Interview with The Goddess – The real deal

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to part one of an interview that we have been eager to conduct since the wonderful ‘art attack interview of September last year. Then we spoke with a talented artist who has created much beauty and artistic class over the years, this evening we will be speaking with the same person, the same artist but on a very different level.

There are a great many people who claim to have “knowledge” of certain things or people who really have little, or no, idea of what they’re actually speaking about. There are a great many people who will take “tidbits” of information and weave their own delicious story around that nugget to suit their own purposes. There are also many people who DO KNOW the truth and who are saddened and annoyed by the rumours, innuendo and out-and-out insults that are levelled at people who have done nothing to deserve such derogatory attention.

Many of you may have heard the saying, “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, it’s generally described as the need of certain people to “cut down” people they perceive as being too high profile for no good reason.

With such things in mind we decided to seek out our guest this evening and see if we could wrangle another interview, we are very pleased to say we were able to and in this, Part One, of “Interview with The Goddess” we will be speaking to our guest about House and current activities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our great honour, and privilege, to present our guest tonight, Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza…

Goddess Rosemary 

“Her fragility was power, her power, her power was intoxicating, all the more powerful because it was her, she drank her power like fine wine through a crystal goblet.”

~ Jim C. Black Rose Coven, one of the 6 founding members, member of Z/n Creator of the “Z/n” Logo, Member of Sahjaza ~ we lost him to cancer ~ RIP Jim, 2012.


RVL: Goddess Rosemary, welcome back, we are extremely glad you accepted our invitation to do this interview, as we discovered in our ‘art attack’ interview in September last year… being fully aware that you don’t give interviews very frequently but I think you feel that there is a lot of misinformation flying around about you and Temple-House Sahjaza these days, would you agree?

GRS: There are a very few but far reaching trolls out there causing some noise yes, but we are 42 years old now and this will not phase us at all long term, when they get bored and go on to other targets from behind their keyboards, behind their masks we will just still be here it‘s just noise we choose not to indulge them with our attention.

RVL: …and with that in mind some of these questions might seem get a little tough…forgive me that but I believe we can both agree there’s some things that need to be straightened out. If we can start, firstly, with just a little primer on Temple-House Sahjaza for those who may not be familiar, when did it start and how did that all come about?

GRS: Sahjaza was born in a sleepy but rather raucous little tavern in the mountains by the Canadian border. The tavern that was once a church and there, around the only round table in the establishment, the concept was born, with a founding membership of 6 that night and on June 3, 1976 we had our first Grand Rite and Sahjaza (then Black Rose Coven) was born.

RVL: …and have you been, overall, happy with the growth and development of the Temple-House over the years?

GRS: What is not to be happy about 42 years we’re still here..!

RVL: I’d like to clear up one thing first, an item that seems to have been the subject of much speculation, guesswork, theorising and allegations, over the past six months or so – what is the main agenda, the driving philosophy, behind Temple-House Sahjaza?

GRS: To promote our members to be supportive to our members and the greater community to provide moral and spiritual support when requested, to assist our community in our own pet charity organisation works and just be the best we can be to be an example of the living vampyre beyond the stigma of the “creatures of the night”. We’re well rounded well-read and productive beings we vibrate at a higher level, we’re very creative and, quite often, a little eccentric.

RVL: There has been a lot put out there about other “business” connections with events, balls etc. Does Temple-House Sahjaza and/or you personally hold or run any “cultural events”, holiday events or other such things through the year?

GRS: We support the Bad Things events, the Vampire Court of New Orleans, of which I am the Matriarch, I am the Queen Mother of the UK Sahjaza-Avalon Court, the Queen Mother of the Sahjaza Black Raven Court of Ohio, the Dark Mother of all to Sahjaza Brazil, The Adra to Black Trillium in Toronto, Canada.

We are proud of all of our international Sahjaza associates, and never forget Sahjaza Brazil much going on including regular events, podcasts, instruction, and more. A fabulous first stop vacation place is Brazil, attending one of the dozens of yearly events presided over by Prince Andreas Axikerzus-Sahjaza, Founder and Patriarch Halo Antares, my Dark Son, husband to my Daughter Princess Xendra Sahjaza whom continue to build my Sahajza, and their own legacy, producing over 450 Meetings, Events, Festivals, Saraus and Rituals  dedicated to Vamps!

Prince Andreas is the author of the best-selling Brazilian publication on vampyres with more than 12,000 copies sold, and published by one of the largest Brazilian book publishers! He has maintained the portal, the pioneering work and introduction of the Brazilian, South American and Portuguese Vampyre community for Sahjaza for over 15 years!  Hail Sahjaza! And so we begin…!!

We have a multitude of projects on the burner at all times as Sahjaza and each has, on our own, things that we all support, we have the Sahjaza Academy of Gray Mystics, presided over by High-Elder Priestess Liath Sahjaza, that is a teaching forum for self-maturation and self-care as well as outreach to Sahjaza, the Monarchs of Unity and beyond. Overall the content is as wide and varied as our membership itself.

RVL: If we may turn our attention to the present for a moment… can you explain exactly what the connection between Temple-House Sahjaza and the Unity Project/ Blood Nations is, if any?

GRS: Yes, it’s very simple Temple House Sahjaza supports the Unity Project, in concept and in kind. My Son King Maven Lore Sahjaza is one of the founding members of the Unity Project and, as such, Sahjaza came on board officially and made our formal announcement to support Unity in January of 2017

RVL: …and as a concept, in the general sense of the modern culture, do you, personally, feel that the “unity” idea is a good idea? One worth working toward?

GRS: Unity as a culture, or subculture, or under-culture, or counterculture is always a good idea, it’s like returning to the old days for me, the way it was in the later 80’s and early 90’s

RVL: What steps, if any, has Temple-House Sahjaza implemented within its own operations with the “unity” concept in mind?

GRS: We’re a strong voice supporting the Unity Project, and we’re available as a supportive entity to the new Monarchs on a personal, and spiritual level as well. We offer self-help and Sahjaza spirituality, as well as shadow work for the monarchs.

We fully support the unity set of Courts and assist in their promotion of events and outreach to meet ups, formal events or other charity events.


RVL: Thank you Goddess, I think that clears up any misunderstanding there. I’d like to turn now, if we may, to Temple-House Sahjaza specifically. The philosophy that you talked of earlier does seem to tend toward a more “spiritual” track, is that how you would define the Temple-House?

GRS: We’re half eclectic spiritual and Sahajza has its own set of rituals, pagan based but non- denominational. We are a Matriarchal house and temple of which I am, and have been for 42 years, the High Priestess. With our own set of sacred rites which we do not share nor publish, we have however invited certain special guests to see, as well as giving out some relevant and helpful information to the community from time to time. We have been doing this to improve the modern community in the form of outreach and assistance from 1985- to the later 90’s.

I did a full moon Goddess worship ritual, pushing the envelope on a wide form, and a base of rituals and rites (some public some not) in NYC. The “temple” in our name combined with the other half, a concept Sahjaza came up with in the mid to early 90’s, the “house” the house is the “family” the temple our spirituality. Together we’re a creative spiritual house and temple. Many who came formed their own houses and such groups after our basic format that was shared with the community as a base idea. We have always been big on sharing and networking with like-minded people thus the concept of the Abbon, which means allied person, or friend, and an extended family of houses and persons within the greater community

RVL: Perhaps you could share with us a little more about what the Temple-House is currently involved in?

GRS: What is Temple House Sahajaza working on… well, we just did an interview with E.R. Vernor for his upcoming book (a work that has taken him ten years to accomplish) entitled “Vampires: A World History” to be published soon by Dark Moon Press

We are, again, supporting Bad Things events, and fangs..! Fangs..! Fangs..! By King Maven and his fang business Dark Awakenings Custom Fangs, King Maven is Sahjaza’s official Fang maker.

RVL: Are we allowed to get a “sneak preview” of anything that may be coming up soon… without revealing any confidential house Temple-House information of course?

GRS: YES…! Let you be the FIRST…

Two words, “SAHJAZA RADIO”, and a few more, “so we begin”… “Stay tuned” right here for more information in April 2018

RVL: Hearkening back to a previous interview we had the pleasure of conducting, what are you up to these days, professionally speaking that is?

GRS: We now have an Etsy store and the Sahjaza official merchandise in our Zazzle store offering,“Not for Profit”, our officially endorsed Sahjaza merchandise. Our official Sahjaza merchandise is offered to everyone so that everybody can share in the pride that we feel in our Temple-House spirituality and our Sahjaza Pride.

Here is an image of my new crystal crown obtained from the Goddess and the Priestess Etsy store…
because there is a bit of country witch in all of us… and the companion book to the Shadow work that we do by High-Elder Priestess Liath,

Reproduced by permission

We also offer, of course, the Goddess Rosemary ankh for which you had the first announcement going to press. We were delighted to be able to present this piece, 6 years in the making, to the public through your news source last time I was here.

Sahjaza, and Sahjaza members, are about to enter into another big adventure in an animated film adventure about characters of the VC based on those (by permission) you all know and love in a project that will be several years in the making. It’s a sort of, “What if we had all gone to high school together?” The working title, at this time, is Van Helsing High, a big Carpe Noctem to this project I am so excited about this and I will bring more news on this in the future. It’s a dream coming to life and long-time animation and talented artist King Maven will be rolling out the characters as this project unfolds. It’s almost a mainstream cartoon that is sure to make you laugh, cry and groan with the Vamp characters, full of delights, surprises and magickal moments.

In addition I will be conducting more of my full moon rituals, always catching the moon, and drawing down the moon.If you wish to find me on instragram we’re at @Sahjaza and @goddessrosemary

I will be in NOLA as a guest for the Blood Lust and Bad Things ball this year and I will also be hosting my own tea party which is brought to you by Sahjaza and the Vampire Court of New Orleans, just for the ladies, on the Saturday afternoon of the weekend of the ball. Stay tuned for more information on that, and for those not able to come I assure you there will be photos, lots of photos…! Last year when I was there many people told me they did not get a chance to take photos with me, so, we will have this lovely gathering tea party, a fortune teller and keepsake photos.

I’m looking forward to this year’s special Tarot Deck which are known to be the coveted hand out to VIPs, and available by mail to those who can’t come, along with posters of your favorite cards also available.

Goddess Rosemary’s Tarot Card poster, framed.

During last year we also presented the Dark Moon Ankh fitting to wear with the well-known Sahjaza Dark moon monthly ritual of cord cutting and monthly, spiritual “do over”.

The Dark Moon Ankh

The Dark Moon Ankh

As with the Goddess Rosemary Ankh, the Dark Moon Ankh is available to the community and each piece is crafted individually…

NYC, 23rd St. subway

…and one in NYC, just know you’re in my heart and thoughts New York, don’t count it out that I wont soon be there for a visit…!


With this I will bid you good day and a cheerio, I look forward to part two of this intervew at some near time in the future. Blessed day “till next time”.

RVL: Thank you Goddess Rosemary, it has been a sheer delight to have shared this time with you tonight and we are looking forward, also, to Part 2 of this piece.


It’s said that very often truth is stranger than fiction, it is always the case that the truth is starkly different to other peoples fictions. Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza, as any member of Temple-House Sahjaza will tell you is no “cult” figurehead, she is no “enslaver”, she does not bully, browbeat or brainwash…she simply is the most warm, caring, compassionate and nurturing woman.

Perhaps, as I was some months ago, people simply do not understand, simply do not choose to look… all I can say is that since coming into the Temple-House I can now vouch for the “hype” that always surrounded The Goddess. “How can you do that?” you ask, when you see, hear, read and interact with The Goddess you will understand perfectly is all the answer I can, or need, give.

Fact, in one incarnation or another Sahjaza has been around for over four decades. Fact, Goddess Rosemary has a named successor.
Fact, this person will also have a named successor, and so on and so forth…

If you’re expecting Temple-House Sahjaza to simply disappear, or fade away, forget it because that is absolutely not going to happen.

Coming soon

Interview with The Goddess Part Two

Goddess Rosemary the woman & Contemplations

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A commentary on contemporary history – Lord-Prince Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza

Lord-Prince Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza

Recent Vampire/Vampyre community history of a clearest and historical vision 


Lord-Prince Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza

(Reproduced with full permission)

Fact: We can only teach or transmit something to those who are willing to learn and who knows how to respect what we are and accomplish – not what they expected or demanded. The following article comes to lighten the looks and clear some gaps and gaps purposely absent from those who do not have the discipline, time and interest to devote themselves to the history and identity of the Vampyre Community.



Sahjaza was founded at June of 1976 at Washington State on USA, at 2018 are more than 40 years of history, already has been known as Z / N Society and Black Rose Coven. Since its foundation it is led by Goddess Rosemary and a small council of older members. About the meanings and fundaments of this dynasty I prefer to reserve the subject for future articles.

The history of Sahjaza and the fundamental role of our matriarch inspiring and influencing the first group of Sanguinarium, Sabretooth and Ordo Strigoi Vii is evident and very clear in the original writings (2004-2008) of the group. But it is worth noting that Sahjaza remained autonomous, independent and historically sovereign, and detached himself from the grouping of OSV, Sanguinarium and Sabretooth in 2005-2006 by disagreeing on their course and objectives.

The Goddess Rosemary´s dynasty already had more than 20 years of activity and hard work in witchcraft, witchcraft, vampyrism and also developing social actions and sheltering abandoned animals. In addition to a serious engagement in the art and avant-garde cultural movements of NY when joined to the recentrly founded Sanguinarium. 20 Long Years! When The Hunger and Interview with the Vampire had just been published as books for the first time in the 70s there was already the work of Goddess Rosemary, actually 42 years as regent, mother and muse from all!

Historically Sahjaza (Z / N, Black Coven) has a perennial identity that has been maturing and developing since 1976 and almost at the same time of other spiritualistic groupings or fashionistas that approached the archetype of the vampire. In my first book “Misterios Vampyricos: Arte do Vampyrismo Contemporâneo (Madras,2014) I discuss this subject in detail. But notice that Sahjaza prevailed, remained – as the Hermetic say: Success is your proof!



Already Sanguinarium-Sabtetooth began in the late nineties as a store of fangs and supplements that organized LARPS of Vampire The Masquerade and gradually used as a second-hand influence all the media vampire fever of the films Dracula of Bram Stoker, Interview with Vampire, Underworld, Buffy and RPG to organize a community around you. Which is something very cool and respectable. With all the references and influences available they created something around them for everyone who shared affinity. I would never point my finger or say anything disrespectful about it.

When they realized that the Vampire is an immanent archetype and beyond the shallowness of pop culture and second-hand esoteric books, they sought an axis or someone who could offer them a base and a pillar to organize their spiritual path. So they found our Matriarch Goddess Rosemary and the Sahjaza and established a relationship to ground the spiritual side of what they hoped to build. The relationship did not work for Father Todd himself and his generally miserable conduct with most of his co-workers – including much of my articles and materials were officially used in their 2004-2008 books and by what I noticed many others were used without to credit my name and authorship until 2011. With the departure of the Sahjaza Dynasty (2005-2006) we watched a lost Todd without basis or foundation to erect his temple – just roleplaying not enough. First he appealed to generic content from Left Hand Path and Kaos Magick to cover up the obvious cracking with wax to disguise the situation. Around 2006-2007 Todd attempted to aggregate dissidents from the infamous Temple of Vampire using the name Project Fenix. Shortly before that he tried a partnership with occultist and popstar thelemite called Konstantinos and by 2011-2012 he even called to introduce himself as master of Voodoo and he invented that famous members of the Romanian nobility had been vampires and were their masters hidden. Apparently Todd ran all around but only stayed on the horizontal axis and was never able or able to face the Axis Mundi – as his own conduct and work show clearly.

But let’s talk historically New York has already Vamps events produced by other organizers since the late 80’s. I’m too lazy to go on the bookshelf and pick up names of events and organizers in the books I collect here or search the gigas that I keep in the my external HD. Tony Sokol’s own Theater of Vampires La Commedia del Sangre is an important inspiration and achievement in the history of the Vampyre Community. Imagine, if I am in Brazil, I know all this and I have this material in store … imagine you in the United States. Go search! Ask with you Elders! Dare to search by you own history…



So I think the most important thing in these times of organization and development of a project like UNITY is to remember that it is one more face of the Vampyric Comunity as well as many others that already existed like COVICA, BloodNations, Merticus, Sanguivore and etcs. It is bringing people together, promoting meetings, invigorating creativity, passing on information to a new generation and still gathering old and others out there. Of all the options available to me it seems the most reasonable is led by older people and with work and practical experience in the context that have already gone through a lot and watched and participated in most of this story that I told here. He is still in formative aspects and it is early to say anything. There are potential and good spirits there.

It stimulates the market of handicrafts, publications and jewelry and also the sector of events and dances. It is a channel for dancers and cultural producers of our sector to expand their networking and take their art and work even further. It helps to spread our role as free thinkers, aesthetes and some as artists or spiritualists. It eliminates any sense of cultural ghetto and shields us from prejudices or people who think that by detaching ourselves from the mass we must be targets of physical violence. It shows that we have occupations, families, we develop bonds and commercial links to take care of our homes and what is important on the daytime side. This is and always will be good for everyone.

There will always be people suspicious of those who perform similar actions. It is as if only a few could define who is who is not something, as if only people with the same mindsetting could enjoy and consume it. I find it immature to think that way. Criticism without foundation or realized by those who only made rumor and chat is nothing more than noise – it is like building castles of tarot cards any wind will fall; build sandcastle by the sea and swear it will remain when the waves arrive. The shallower waters of a creek are as noisy as the wheel of an empty wagon. There are a lot of people with their ego over there because now that Sabretooth, Sanguinarium and Ordo Strigoi Vii are gone (read dissipated and fragmented under dozen of groups), they have lost the validity of their title or possibility to take place in his own social context and hierarchy and need to socially re-negotiate all of this among their own, which will take time, space and a lot of headache. But if he had taken advantage of time and space he would not be in such a position to expose himself as a dramatic in public.

At the same time I am sure that those who take the time to build their work without drama and tangible achievements are firm, grounded and can or may not ally themselves with a new project according to their goals. But regardless of everything do not practice drama and do not live as sorry resentful pissing on the poles to mark a symbolic territory that they never had and I doubt they will conquer one day. About “firmeza” and and original meaning of tradition, i spoke here on this another article and think that you must read.


I am Lord A:. Prince of Sahjaza, Founder and Patriarch from Halo Antares since 2004 content public and official since that time but by convenience was deleted from the books after 2010. From Halo Amantkir (founded at 2012), Vampyre Court of Antares and Amantkir and Founder of Circulo Strigoi. Dear Son in Darkness from Goddess Rosemary and husband from Princess Xendra Sahjaza! Under Vampyre auspices We have already produced over 450 Meetings, Events, Festivals, Saraus, Rituals on our land dedicated to Vamps! I am the author of the best selling Brazilian book on the subject with more than 12,000 copies sold and published by one of the largest Brazilian publishers! I have maintained the portal and the pioneering and introductory community of VAMP in Brazil, South America and Portugal for 15 years! And there’s a lot more I’ll leave for the next night. So i speak: Hail Sahjaza! I tell all this History here!

Copyright Lord-Prince Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza, 2018


NB: Where used, quoted portions of other works are reproduced by permission, or under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, wherein allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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So, you want your own empire?

img. source:

In the editorial “Focus Pocus vs. Self-interest, which one’s better?” I introduced what I feel to be the top 5 considerations for forming a “group” that I have used and relied on for over two decades in business and private, those items were made in response to a question that was asked of me about what I felt were the five most important factors in forming a group. The important thing to remember, first off, is that it doesn’t matter what sort of group you are forming, it’s like there’s no difference between selling balloons and perfume, “selling” is “selling”.

Now, anyone reading this is going to be asking themselves, “What qualifies this writer to be saying all this stuff?”

Well, the short version is, he has been involved in, created, managed and facilitated “teams” for specific purposes in industry and commerce since 1985. He has been a hands on manager in the supply chain arena, a workshop scheduler and manager and an assistant to the G.M. in engineering and fabrication. He has studied and qualified in Business and has lead Occupational Health and Safety committees. Since coming to our wonderful and rambunctious cyber-world he has served as administrator and moderator in a number of organisational online presences and has been Owner/Facilitator of his own groups along the way. As far as RVL goes, since coming on board in early 2011 he has led the team that has seen our little e-zine grow from just a couple of hundred views a month in a handful of countries to having an audience of over 3,000 visits per month, regularly and being read in over 120 countries. That’s the short version and if that doesn’t cut it then I suggest you stop reading and go make a cuppa…!

The list for the “Hypothetical Group Project – Top 5 set-up requirements that I proposed read;

1) Balanced and co-ordinated “founder team”. It has been proven, in psychological and workplace studies that a “Focus Group” consisting of individuals of different strengths and specialties makes for the best mix of creation. The one thing that is important above all, each member of the team should, ideally, be in the project for the ‘right’ reasons.

2) Advertise. From day one, a presentation for public consumption. This will thwart the “rumour mill” and the “haters”.

3) Communicate. Create a webpage, not a group, where you can feed regular updates on progress and growth to “followers” and have them see, thus spread the word, that you are NOT hiding anything.

4) Appoint a spokesperson, 1 ONLY. All communications for public consumption should be made by that person only. Extra people, throwing in extra words may seem to be uncoordinated and will, even if unintentionally, provide ammunition to the “haters and critics”.

5) Maintain the flow, growth and development. Appoint more staff if you need to, assign specific tasks and goals to each. DON’T try and go it alone. Any delays will come across to followers as, “Yeah, well, not really THAT interested, just doin’ it for shit’s ‘n’ giggles really…”

So, let’s assume we have our group established, that’s a milestone indeed but the real work comes in now, how to grow, how to develop, how to mature the group into a long term, viable and respectable entity.

“Near Dark”, F/M & Near Dark Joint Venture, 1987.

It is necessary to realise that the visibility, popularity and reputation of the group leaders/owners will undoubtedly influence an initial acceptance or non-acceptance, in broader terms, of the group itself. This is inescapable and the harder one tries to, if necessary, counter the initial perceptions the bigger the problem will become and will create a diversion from the goal and purpose of the project.
You will probably experience an initial “rush” to join which can see your membership numbers reach what appears to be a very respectable number, however, if this “rush” doesn’t translate into involvement and interaction on a steady and continual basis you will find yourself sitting at the head of a list of names, and that’s all.

So, what’s the best way to get people to WANT to get involved?

This is something that’s going to be up to owners and their staff to guide, the staff of the group, the people running it have to realise two things; 1) Rome wasn’t built overnight and 2) You get out of it what you put in. Yeah, I know… two hackneyed and overused old phrases BUT that doesn’t make them untrue. Patience, in the early days, is going to be the key to getting what you want.

There’s another old saying that you’ll hear from time to time, usually reserved for optimistic commercial entities, “Build it and they will come”, unfortunately that’s only true of shopping malls and brothels… anything else needs to be displayed and in order to make that display effective you need “a hook”, you need something unique, something about your group project that no one else has. Better come to terms with the fact, from the get-go, people aren’t, wholesale, stupid and if there’s one thing they are in our modern Vampyre culture, they are spoiled for choice so you have to make your ‘jewel’ shine just a little brighter than the other folks’

The best idea, for promoting your group, is to have a two pronged approach. For this, and much as I do hate to admit it, Facebook is an ideal vehicle for multi-layer marketing, if you will. Create your group on Facebook where you have control over visibility and accessibility. The second step in the establishment, make a Facebook ‘page’, an entirely different thing to group. On the “Page” you can offer teasers, snippets, highlights, quick promos and pretty much any form of short and enticing tid-bit to get people coming to your group. A very good idea is to start with a Statement of Purpose, or Mission Statement.


Writing a Mission Statement is not just about saying, “We are a group of fluffy-toed green wiggles and we want to spread word about our great lifestyle as fluffy-toed green wiggles. We don’t want any DRAMA coz’ that upsets ALL fluffy-toed green wiggles and we don’t like being upset.”

Hmmmm…! Doesn’t really make it does it? Get together with your “founder team”, read the mission statements of some of the biggest and longest established Houses, Covens, Groups and Organisations and make practical use of the myriad examples available out there… don’t just cut and paste someone else’s mission statement… that’s gonna get you pegged as “just plain wrong” – be sincere, be succinct and put your idea out there cleanly and clearly.

Once you have the grand opening…

Things are gonna start off slow, that’s a given. It’s going to take time to attract people from there comfortable other 1367 groups… yeah? Don’t laugh just check on people who do come to you to join.

We call these folks “trophy club hunters”, it’s kinda like who can get the most groups. It is NOT humanly possible to keep up with notifications from 1367 groups so notifications get turned off, simple. Doesn’t do you any good though.

Let’s face it, you want people in your group who are going to find/create interest and who are going to generate activity in their interactions with the others in your group. If people are motivated they will start discussions, and I don’t mean just regurgitating old discussions ad nauseum, there’s plenty going on around and within the modern culture to provide food for thought for people and that, ultimately, will be one of the strongest draw cards of your group.

img source:

Group members – The lifeblood

One of the things that is going to set your group apart from the others is its membership. Any group membership, regardless of its size, needs to be a well-balanced, interested and active membership. People with ideas, people with concepts, people with a little verve otherwise they are just going to sit there and say… well… nothing and that, ultimately, will see your group wither and die as so many others have done.

It is at this point you, and you co-founders, will need to decide how the hierarchy of you group will be set up. In this you have two choices, and here again, it comes back to “focus group” versus “special interest group”.

Consider, if you will, the following question; is your group a “democratic” establishment or an “autocracy”? That is, will you and your co-founders have an equal and equitable say in how the group runs and how the decisions are made for the group or, will your group be under your sole control as owner with your co-founders as administrators? There are equal pros and cons for both models and really, when all is said and done, it comes down to your personal style.

It is going to be very important that your potential members understand what sort of group it is because a set of rules is the one thing that separates an establishment from a rabble.

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Looking forward, your group’s wider role and appeal

Once your group is off the ground you will be, I assume, deciding a couple of things; will your group be a small body, say you and ten of your closest like-minded friends, or will you be aiming for large membership and, hopefully, some recognition in the wider modern Vampire culture? It’s important that you know where you are going for without goals and aims a group simply founders.

In deciding the course for your fledgling group you may wish to consider establishing a presence with one of the “cooperatives” in play today.

It is here that you have, to my mind, three choices.
1) The Dark Nations, under the stewardship of the renowned Madam X of House of The Dreaming, is a “United Nations” style body that is made up of “Embassies” from different organisations within the modern culture. Each group that is granted membership (by application} maintains a representative embassy at Dark Nations aimed at promoting and facilitating relations between groups and organisations within the culture.

2) The Unity Project, led by King Maven Lore of The House of Lore New Orleans and Queen Gia Ahlia Bathory von Ecsed, Countess of Cachtrice and Queen of The Vampire Court of Memphis, is a unification project with similar aims that has established itself along, loosely, Monarchical lines where a collective of localised “Courts” are joined in a cooperative effort to achieve ongoing harmony and relations between “Courts” across the United States.

3) Independent House/Organisation, where the group/House or Organisation maintains an independent and active presence in the wider modern Vampyre culture.

I suppose it all rather depends, at the end of the day, whether you would rather call yourself Owner, Ambassador or King/Queen. Either way, again, it is by your choice that determines how you will guide your group in interacting with the wider culture.

Regarding Members

This is always, has always been and will always be one of the most difficult of decisions that any group leadership will face, what sort of people do you want in your group and again it comes down to “focus” versus “special interest”. A great deal has been made of the fact that group memberships, being made out of “people” in general, will be prone to all the pitfalls of having disparate ideas, differing ideologies and different philosophies… this is NOT a bad thing, it keeps discussions lively, it provides the widest range of opinion sharing and perception and can, very often, lead to unique and imaginative product, solutions and projects. Having said that however you really don’t want your group to become a seething mass of arguments and sniping… i.e. DRAMA

So, how to keep the “Drama Llama” in the barn?

One solution could be found in the following proposed “Membership Evaluation Framework”. This method has been developed based on the marvellous Bonewits’ Cult Evaluation Framework, developed by Isaac Bonewits, and provides a simple set of observable criteria by which any group owner could be able to determine whether a person is going to be suitable for their group… no, it’s not elitism, it’s common sense… you don’t elect a group of cattle to run a round up now do you?

Group Membership Evaluator

In conclusion

In essence, in forming any group for a purpose or objective, it is important that you establish a solid core of key members who are dedicated to seeing the group thrive and become what you want it to be. These people, including you, need to be willing to “get their hands dirty”. By that, you and your co-founders need to be able to effectively dedicate time to the project – time EACH WEEK, I would suggest a minimum of five hours per person.

You need to have a “hook”, something that is unique and desirable to members of the culture to make them want to get interested and involved in the group.

You need “quality” input… quantity, although it looks good on the surface, might be all potatoes and no meat and that isn’t going to cut it for very long before your group gets consigned to the “Ho Hum, seen it all before!” basket.

Remember, having a thousand members or followers looks good but if they’re not doing anything at all then you’re gonna be a King/Queen on a lonely throne, an ambassador without a tribe or a leader without followers in which case… why did you come here?

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