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Good morning,
There are a number of articles under development at present and one of these has arrived, one of the most in-depth and fascinating “interviews” it has been my privilege to conduct.

My guest is an author, owner of Ancient Legacy Press &, and a modern day Shaman. She is a leading author in the field of Spiritual Black Magic and also Demonology and through her work and writings continues to shed a new perspective on very old subject matter.

As she tells us “It is my desire to provide any information necessary that I may continue to reach others & keep this company as a working vehicle, which will serve as an educational tool for the community. I always seek to unveil lies, hype, and misinterpretations – and replace it in the minds of others with the seeds of Truth – via introspection, reflection & encouraging research which may then enable minds to come into a state of understanding, allowing others to awake from illusion.” 

Her teachings are of finding wisdom through understanding which leads to enlightenment, transformation, becoming and a journey through the Underworld in order to acquire it. Her recounting of The Underworld journey also entails becoming what we would call a vampire initially, yet will stay with you for a lifetime, via the awakening of the blood and some of the other things that occur.

As she explains “I went through this entire process alone. No teachers, no books, no Internet. I had, however, real and actual Spirit teachers. It would have been truly beautiful if I had a human guide though. This is a transformation and a process of evolution.

She goes on to say “I learned what I know from the source –a Divine source, having had Spirit teachers and by experience, trial and tribulation, not from books or the Internet as most have, as my transformation- evolution happened long before I even had a computer. The awakening of the blood is paramount, for it is akin to the Spirits telepathically, empathetically and much more, transferring this wisdom. I say telepathic, because there are no other words that describe what this situation is like, how the information is passed.”

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It gives us great pleasure to present an evening with

Lady Jyade Cythrawl

RVL: Good evening Lady Jyade, it’s wonderful to be able to spend this time with you, thank you for joining us.

Lady Jyade: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk with you and others. I hope someone can walk away from this with some understanding or new information.


RVL: Okay, first things first and to relieve the breathless anticipation of our readers, do you identify as a modern living vampire and, if so, how long have you been aware of your true nature?

Lady Jyade: In the way in which I describe vampire, yes- there is a part of me that is and will always be. Since we only have language and words to try to describe these incredible transformations and changes that are incurred, I will try to explain more later on. I never initially thought of the word vampire either when my actual awakening happened, as I had NO idea what was happening to me. I had an incident, and that’s when it really hit, well I had 2 major incidents really. I have been awake for approximately 18, maybe 19 years.

I have to say something here, because time was, well rather elusive and obscure. So much happened in only one year, that it seems impossible. I was in some sort of time warp it seems really. It’s all quite strange; I got to thinking about this due to another of your questions. Also ‘its stirrings’, were in place for many years prior, actually my entire life. It was predestined for me. The word vampire has been ingrained in our minds and society since Bram’s novel Dracula, and it is the best descriptive word in my honest opinion, for this, my personal experience, which also connects with some of your other questions, the path I walk.

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RVL: When and where did you first come into the “community” of real living vampires?

Lady Jyade: I met (Father) Sebastiaan around September of 1997 in NYC at Long Black Veil, an event he used to host. Long Black Veil was a vampire lounge-club for those that don’t know of it, held at a club in NYC called Mother.


RVL: Do you recall what your initial reactions were to discovering the self, and then the company of others like you?

Lady Jyade: I’ll never forget either! Truly my entire life, to this day, is changed because of my awakening, my life revolves around it, not the other way around. Also, this is a bit of a loaded question, because now that I had found company and friends of a like mind, at least to some degree. (Father) Sebastiaan took me in and introduced me to others, however for the most part I was still alone. I think many that were there were just having a good time or I would not have felt so alone still. Also, my lot in life is different than the majority of other vampires and the spiritually awakened as will be explained. I did have a great time though at LBV, as I went every week or whenever it was held. It was mind blowing to say the least that there were others out there in the world like me! I had finally found my own society, since I was no longer a part of ‘regular’ society.

As to discovering the self, this took a while as it was a process, but upon discovery, I was very alone and still very confused, as I had no idea what was happening to me. I had a particular incident that made me realize the vampire state, and this had nothing to do with my Underworld initiation. My ordeals also consisted of crushing loneliness, as I was now cut off and cast aside from ‘society’, and I was quite dead and death has no common ground amongst the living; confusion and borderline insanity because of it all, a divine madness and absolutely NO help from others, no ear to hear my plight, no guidance or a shred of actual understanding from any human. I was in a well-known occult organization at that time, and even the priest had NO clue or honestly could not understand nor believe what I tried to tell him, let alone help me. I wanted some help, badly. I didn’t have a computer (looking back, thank the gods), there were no books on the subjects I needed, my only saving grace came from world mythology books later on. As far as the VC, I at least had some company as things slowly started to come together in my mind, under the guidance of my Spirit teachers. I still didn’t have many definitive answers, however I had some company, I had found my society.


RVL: You make mention, in your website at that while “Labels are a way for people to perhaps better understand and connect with this incredible state of transformation. The vampire and dark shaman are some of the best labels for this path.” What is the ‘Dark Shaman’ and the path that you refer to?

Lady Jyade: The path, my path is that of the Underworld journey and upon entering, an actual, very real part of one’s spirit/soul and being literally separates and resides within the Underworld of death.

This is not fantasy, I know and I even saw myself with some Spirits, and no it was not a vision, it was in real time. An overlap in the dimensions and I was able to see that as well as many other fantastic things over the years. It is a fantastic tale I know, which has real roots in mythology. It is for real, as the magnitude of the entirety changed my life forever. So then this death (entrance into the Underworld), I refer to as my second death. The first was a type of madness that I incurred because of my shifting awareness and consciousness, and to the false lull of what society has taught us to be ‘correct’ and such. A harrowing experience to put it lightly.

So the second death is when one’s soul becomes separated and I was- became ‘ awake’. A part of myself was dead, in the Underworld, which is also the realm of the dead, and that of lost and forgotten wisdom. Since old vampire lore is based on ‘the living dead’ and immortally, this is very fitting. I also developed a blood condition ironically (I had a hematology doctor for about a year, more or less and one incredibly painful experience in a hospital. Wow, never will I forget that) Since blood figures prominently in the legends of fictional vampires and this second death, which is an offering of blood I gave to gain entrance into the Underworld (which I wrote about briefly in my second book Winter Darkness). I know many myths are grounded in some truth and this is my take and what happened to me. There is of course much more to this, but that would be it in a nutshell. I had a good old-fashioned awakening of the blood, a term that was once well known and a very elusive and exclusive ordeal. Much to my surprise and dismay this term and what it is, I now find that not very many people, save for a few of the older generation, even knows about it, the process itself and what all it entails. I find this very disturbing. Also, this would tie in with the previous question: I do believe I could have joined Sebastiaan’s House, however I did not. I have always walked alone and I came to find out why.


I am a shaman for this culture and generation, hence I can’t belong totally to anything or anyone- or a house (my personal life and people included). It is an even lonelier path that I walk because of this fact, and it does pain me to be separate still. I do fancy the idea of belonging to a house, however mine is to advise not to become part of something greater than I am. Maybe someday, someone will accept and recognize this aspect of myself and I could belong to a house. Mine is also to go wherever and whenever I am needed; for information, clarification or altogether new information that I have brought back from the Underworld. I did not think my impact could be as strong as it is, but it is not my influence but that of the Spirits, and they can move mountains. I went forth into the occult world with new Intel on demons and demonology and more, and it took! I was surprised because what I have to say goes against centuries of information and I thought I would be stoned, not accepted. Now it seems, as I have seen it with my own eyes, that many within the vampire community need serious guidance, which again ties in with another of your questions, my re-emergence into the O/VC. I was called, I must be needed, for it was coincidence and then many things started to flow naturally once again. Well, not me (I am not vain) but the knowledge I possess via the realm of the Underworld and the Spirits (that taught me for a very long time) which reside therein, I am only their mouthpiece and servant.

As per your actual question on the dark shaman, it’s not for everyone that comes, only for those that are chosen. I also say dark, because shamans traverse many realms, I however, mainly travel to the Underworld, hence the label in order to differentiate. Many can gain entrance into the Underworld, which is what I teach, however not all will become a shaman or have the ordeals I went through. My trials and tribulations were quite brutal and for a reason. Our community, the Vampire community, is in desperate need of modern day shamans, such as myself. Shamanism is still very alive and kicking worldwide amongst spiritual cultures, not just the Native Americans as most connect it with. This occurrence still exists and is probably becoming more commonplace as the world – the people, change- spiritually awaken, along with the re-enchantment of the world. One is typically chosen by the spiritual realm to become a shaman, it’s NOT a choice, (trust me because I would have said no! And I wasn’t a willing student to say the very least) and it is an actual calling and vocation. One cannot become a shaman without the ordeals, the true mystical experiences and the ‘death’ that comes with it.


RVL: …and would you tell us a little of your early history in the contemporary vampire scene?

Lady Jyade: I don’t think there is much to tell. I was a part of an evolving, ever expanding movement, so I was there from the near infancy of the NYC ‘scene’. I always knew that vampirism would be huge, but to the scale it is today, I could have never known.


RVL: From the associations and connections that you forged in those early days are there any that were particularly influential in your mind and you are still close to?


Lady Jyade: I am still friends with (Father) Sebastiaan. I talked briefly with Michelle Belanger many years back regarding the infancy of the NYC vampires; I can’t recall the conversation. Aside from that, the only thing that influenced me was Sebastiaan’s strict code of silence- secrecy, mainly in regards to the media that would swarm the club- LBV. I was instructed on how to deal with them all, and they did come, from the huge local NY channels to cable, to writers, reporters and such. The only exception was when Katherine Ramsland came and stayed among us for her research for at least a year I believe. That was back in the late 1990’s.

RVL: What would you consider to be the greatest strength of the modern vampire?

Lady Jyade: The advantage, that our generation did not have, is the Internet- information, and of course there are more awakened, hence a bit of an easier time in that regard. However with it also comes the bombardment of mis- and disinformation, which is a great disservice, and the many false prophets, as I call them. These type claim to know it all and now with the Internet anyone can be an expert on pure nonsense, some literally hiding behind their computers. I have seen this happen even with ‘regular ‘ people, how much greater than with a subject within the occult or vampirism. I can’t even begin to explain how much this bothers me and why.

These are pompous nobodies confusing many.

My information, website and myself, even in person, are available to all, as a service and also for those that come to bash, crash and scrutinize. I can take it, because I am for real, it’s no fun, but it happens. I really do my best to back up what I say, for far too many people won’t because they simply can’t. The proof is in the pudding. And for those still learning it is ever important to realize this fact about people. I always tell others to research and do it well. Never stick to one source, cover a lot of ground.


RVL: You have recently made a return to the modern vampire “community” online, how do you find the situation as compared to the earlier days?

Lady Jyade: Very, very changed, and I’m sure this is due to the speed of the reach out and touch someone Internet, the influence of Hollywood, RPG’s, video games and the people that can’t distinguish reality from fantasy. I do know for certain that ‘some people’ take from these, mix these ingredients and then spread the disinformation and totally corrupt those who are learning, becoming and awakening, and it is typically someone who wants to gain some sort of attention, some unknown with a following or that wants one and such. I simply call it as I see it.

As I mentioned, my generation –even those who had the Internet, well there wasn’t much information on anything occult related on there in the first place in all honesty, had to go out and mingle real time with others. There were no exaggerations, drama, or this much confusion, as I now see reigns in the O/VC today.

The emphasis was on getting out there and having real time friendship and companionship of others. I think I can safely say everyone was for real, down to earth and there was very little to no confusion of what one was. You were or you were not a vampire. Some people simply liked Goth. People came out to have fun and play and maybe you did the same but it was clear who you were and what you were doing.The invention of nonsense was non-existent. It was unlike today’s community because the emphasis seems to be on who can confuse the s*it out of who, adding and stirring more elements and ingredients to the mix and the already confused, and for this I am sorry and want to help.

With that said, back in the day we had to dig deep for what little information was available. There is a big difference, in my opinion, in today’s O/VC, between the older generation and the younger or newly awakened, regardless of age in many cases.

RVL: Have you a belief as to what the aim of the modern, so-called, “community” should be?

Lady Jyade: If there be any, it should revolve around correct information, people taking responsibility for themselves by not getting so carried away with all the disinformation that is now available, and perhaps getting back to roots! Education. Put aside the video games and join the real activity of learning, listening and evolving, and meeting others in real time, and if you can’t then try to do so on the Internet.

I also firmly believe in freedom of the individual, and that of combing logic, reason and reality along with that which seems fantastic. If one takes away the term vampire, I ask – what are you left with? Do you (others) have a strong foundation to build upon? I do. It is simply a healthy (for the community at large) question I pose.

We should all stay focused on truly helping each other, also calling out those who would belittle the individual with no title or, gods forbid, a following of some sort, for we are all special.

Those who dis-inform, confuse others and play the role of the high and mighty grand zero do not impress me and others should see this also, yet another dis-service to our own, in all respects. Things have changed, for it was not always so.

It is true and a plain fact though that others will be far more advanced in knowledge and experience and this is nearly always associated with one’s age and of course, experience. The older someone is, the wiser they will be, in all areas, the more experiences they will have had in general and the more they can help and have a clear head for this. I only believe in ‘ranks’ and titles that actually have been earned or are real and that can benefit others in some manner. Not for showing off, for that is plain vanity alone and it helps no one. However, if they are serious, it does help to distinguish who is who.


RVL: What is your personal definition, and perception, of modern living vampirism?

Lady Jyade: My definition and perceptions are based on my actual experiences, all of them, and that of what I went through with the Underworld journey. If someone has a spiritual awakening, it does not mean that they are a vampire, unless certain criteria are met, for myself- such as my living death, entrance into the Underworld, blood and more, and this will depend on what others are experiencing in their own life or awakening, it is different for everyone. One who along with some of these or other are continuously evolving and of course very importantly, a walker between worlds; of a sound mind as I mentioned, take away the word vampire, and what are you left with; your basis and or experiences…

RVL: Do you believe that modern living vampirism is something best kept between ourselves, i.e. the “community” or do you think we should be attempting a wholesale education of those outside the “community”?

Lady Jyade: Tricky question, only because of hate, fear and misunderstandings, which can lead to actual violence against us. I really like how Sebastiaan is going about things with his new project, Fang Van. It is a wonderful and ‘fun’ way for outsiders to maybe experience, understand a little or at least have fun and take out some of the danger.

Other than that, it’s hard enough to educate amongst ourselves and I shouldn’t think to bother too much with outsiders really. I’m certain most wouldn’t be able to grasp even the simplest of ideals or concepts.

RVL: Do you see a lack of offline “community” and cohesiveness between real vampires in the central North American states and, if so, what do you think can be done to counter this?

Lady Jyade: I do see a lack of offline community and I believe there are a few factors involved. First and foremost is the distance and location of a person, hence the availability to interact if willing.

And then we have a majority of people glued to their computers; this too has its reasons, advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: to be able to schedule or create and announce or receive information of any real time events and plain gatherings.

Disadvantage: I have seen that many people are literally hiding out behind their computers today and I don’t believe it’s out of any type of fear. The only fear is exposure of their intentions and self perhaps.

There is also the factor of laziness and another of some, such as myself over the past years, who tend to be reclusive at times.

In my heyday shall we say, of offline activity and engagement, personal interaction was simply paramount and for me and others, and for myself it included a near 2-hour drive to NYC or Philadelphia to participate. It’s a shame that more people don’t make an effort to get out and socialize or to learn by being among their own kind. If the distance is too great, I totally understand.

However back around 2004 and on, I ran a Meet Up group, which I paid for, called Jersey Shore Vampires. There were people that joined online and I lived in a very populated area, I ended up meeting one of my best friends to this day from that group.

Together we continued on and planned many a meet up. One person showed. Truly, it was a travesty, sheer laziness and what a shame for us all. It was all very casual and we were truly disappointed in all the people that never showed up.

I would say that the circle of people I know online today are mainly on the same ‘page’, and many are older such as myself. The NYC crowd is mainly what I know and have known in the past and the one club they meet at pretty much sums up my ideals, as one of the crowd came up with the name, Lazarus. Quite fitting really.

I can’t speak for others, but it would be nice for people to make and take the initiative to get out and even make casual get-togethers happen! For those who’ve never done so, truly they are really missing out. The Internet makes this even more of a possibility now, to plan any event or gathering and for others to receive this information. As Lestat said, “come out, come out, wherever you are!” They would be glad they did really. I know I miss it terribly, now that I live in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Chicago would be my best bet at a 2 to 3 hour drive each way, depending on traffic.

Getting together with others may also be a way to help enlighten those who need any information, like some occult groups that have monthly meetings, and especially those who have been lead astray by all the nonsense, the fanciful and often outrageous information found on the Internet and much of the OVC- it could be exposed by exposure. It is also just plain fun and advantageous to be around others of a like mind in any respect. I’ll tell you, as far fetched as the word vampire and my Underworld dealings and experiences may seem, they are far, far more grounded in reality than some of what I am seeing on the Internet and the OVC.

People really need to get out from behind their keyboard and explore; many people simply need to get acquainted with the good old fashioned roots and basics of actual vampirism and what it really is, how it became what it is today and why, and open their eyes and mind, push aside their ideals and ideas for a time, if they have gotten their ideas from unclarified sources. Claiming to be a vampire is serious. No matter what ‘type’ you are, it is a grown up thing and childish things have no place in the actual concept. I’m not saying someone can’t amuse themselves by playing games. *Laughs* That’s not the point.

RVL: Have you any plans for forming a group or enclave of your own? And if so, what will be the focus of your group’s involvement?

Lady Jyade: I have played with this idea for years, and I would like to someday. It would be based on the Underworld, the actual basis and basics of vampirism, the occult, the spiritual and much more; reality based of course, educational, explaining and guiding towards ones evolution, teaching all that I have learned from my Spirit teachers and really being able to talk, explain and guide people towards excellence. Overall interaction, learning, and an exchange of ideas between members and such. Just talking helps many. That’s the idea in a nutshell.


RVL: Do you have any general comments or observations you would like to share with our readers either about past, present or future of the modern living vampire subculture?

Lady Jyade: I think I have covered much ground within!

I suppose in parting I may add that, again, there are many false prophets among us and then there are the true. If you truly seek, you will be guided to the correct teachers, advisor or mentor. One can easily recognize a person for what they are if they really take a look. Always test people, not the Spirits. I always suggest researching a subject thoroughly; never get stuck on one source. Read, read, read, and learn.

Another thing I may have left out is the Underworld journey that I speak and write of needed clarification, due to all of its parts, I tried to tidy it up by calling it Spiritual Black Magic and simply The Legacy, for it is meant for us all. Another thing is this, and I knew it was coming; people are awakening and the portal to the Otherworlds is open and thus the re-enchantment of our world.

I have been shown and taught many things and one of them is that you must not divide your energies, which happens (it happened to me) by thinking you have to be such and such (example, vampire, witch etc). All these things do exist but analyze and combine, thereby becoming more powerful instead of dividing your energies. It simply causes confusion in your mind and weakens you.

RVL: Thank you for sharing this time with us Lady Jyade; we are privileged to have been able to get a glimpse into your world and to be able to share your experience and wisdom.

Lady Jyade: Again, thank you and I really hope I can have enlightened someone. It’s my job after all *smiles*


It is a rare opportunity to be able to “chat” with someone who was actually “there”, in NYC and actually part of the formative years of the modern vampire sub-culture. A number of these people are now returning to the “visible” sub-culture and perhaps it is high time. I often think to myself that in between the day-to-day, the hustle and bustle and the political and social posturing that goes on, that the modern vampire sub-culture has lost something of great value, something of deep meaning and something of the truth. It is with people like our guest tonight and as they come back to share their wisdom and insight then hopefully, gradually, that special something will also return and make the modern sub-culture what it should be again.

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