Crossroads 2017 – …but what does it all mean?

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
There may be many of you wondering why we, John, Tim and Lady M, have chosen to re-open RVL, the answer is quite simple; in the time since we have returned to the modern vampire subculture from personal ‘leave of absence’, and especially online, we have noticed that there is still a vast amount of information that is questionable, erroneous or just plain wrong. It is our contention that unless these “wrongs” are addressed then the ball of confusion simply grows and grows until one cannot separate the fact from the fallacy from the fiction.

Many thousands of people, either within the subculture or affiliated with it in some way deserve to have available, at their fingertips, factual information and informed, cross checked information which they can confidently rely on when facing, and answering, their own questions or doubts.

In the “About RVL” statement we include the following comment;

“What RVL can not be ~

RVL cannot become a “public forum” of debate. We do welcome comments from our readers that are presented in such a manner that is consistent with informed opinion, rational in manner and presentation and to a large extent, non-inflammatory. Though we appreciate candid and honest expression RVL will not be party to fostering inappropriate dissension and argument.

We will undertake to review all comments that are sent in but, as with any periodical, the final decision whether to permit comments to be posted or not rests with the administration of the site.

We will not accept any comments that are vulgar, obscene, needlessly provocative, and derogatory or aimed at harassing any other person who has posted or commented here.

We will remain neutral in position, of a high standard of presentation and non-discriminatory in our dealings within and outside the community.”

It is vitally important to our work, and in maintaining the confidence of those who choose to engage with us that we maintain these standards and that our contributors and readers have confidence and trust in us. To betray that trust would sound the death knell for RVL.

We are a non, and not for, profit operation… we will never solicit money from our followers, contributors and supporters as we do not feel this is appropriate in our arena. Yes, there are costs involved in running RVL but we happily accept and cover those costs because what we are doing is so important to us and we hope that it brings some value, guidance and knowledge to all our readers. Integrity, that is our watchword, as it was in the past, so it is now and going forward. We hope this will be amply reflected in what we do.

Finally, we are most grateful for the support of our followers and supporters, with over 980 followers on Twitter and followers in a variety of other forums it is our commitment to keep providing meaningful, relevant and entertaining vampire life culture, studies and information that is freely available to all.

We welcome contributions from any of our followers and readers, subject to our Submission Guidelines, as we always have. If you have an idea for something you would like to see tackled at RVL, if you have an original authored article that meets the RVL criteria for publication, whether you have an event, a gathering or some other function you would like put up at RVL as a “social notice”, if you wish to have your group or website linked to in our ‘directory’ pages, or any other item that you feel appropriate material for this E-Zine, please feel free to contact us, via email, to

We undertake to review, at our earliest opportunity, any submissions that are received and to work with the authors/ owners/ originators to get the message out.

That is what we at RVL offer, that is what we intend to provide and we intend to do so in a professional manner, from a neutral and non-partisan viewpoint and without fear or favour.

Deepest respects,

Editor In Chief – John Reason’s Real Vampire Life E-Zine

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