Crossroads 2017… The “When in Rome” problem

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

So, I will presume that at least some folks have read the Crossroads Editorial “When in Rome“, and, if we’re lucky, more will over the next two days. For that we thank you for your patronage.

There’s another old saying that circulates through, and has permeated, the subculture, i.e. “If you’re not part of the answer then you’re part of the problem.” I am, as always, fully aware that many people tend to get ticked off when I state obvious problems and apparent truths that everybody knows about but nobody wants to pay any attention to.

Over the next few weeks I am going to invite a panel of representatives from both sides of the issue that I presented in the Editorial “When in Rome” and together we will attempt to address the issues and, if not resolve them, at least come up with a workable model that could go some way toward bridging the gap between the newcomers and the subculture itself.

Maybe, just maybe, some constructive and empowering thinking, along with rational discussion, may bring some new perspective to the matter.

This time, and as a new modus operandi, let me try and work some reasonable proposals for solutions to present.

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