Dayyyyyyy-oh, day-ay-ay-oh…

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Yup…Yup… some coarse language, maybe some drug references an’… y’know, stuff…

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Heyyyy-ahhhhh… Hi Moms, all the Moms, Mothers everywhere… tomorrow is your day so lap it up…!!! When somebody asks you, “Where’s my…” Reply, “Day Off…!” or, when they ask, “What’s happening…” Reply, “Day Off…!” In fact whenever anyone asks, wants, needs or demands anything tomorrow… just say, “Day Off Buster…!”

Tell ’em I said…

Yep, right, so, yeah…Wow…! 6 days at work an’ I made it home on time tonight…!!! Wild right? Anybody else has punched six this week I feel for ya… so what’s been going on? Huh… what? Hell, Don’t ask me I just got here…! Lemme check with my beautiful assistant…

Uh huh, hmm, yep… right… okay, good, yeah, really??? Wow… okay, yep, righty-oh, yeah… good… okay then.


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Oi, haha, sorry to keep you waiting, well the big news tickets this week just gone…

Why wait while you’re halfway there? Bad Things brings you Halloween in May! Performers and DJ’s TBA


New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans… d’you guys EVER stop partying down there???

What else going around… ah, yes, the Chicago thing… that’s a biggun…

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Great strides since firing up, getting a lot of folks calling at the page to give it the thumbs up or say hi… all greatly appreciated. All the more so since a great many of you helped us to shrug off the nastiness with that Vampire Court thingy that appeared out the blue… seems to have disappeared back into the woodwork since the persona non grata declaration against its leader and his associates…

You can swing by the Coalition at 
The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition on Facebook

Okay, Okay… let’s throw some long forgotten atcha… this week I’ve been cutting some new CD’s for me motor… dug out some old faithfuls that remind of some happy times, definitely party music…

Wellllllllllll… don’t blame me, I warned ya…!!!


Well, and yes, some uber-news for Chicago… there are rumours rampant of a “Vamp-Con” in the Windy City next year…!!! Yesssss… we can all dress up and get fanged and freaky… Me? Costume? Oh, Yeah… I’m gonna get me a big box, wrap it colorful paper and then get one of those funny floppy things that you play with in swimming pools, what are they??? Oh, yeah, a noodle… and I’m going as a…

Costume design by Mr. T.

…and on the back it’s going to say, “PUCKER UP BABY…!”

Alrighty… away down in Texas… here we go, to the Lone Star State…

The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour

Now Carrying Vampire Tarot Cards.
Stop by the shop today and browse our new stuff.
Open till 7pm. 

#TheGlassCoffin #VampireParlour
#VampireTarot #Oddities
#MacabreAdornments #Austin #AustinVampires #KeepAustinSpooky

…and one for the readers out there, need a new item for the library? Well, check this one out… author Nick Groom’s new offering…

“Published to mark the bicentenary of John Polidori’s publication of The Vampyre, Nick Groom’s detailed new account illuminates the complex history of the iconic creature.”

The Vampire
A new History


Get them dancing shoes on and meet us on the dance floor.
MASS, leave your inhibitions behind and bring your lovely, mortal necks or immortal fangs. With DJ DINOPaul Klov, open set by DJ Jason and guest Carlos Menendez spinning all night long and sensuous striptease with Ruby TeslaLila Starlett, and Miss Marina Elaine, this will be a night you won’t soon forget. $8 door $5 Rsvp MASS presents Vampire Burlesque at Voltaire
$5 Advance tickets sold ↓here. Get there early catch 4 bands/ best sushi.
 — at Voltaire WPB.

Wellllll…. whooo…!!! There ya go you darling dark souls, plenty to sink your… ahhh… teeth into eh?

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Nyuk.. nyuk…nyuk…!!!

Well, wherever you gonna party at this weekend,
make sure it doesn’t turn into a…


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