Coming Out Of the Coffin: Part Two (Bill Reason)

11 May 2011

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The Caretaker
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This is part two of the three part mini-series “Coming Out Of the Coffin.” The first section was my experience with revealing my personal vampirism to my parents, which is sometimes called “Coming Out Of the Coffin” in the real vampire community. Though this is more personal than most articles on Real Vampire News, I am hoping that people struggling with similar situations will be able to find a grain of hope in this story. I also hope you can understand my father, Bill Reason’s rather unique sense of humor. -John Reason

About a month ago my younger son told me that he is a vampire.  He drinks blood.  My reaction was being glad that he had not become a democrat.

He is 21 years old, and an adult, at least in the eyes of the law.  I guess he has the right to do whatever he chooses as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Strangely enough, I had to have some blood drawn to do some lab work and I tried to get the lady to do an extra vial that I could give to him.  I was bleeding anyway, so I may as well try to do something nice [?]  for someone.  They would not do this.  I don’t think he would want my blood anyway.  His comment: ‘Dad your blood would probably make me old.’

He asked me to write my feelings on this revelation.  I wish I could offer you some righteous anger, but I have known my kid a long time.  He is unorthodox in most everything he does.

I think he prefers to be known as a ‘sanguinarian’, but I am not sure.  He is the youngest of four children (2 different mothers) and all of my children are seriously intelligent and inquisitive.  I am more concerned about the hog ring in his nose than his culinary preferences. (He has a septum piercing)  But then I am old and old fashioned too.

The kid we are talking about is John Reason.  I have read some of what he has written here and am impressed by how thoughtful and well presented it is.  I am proud to call him my kid.  He has recently gotten married and moved out on his own.  I think he has made a good start and a good choice in life companions.  If drinking blood makes him feel more right, who am I to say anything against it.  He has told me that he has heightened cravings around the time of the full moon.  I am always strange then too.  Maybe I need to see about drinking some blood?

John doesn’t compromise.  I had a couple of years warning because of a user name he once had, so him telling me wasn’t quite the shock it was for his mother.  I am sure that he went through many changes deciding to tell his mother and me that this is what he is.  I guess I wish he had come to talk to me sooner, but we all have to do things in our own time.

You must understand that this is a foreign thing to me.  however, I support John in all he does and have faith that he will do the right thing.  He was raised with strong values and has become a man with them.

So, I think I will go on being thankful that he isn’t a democrat and enjoy what time I can have with my kid.  And defend to the death his choices whether I agree with them or not.

-Bill Reason

“Coming Out Of the Coffin” Three Part Mini-Series

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