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As many of you might remember in April 2012 Real Vampire News suffered a near catastrophic server crash that wiped out our entire catalogue of articles and editorials. We worked frantically for almost a fortnight and rebuilt the May 2012 archive from internet cache records of the material. We thought we had got everything of note and the only things we did not put back were a few minor pieces… regretfully we were wrong.

The following “Chatting with Vampires” interview was conducted with our good friend Fr. JP Vanir of Vampyrian Temple UVUP and was originally posted on January 18, 2012.

On behalf of Real Vampire Life I would like to offer our profound apologies to Fr. JP for the oversight in not restoring this piece to its proper place when we rebuilt. We hope he will forgive us.
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Chatting with Vampires ~ One on One ~ Fr. JP Vanir

Good evening and welcome to “Chatting with Vampires” ~ this is a special presentation, it is the inaugural ‘one-on-one‘ marking a new series of individual interviews with members of the VC/OVC.

There are many different views in the VC/OVC of how the community should be catering to its members and how it should be prepared, or preparing, for the next generation of the community. Many of the voices you will hear [read] will expound many different suggestions and many different methods for achieving things within the community.

You may have heard the saying, around the community, that “it’s easier to herd cats than to get vampires to agree on anything” ~ it seems to be a truism that has become entrenched in the consciousness of the community. Sometimes, however, you will find a person in the community who has a way of cutting clearly and concisely to the basics and who has solid ideas for the betterment of the community as a whole. One such person, who probably needs little introduction, is Fr. JP Vanir of the Vampyrian Temple UVUP .

Father J P Vanir came to the vampire community, in very active roles, in 2000 and is the Founding Father of Vampyrian Temple UVUP which came into being on Dec. 18th 2003. He describes himself as;

“a hybrid Old School Cyber Vampyrian, Gothick-Graver. I now consider myself a   Spiritual Energy Dancer, Empath & Proud Phreak”

He also has a deep love for, and affinity with, music; so much so that he has established his own net-radio “Vampyrian Dark Radio”.

No stranger to controversy, Fr. JP Vanir has, nevertheless, weathered the storms and maintains his course, his stance and his commitment to bettering the lot of real living vampyres.

It is our privilege to have been afforded the time to ask Fr. JP some questions and get his insights into some of the basic concerns that face the VC/OVC today.

RVN: Good evening Fr. JP and thank you for joining us today.

Fr. JP: You are very welcome.

RVN: Fr. JP, the debate of negativity versus positive action in the VC/OVC has recently become a talking point again and one poll[1] at least, indicates that members of the OVC, at least those who voted, are feeling that there is much more negativity about recently than there has been before, why do you think this is happening?

Fr. JP: I have mostly noticed the drama and bickering not to mention the more recent popularity of Vampires and because of it the many people giving us a bad name. I have noticed the popularity surges that come and go in our ADHD society, lol. However, Vampires will always come back because the allure is always there and the fact that they are “the most human (like) of the monsters” in the media…

RVN: What, in your opinion, would be the most positive course that the community in general could take at this point?

Fr. JP: First, stop the bickering and drama and embrace our Vampyr family. Second, continue doing good things to help others such as the Kindred Career Network , NOVA’s (New Orleans Vampire Alliance) Feasting with Vampires and the Homeless , etc. Third, stop continually posting so much negative news so as not to bring popularity to such topics and try to focus more on the progress of the community and post more Real Vampire News and positive stuff. I do love what the site Real Vampire News  is doing in making sure we get Real Vampire News instead of just news about people who commit crimes with blood involved so it becomes so called “Vampire News”. I will admit however posting topics such as this in the past but I know it was wrong and will no longer be drawn into such things; I apologize.…

RVN: May we ask, have you chanced to read the post entitled “Anyone been a vampire” at Support Forums and one of the recent “surveys” that is out in the OVC, “Depression and the Vampire” ? Do you think that there is a clear and present danger of creating, or reinforcing, an image of modern vampires being “unstable” by running such polls and writing such articles?

Fr. JP: Yes of course I have seen it as a regular subscriber to the VCN on Drama Book; I mean Face Book lol. I was not a fan of the post however I personally believe Doctor’s often label people who may misinterpret what they have as a disease. I myself have been diagnosed as OCD, Bipolar, Anxiety, ADHD, with severe Depression. Not all Vampyres are the same of course and by no means should we focus on those of us who happen to have such “mental conditions” as most seem to do just fine with being a Vampyr with out it messing up their life as long as they know how to feed properly and get enough to remain healthy…


RVN: With many of the so called “old guard” remaining “silent” in the wider community and many of the currently “high profile” people simply engaging in back room politics, one-upmanship and deliberately obtuse, obnoxious or irrelevant rhetoric, where do you see the “new guard” or the next generation of the VC/OVC coming from?

Fr. JP: I have mostly noticed young kids sprouting in the community thinking they are Vampires or wanting to become Vampires ever since Twilight (which I despise), True Blood (which I happen to like), and now Being Human. It is harder now than ever to tell who is “fake” and who is “real”. I am actually very concerned with where we are headed. It seems that most of the real Vampyres wish to stay hidden when it would be easier to stay “in the light” if there wasn’t so many things making us want to steer clear of it. I for one still have no intention of remaining in the shadows despite what the media has done. I refuse to let Hollywood and the “bad eggs” take our title (Vampire/Vampyre) away…


RVN: Do you think that the current OVC has a proper and viable structure in place to be able to support and reassure newcomers who are perhaps struggling with their “new” identity?

Fr. JP: I do not believe so. Unfortunately most of our best and most well know ledged Vampyres want to stay in the shadows and we will be harder to reach in order to bring the truth forward for them. Also most of them have the wrong idea, are in the wrong place, and will be harder to be correctly guided in the right direction especially since so many “Vampyres” in the community want to let people find their own way online which often leads to lies and misdirection with all the fiction and crap out there now a days…


RVN: What role do you foresee the Temple UVUP playing in the near future in the online vampire community and how will you work toward that goal?

Fr. JP: Honestly I try not to compare Temple UVUP to the general Vampire Community as it is very eclectic and not all of the people in the VC are Spiritual or combine their Vampirism with their Spirituality. I merely try to help those I come in contact with find their own way and offer what I know but tell them to take what they wish from it. At first I will show them the general beliefs of the VC and then let them in on my personal beliefs but never try to give any of them as gospel. I want everyone to find their own way but also warn them of the dangers of a lot of the misguided information and cults out there who preach their truth as the only way…


RVN: If you had fifteen minutes, uninterrupted, to deliver a message to the entire Vampire and Online Vampire Community, what would you say?

Fr. JP: Wow, I am never good on the spotlight lol. I would just encourage the VC to be open and kind to our fellow kin. I have always seen Vampyres as family and there is nothing worse than family bickering. I would then encourage them on the steps in my answer to question 2 – What is the most positive course that the community in general could take at this point (see above). I also think it is very important for us to aid the confused and newly awaked find the correct information so they do not lose their way, harm others (while feeding), and keep themselves healthy and positive…


RVN: What’s the next project for Fr. JP Vanir?

Fr. JP: I am constantly working to improve the new network including adding to the new library, forums, and wiki. I am also saving up to make our Temple official so we can help out more in the community as well as the less fortunate (more so than my basic donations and support) and saving up for property as well. I have so many plans and ideas jumbled up in my brain I find it difficult to know where to start (hopefully in that order) as disorganized as I seem to be. Perhaps I should focus more on finding help there first, lol.


RVN: Thank you very much for joining us Father JP, we are very pleased to have been able to share this time with you.

Fr. JP: You are very welcome as I try to help as I am able…

© RVN & The Temple UVUP 2012


Father JP can be found at:

Vampyrian Temple UVUP

Which he describes, in one quote, as:

“We are an ECLECTIC (Universal) Temple and not everything here is my personal belief. I am a THEOLOGIAN first and want my Temple to be open to know about ALL possible beliefs /religions/ spirituality’s. I DO NOT know it all but wish to teach what I have researched over the many years of my Spiritual awakening to the present.”


NB: The views and opinions presented in this article may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of RVN, its officers or assigns. All quotes used with permission of The Temple UVUP and Father JP Vanir.


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