effect, “let the llama’s run free” but, as always, there’s more than one way to look at any event.

img. source: outtherecolorado.com… (and one of talented RVL artists…)

Within a single and focused resource drama can be freely created and disseminated attracting more and more pundits to become embroiled in the vortex. Very clever, a good way for someone with a personality disorder in which they have too much admiration for him, or herself and too much concern with his, or her, own importance to get the giggles. Not to mention that it would be the ideal way for a predatory empathic Vampire to get what they need while sitting back with a bucket of popcorn and watching the show… An arena you might say…sorta brings to mind a movie doesn’t it?

DreamWorks & Universal Pictures (presents) in assoc. with Scott Free Prod. Mill Film, C&L, Dawliz and Red Wagon Entertainment, 2000.
img. source: Hollywood Reporter

People will, and I presume this is what is being hoped for here, to express their outrage/ indignation/ disgust/ hate speeches and rail against the people they perceive as being the cause of all their ills… one thing we should keep in mind, 10 out of 10 wise people will tell you that the only person who gives other people power over you is YOU.

The other thing that, if we are rational and intelligent, is that anything bad you write about other people is committed to cyberspace, it’s in the public realm… even if it is defamatory, libellous or slanderous…right? I mean, who WANTS to go out and set themselves up for a lawsuit right?

Ohhhhh… yes, that’s right, the “Anonymous” author can do it too… classic move… people who are NOT in control of themselves, who are not certain or sure of their position and who can’t defend their slanderous diatribe with facts, people who are, in effect, the quintessential, hidden “keyboard warriors”.

Personally I don’t much like cowards, people who won’t stand by their convictions and man, or woman, up and be counted. A much better way to clear the air than being an “uber-troll”. This might, if we are to be comletely honest, extend to all those people who suddenly “Know” the identity of “The Messenger”, or “Anonymous” BUT they are not going to share whom it is because A) It could well be them, or B) They wish to demonstrate that they are soooooooooo much smarter than the rest of what they see as the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks plebs.

In all respects one must first set their own “Care Factor” level, I assessed the situation and mine’s set at minus 50. I truly don’t give a tinker’s damn who, or what, is doing this, my concern is ONLY for the effect it may have for the culture if it gets too popular.

img. source: Public Domain Pictures (and one of our talented RVL artists…)

So, there, that’s Perspective A. considering that perspective can we find anything positive in the rediscovery of this particular wheel? The answer is… Yes.

Consider, if you would be so kind,

2016 – Egyptian Bookstore’s ‘Scream Room’ Lets Customers Yell All They Want
2016 – Scream Rooms, Pallav Gogoi on LinkdIn,
2015 – Crying rooms in Japan are real and they’re spectacular

I first learned of the “Scream Room” theory in a report on “60 Minutes”, in Australia somewhere about the mid-eighties. I remember it vividly because I rushed into work the next day, bounded into my boss’s office and declared, excitedly, “Boss…! We need a scream room for those times when you drive me crazy…!” – (Yeah, the workplace culture in Australia is a lot friendlier than y’all got ‘round these parts…trust me)

What happened?”, you gasp.

He laughed and said, “Plenty of room out the back of the big shed, take it there.

That closed the discussion but there were a few days when I went out there and yelled, or stood bonking my head against the concrete wall repeatedly while having a smoke.

“The Scream”
~ Edvard Munch

In the great cultural resource “Smoke and Mirrors” Lady CG recognised that sometimes people need to vent and so she opened a “Rants and Flames” forum. Two things happened, “What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas” and didn’t drag any of the other forums down with needless rants, the other thing that happened is that the people who used the forum felt, I believe, a sense of relief and felt some lessening of anger.

Scream Rooms” have also been investigated in school settings in several U.S. states BUT mostly with negative results for everyone concerned.
2015 – “Misbehaving student, 7, got PTSD after school stuck her in ‘scream room,’ $300k suit says.” ~ Aimee Green, The Oregonian/Oregonian Live

So, what do we really have in front of us with “The Messenger”? – certainly not Alan Rickman in the movie Dogma, that’s for sure…

Alan Rickman as “The Metatron” in “Dogma”
View Askew Productions & STK, 1999

Is it someone setting themselves up as THE voice of the Vampire culture? Is it a narcissistic and predatory empath? Is it a helper who is trying to give EVERYONE a soapbox to air their grievances from?

Fact remains we can only judge it by what we see and from what we’ve seen so far… hmmmmmm

My advice, in my ever so humble opinion, is take it for what it looks like and don’t read anything more into it than what’s there. A wise psychologist once said to me, “In your mind, if you have a molehill, the more attention you give to that molehill the quicker it will become an insurmountable, soul-destroying and life sapping mountain”.

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