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Amongst the many sub-classes or categories of real vampires that are recognised there is one class about which little is, in general, known. Broadly they could be supposed to be in the “Psi” category but that would belie the essence of what it truly means to be one of these members of the community.


In 1858 the vampire concept entered the metaphysical world consciousness through the work of French professor and Psychical Researcher, Z.J. Piérart but there were evidences to be found long before this in the stories of Lilith from the Mesopotamian epics.

What, then, is a Psionic Vampire? What characteristics do they share with other real psi-vamps and what are the differences?


The 21st century Lexicon of gives the meaning of Psionic as;

Psionic; Adj.

Of, or pertaining to the telepathic, psychic or paranormal 21st Century Lexicon

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One person, whom it is our great pleasure to introduce, who can take us on a journey into the world of the Psionic is Yehowshua (a.k.a. Shadow Walker Ka)


Yehowshua writes, of himself;

“I had actually Reawakened into my Vempyrism, at a very early age. I would say at the age of about five or six years (or so I thought I was, at the time.) However, I had found that I lost my memory of allot of things, and this took me almost ten years to learn, fully. Once I had learnt enough about my Vempyrism, from the man that I knew as my “grandfather,” who was of an entirely different “gene” than I, I had learnt, after he died of what I Really was, and it had quite an impact on my life, as a teenager.
As I kept going through the stages of my Vempyrism, I found that my hunger and “thirst”/cravings could only be sated through more ‘in-depth’ feeding, which I could not tell anyone about, so I kept on my road, by myself, and as I did, I learnt even more about myself, as I kept pushing my “gifts/powers” to what I thought were my limits. I found, later on, that I technically had/have no limits to what I could and can still do. It wasn’t until later, however, that I completely realized that I am what some call -for slang- a “tri-brid.” (‘Psionic,’ ‘psychic,’ and Sanguine.)

However, it wasn’t until long after I had learnt about the complete extent of my Vempyrism, that I became involved in the ‘Community,’ within which, I still hold my own code, and have my own doubts about certain things within the ‘Community,’ itself. I will never really be rid of those doubts, but there are some who hold my trust and care, within the ‘Community.’
The House is still my home, in a way, but I still do not show myself much, outside of it, besides a very few places, where no one really cares. I was once a rather well-known person, for my “attitude,” and sometimes, my supposed “cruelty,” but I suppose, in a way, I have become soft, since I have become a member of the ‘Community.’
In the short time, however, that I have been in the ‘Community,’ I have become more of a mentor to others, in two ways~ I teach youngsters about their possible Vempyrism, and I also extend what reach I have, from the Family House, to teach others more about those who are more “like me,” or “Shadow Walkers,” in other words.

Going back to my childhood, I would have to say that the ways in which I learnt of my Vempyrism were very violent. I really wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, to learn in the same ways that I did. As for my involvement in the ‘Community,’ I am more of the person to keep to the shadows, unless I have someone come along, and “stumble upon” me and what I might have to offer.
Since I had fully Re-acknowledged what I am, it has been, I would have to say, about sixteen years, or more. In that time, I have come to learn more things about myself, and what I am, through the turns of events that have come to me. What I do now, is merely teach others, which tends to be difficult, at times. Other than that, I simply do what comes naturally to myself, as whom and what I am, which can be problematic, at times, since most of those around me fear anyone with fangs.”

We are honoured to welcome, to Real Vampire News, Yehowshua.

RVN: Good evening Yehowshua, thank you for agreeing to join us and share your knowledge with us.

Y: Good evening, to you, as well.


RVN: Thank you, from your recent essay/discussion on Psionics it appears that one of the core concepts of Psionic Vampirism is that all things in existence possess, and exert, an influence by virtue of their inherent “energy” ~ where do you think this “energy” originates?

Y: That particular manner of energy you speak of actually originates from the very Soul, or otherwise Spirit of the creature which possesses it.


RVN: Is metaphysical energy, in your estimation, simply an undiscovered scientific principle?

Y: If I were a Scientist, then I might believe that it was or is a manner based upon scientific principle. But for one, as I am not a Scientist, I can’t say that; and for two, I do not see it as that, anyhow. There is no machine in the world that can run off the use of it, so it cannot be explained by “scientific principle.”


RVN: In speaking of the heightened abilities of Psionic Vampires you make comparisons between Psionics and “normal” vampires. The comparisons are mostly in the physical aspects, do you feel Psionics can inherently expect longer life spans, enhanced self-healing abilities and the like?

Y: In the comparison, I would have to say that it depends upon the Vempyre, as an individual. Some may live longer-some may not, some lay heal faster-some may not. I can’t speak for others. It depends entirely upon how far the particular Vempyre has grown in their own capability.
However, I will say -from experience- that I do, indeed think that every ‘Psionic’ Vempyre is capable of having accelerated capabilities, even far beyond that of the strongest of either “normal” Vempyre. But to do that, it needs to be realized by the one who exhibits the traits and feels it within them.

RVN: I was honoured, some time ago, to hold a chat interview with an “Elder” of a body named the “Psion Guild”. It was described to me that the “Psion” Vampire was inhabited by a “metaphysical symbiote” that resided within the individual and controlled the vampiric nature. Since you make no mention of “symbiosis” are we to take it that Psionic Vempyres and Psions are different entities?

Y: I make no reference to it, because the “form” of energy that drives me, and keeps those like myself sustained is different from the “average” Vempyre. For some, Elemental energy can sustain them, and even energy from the symbiosis. But for me, there is no “symbiote” that keeps me as I am. In my case, I found myself in “another place,” entirely, which had “turned” me, so to speak, when I had awakened, into what others see of me, today.
I can feed from both the Living and the Dead, and even from Spirits/Souls that ‘wander,’ and travel by. I sense them, long before they can be seen, and I can also bend them to my will. But it isn’t merely the Vempyre in me, which can bend that “force.” I explain this, in the Family’s house, and also in other places, wherein it can be found.
I also “came out of it,” with something that not even the most skilled and in-depth knowledge of any ‘psychic’ Vempyre I have met has ever possessed: A “power,” or “gift,” to manifest my own essence into the form I use to (as others would call it) “astral project,” which in my case, I can do a little bit more than what would be thought of by others.
So, to be brutally honest, I don’t think it is a ‘symbiote’ that lies within a ‘Psionic’ Vempyre. It is their Soul, as it is, so “yes.” I would have to say that they are entirely different entities.

RVN: You made mention that it is a distinct possibility that Psionic Vempyres may not be aware of the full and true potential within them. How do Psionics develop their abilities and “grow” into their vampirism?

Y: The power of the Soul/Spirit is a magnificent thing. The mind, alone, is not enough, when learning about a ‘Psionic’/Soul-Feeding Vempyre. If one wants to learn what they are truly capable of, as a ‘Psionic,’ then they need to delve into their own Essence, and Spirit, to find their True potential. But the best way that I can explain that is to “Learn Through Experience.” What the Body is capable of – the Soul is capable of Much, much more.


RVN: When you speak of the “spiritual” connection do you include recognised, orthodox religion in your reference?

Y: Religions have absolutely nothing to do with it. When I was learning about what I am, I was going through learning about several different religions. I was Pagan, at the time, and learning about “Christianity,” Catholicism, Satanism (which, by the way, I would not suggest. Take my word for it, on that one,) Luciferian, and even other religions, such as Buddhism. The religion one takes part of or practices makes no difference in how far they can go, when learning about the ‘Psionic’ Vempyre. I live by numerous faiths, and none of them affect my ability, as a ‘Psionic’/Soul-Feeding Vempyre.
What I speak of, as “Spiritual,” is the reference to being able to dig into one’s Spiritual Essence. Not their religion. I live by the Egyptian faith, as well as Actual Voodoo, and even Catholicism, to a point.


RVN: There are those in the community who absolutely dispute that modern, real vampirism has anything whatsoever to do with metaphysics and spirituality, how would you respond to that?

Y: I have met a few people, in this world, who believe it is entirely scientific, and think that it is all a “Scientists” approach, when they view Vempyrism. But I also know those who live outside the ‘Community,’ who have seen me and a small number of other Vempyres in their works, and know that what WE are is not a work of science, but of using a “force” that even Science will never explain. Granted, I won’t deny that even I have to give in to the laws of so-called “science,” at times, but that is only as a Sanguine Vempyre. Not a ‘Psionic.’ Those who believe that a ‘Psionic’ Vempyre can be explained through science, I personally think, need to look a little deeper than what their Minds can obtain, or else “have their heads checked.” But if you want me to speak purely as a philosopher, then I will say that they need to learn more, before they try to make their claims valid, with no capability of Making them valid. ‘Psionic’ Vempyrism is not a science. It is a learning process, which leads to a stronger being. Science doesn’t do that, fully. It only offers possible explanations to what people THINK may be the answer or the “problem.”


RVN: If I may quote you here: “Hearing voices” can often be a simple matter of ‘schizophrenia,’ but this is only a “medical” term. In the case of an “extended Psionic,” or a stronger/more powerful ‘Psionic,’ these voices are still explicable, through a more defined, and also more extensive manner of not only logic, but, also in a manner of “enlightening.”

Do you think that there are real psionic vempyres out there who have been misdiagnosed as people with “explainable” mental problems?

Y: Absolutely. I’m one of those particular Vempyres. I have been able to see and hear things that others don’t, ever since I was a child.


RVN: Do you think that “Psionics” are a natural evolution of the ‘Psi-vamp’ or are they a separate and identifiable branch of real vampires in their own right?

Y: ‘Psionic’ Vempyres are not the same as psychic Vempyres. They are entirely different, though they are publicly classified in the same sub-category.


RVN: If people should wish to find out more about “Psionics” can they contact you? And are there web resources they can refer to?

Y: As for contacting me, then “yes.” They can. I am often looking over things on several sites, and I am often on those sites, unless I am looking for other things. Primarily, I use my Facebook. But I do also have a VampireFreaks account, which I have a small starting “group” I use to teach others, and to see who else would be “fit” for the Family House, if the rest of the Family agrees. Facebook and VampireFreaks are the main sites to find me venturing through. Though, as far as resource sites are concerned, I am really not sure. I didn’t have a computer to read from, when I was learning. I was reading through books as old as my “grandfather.” I don’t know of any other sites that will even scratch what I have learnt from books. The older the tome, the more knowledge I retain.
However, if one really wants to have me explain the True extents of the ‘Psionic,’ then I would have to suggest searching me out in either of the three above given sites. However, if I find anything outside of my personal “ring,” then I will be happy to refer others to them, if they so wish for an extra reference.


RVN: To wrap up my dear Ka, is there anything else you would care to add on the subject of Psionics?

Y: I can’t really think of anything else to add, besides what I have already said. Things are different for all of Us. Getting “down to the grind stone,” I can only say that to Truly know the ‘Psionic,’ a person needs to understand their own Soul/Spirit, first. But to do that, several things need to be forgotten.

RVN: Thank you very much for your time, your excellent answers and your patronage of RVN Sir. We are very pleased to have been able to share this time with you.


More often these days we are seeing and reading the metaphysical concepts and theoretics mingling with real life vampirism, perhaps what began, in its base concept, as the stuff of superstition, legend and folklore was not really completely the product of fanciful fears and superstitious ignorance for if, as it is proposed by many, that metaphysical knowledge has been known to the world far longer than contemporary science then perhaps there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies.


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