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New Vampire Documentary Reality Series

Father Sebastiaan and Victor Magnus are in the very early stages of the development of a documentary reality series.

The goal of this show will be about the lives, culture and lifestyle of Father Sebastiaan’s fang clients and members of the Vampyre community preparing for their trips to the Endless Night Vampire Ball in New Orleans for Halloween. This documentary will be very much like the programs on History Channel, Bio, TLC or A&E.

As Father Sebastiaan writes:  “Acting as producers our goal is in the interest of shedding stereotypes and sensational hype, while providing America with a realistic glimpse into the society, philosophy and lifestyle of people who live and or love vampires.  We are looking for the most dynamic and compelling members of the Sabretooth Vampyre Clan (Father Sebastiaan’s personal fang clients) and those seekers from the Vampyre community interested in getting fangs to join us for this made-for-television documentary series.  Everyone from truck drivers to corporate lawyers to stay-at-home moms fit the bill for this project, as we’d like America to see that vampires are neighbors, co-workers, and community leaders.

So, if you are a client of Sabretooth or thinking about it, here is the information you need to submit your inquiry for possible participation.

Even if you don’t think you fit the bill Father Sebastiaan wants to hear from you.

Please make an effort to read Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” as the contents of this book will be the style of Vampyre lifestyle the show will be based upon.  Casting applications are now open to anyone who is a personal fang client mine or those who wish to get their fangs made as a central focus of the project.  Even if we know you personally and wish to apply please fill out this application so we can organize the application process properly.”  Participation Application

E-mail all submissions to   ASAP….  We are planning on filming interviews and a pilot in the New York Metro area in July 2012.

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