Crossroads 2018 – The Unity Question, the devil is in the details

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.”
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Good afternoon,
Matriarch Goddess Rosemary of Temple-House Sahjaza made the following statement which I received via email recently, and which I would like to share here. It’s a message about unity, kin and family and represents something which many thousands of us in the modern culture have yearned for. The fact that the opportunity has presented itself, in the shape of the Unity Project is now well known, that aside there are still a number of details that are lingering in limbo for which no answers have yet been made public.

Goddess Rosemary writes;

What is Unity?
We talk of Kin and kindred, but what really is this kindred we talk of, its one’s family and relations, ones flesh, ones blood, ones bloodlines, but most of all, its ones family, be they authentic genetic bloodlines, or other forged by time, and love, and recognition, of one’s own kind, “ties of kindred” ties of kindred, are bonds tied of choice, be they family, clutch, court, house, temple, they are a choice one makes to become tied to one’s own kind and the results is a blood nation.

We have called our community, a community for a long time this is a way to try to spread this to include others worldwide and in a deeper aspect of the veins of our relations and of our rather at times incestuous lusty appetites have forged lovers into the mix, as well as honorary members and Abbon, (Abbon is an agreed upon treaty or agreement to become kin and family and forge deep and trusted allied bonded ties), and more we are all a huge family and just like any family at the festive dinner table at the family reunion we all sit by uncle Pete but we all don’t like uncle Pete he is a naughty uncle but on some level we all love uncle Pete if someone talks bad about uncle Pete we defend him with all our might, but we just don’t want our dinner card sitting next to him all night. We are like another family with all the family dynamics.

How unity comes in, wouldn’t it be nice if we the undercurrent underground could make a difference for our own kind?

Through Blood Nations and the unity project you gain the means to promote and showcase your parties, your gatherings, your products, fangs, ankhs, books, other wares, get feedback on ideas, and find gatherings in remote areas rather than just the big cities getting the press and the notices out there.

You can profile your houses covens courts and other gatherings parties events bands galleries whatever your doing this is the place and the means to talk about it and promote yourself to our kind exchange ideas and find others whom are likeminded it’s the place others can find education kinship and family give this a try, we have nothing to lose the idea is we all prosper make contacts forge bonds find friends find family, and make sure that this journey were all on called a community, takes a giant leap up into the next century making use of modern technology that is what blood nations is and more and moves the next step into a real community.
Sign up today and see just how this can work for you, you can participate a little or a lot but you should at least put yourself on the map. All of us speaking one language be it with Google translate or not, be seen be heard and be beautiful.
blessing to you all my wonderful beautiful family and kin I love you all dearly

Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

As many of you will be aware I had occasion to cover the events that gave rise to the ‘Unity Project‘ and ‘Blood Nations‘ and it would seem that this movement is going to be, if it isn’t already, a major formative and developmental force in the modern culture.

The concept, as I have noted before, is a fine concept… it is seen, in a number of circles, as being nothing short of a necessity. How many times have we all wished for some level of ‘civilisation‘, heck, even just a little ‘civility‘, to be injected into the culture, particularly, one would suggest, in the online aspect. So, here is the opportunity, indeed…

In following up from the initial work we did at RVL we did try and get further listings and information to be able to “spread the word”, to be able to advertise and promote further but, unfortunately, we were not able to obtain any additional information to be able to do so. Hopefully we may be able to address this sometime in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, there are other observations I would have to make, with respect to the formation of Courts, which has been quite prolific since the concept caught on in many quarters;

– “How do you form a court?”

– “What evidences do you have to provide before you are permitted to form a Court?”

– “How many members do you have to have to form a Court?”

– “What experience, among the proposed members, is necessary to be awarded the ‘Court’ status?”

– “What are the qualifications/history/references required by a person to become a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’?”

– In many ‘monarchies’ around the world the Royal Households are extensions of the central monarchy and are presided over by High, or Great Stewards, why not in the Unity Project?

– “How do you determine whether a person is of ‘good’ character and is fit to lead a Court?”

And, probably the most important question I can think of to ask anyone you are considering whether or not to award title to;

– What past indiscretions of title holders are of ‘no importance’ when deciding whether to award Head of Court status to a person?”

Crown of Isabella 1
img. source: Daniel S. Crowns Blogspot

As I say, the concept, on the surface is a very good concept, an important concept and absolutely a move in the right direction but unless it is administered under some sort of “code” or set of “regulations” then it stands the chance of becoming a laughing stock by associating with individuals who may not have demonstrated that they are fit and proper persons to be included.

Where are the lines, or are there none? Can anyone who wishes to simply apply, be accepted and call themselves King/Queen, no accountability can lead to a disastrous situation, on an individual level, that can taint the entire process and movement if not damage it irreparably.


Refs: Royal Households

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