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HEY…!!! Whoa…!!! Can you believe it’s gone past “Hump Day” again… seems like we’ll be getting ready for Christmas 2018 if we don’t watch out. Speaking of which, our neck of the woods, over the last few days, we’ve gone from somewhere around 48 to 88 on the OMG… is that heat? index…and now we’ve got thundery showers and 80% humidity… HELL-OHHHH, what happened to “time to acclimatise?”

But hey, “–it happens yeah?”, like th’ man said…

Samuel L. Jackson as Mitch Henessey in “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, 1996.
Forge & New Line Cinema
in assoc. with The Steve Tisch Company.

Yeah, so, I was thinking the other week, while I was writing up a l’il something for Lady Sylvere’s Grumpy Vamp’s Guide to the GVC, wouldn’t it be a hoot if we painted a target on our back and invited people to throw questions at us? Yep, probably the craziest idea in a long line of crazy ideas by Moi…

I figured that with around 4,000 site visits last month, over 1200 Twitterers following us and visits to our Facebook portal there must be some folks out there who have questions about what we do, how we do it and, more importantly, why. So, I’m going to preempt the first, most obvious question that people would probably throw at me, as the Editor-in-Chief, and it comes from Seymour Butz in Soggy Bottom Holler, Seymour would like to know…

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Welllll… for the answer to that we’d have to go back to the early sixties in working class England…

So, with that one out of the way I would like to invite 10 people, first come first served, to send us answers to these…

  • If you could ask the Editor-in-Chief 1 question what would it be? (Be as forthcoming, straight shooting, intelligent, mildly obstreperous even lightly (intelligently) confrontational if you like)

and, tell us, if you would be so kind, What do you think of RVL E-Zine overall?

Send your entries to our email at giltine51@gmail.com,
send me a Facebook PM (it’ll go to my ‘Other’ folder) at https://www.facebook.com/CaptainNorthstar or,
alternatively, send a message through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RealVampireLife/

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So, apart from crazy, where are we going today? Been thinking just lately, about history and about origins and about where things come from and I’ve decided we’re gonna have a bit of a time warp… NO, not more of the sublime “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, go to your movie channel or rent the DVD… but, ummm, a bit of this…

Yup, going to throw a bit of Australiana at you today…

What’s news this last week… or so…

Well, one thing we have to report is that technical difficulties will prevent us from bringing you the second part of an interview we ran at the end of March, “Interview with The Goddess” – things change and “–it happens” yah?

However, in some sparkly good news we have become entangled with a new organisation in our very own, beloved, “Windy” City – now, I gotta explain something here… it’s a question that comes up frequently… The “Windy” City, Chicago, has nothing to do with those howling Canadian Nor-Westers that we get, it’s the politics, the politics in Illinois are definitely blow-hard… in fact, I was watching the last Governor Election debate on television, for about 1.5 minutes and the three candidates were yelling over each other simultaneously while the debate master was yelling for order and “one at a time please”… couldn’t make out a darn word…!!! Sooooo glad I don’t have to vote for one of the apes…

Hmmmm… reminds me of some other folks I know…

Alright, I digress, sorry…

img. courtesy of: The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition

The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition has opened it’s doors. Yes – RVL is fully and wholeheartedly supporting the Coalition, yes – the inaugural meeting of the founding members (charter members) was held remotely this past weekend. Yes, they have a website/group which is growing rapidly, even as we speak. I’m not going to let any cats out of bags except to say that we have put forward an invitation to the organisation to give us the lowdown on what’s goin’ down in Windy Town…

…anybody from Australia can tell you about this fella, and the band Cold Chisel… iconic in Australia, always find a song or two played at weddings, it’s mandatory at parties and pretty much mandatory that every red-blooded Aussie knows ALL the lyrics – and if you ever saw him live (raises hand – multiple times) you would really know what ‘goose bumps’ are… seriously…!!!

Incidentally, the guitarist in the blue shirt is Jimmy’s brother in law who goes by the stage name “Diesel”… so, if ya go see Jimmy you actually get two for the price of one…

img. source: Map Collection – WordPress.com

Back in the day… what a curious phrase, don’t you think? Well, back in someday past we used to hang out at the Uni Bars, and in the early part of their career these guys were regularly on the rounds…

Now, I got an invite and picked up on a developing trend this last week… anybody heard about Discord?

I got invited to a “channel” and I thought I’d take a peek. In essence the ‘Discord’ is similar to the older IRC Channels, it provides real-time online chat and from what I can see was primarily designed for gamers to natter back and forth while playing computer games… a social hub, so to speak. Like all things these days, however, it is readily adaptable to all sorts of fun shenanigans.

Privacy looks good, you have the capability of choosing who you want to be connected to, you can make a “friend list” if you want, you can upload links to favourite stuff and all the usual. The only drawback that I can see at this present time is “time zones” and schedules… trying to get to be there when your peeps are is somewhat problematic but no more so than any other place and you can leave messages for folks anyway.

Like I said, it looks fun and can be adapted to be useful in a variety of ways and its biggest hook? It’s free.

img. source: adapted from Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”
R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey

Here’s another song that you may have heard from the “old country”…

Some of you might even empathise with the lyrical content…!!!

…and with that I’m going to wander off and think up some more crazy stuff… coz that’s one of the things I do ’round here… much to Lady M’s frustration sometimes I think…

img. source: domica.info


Leaving ya with this one… when folks think of Australia they think of Koala’s (They’re not bears btw, they’re marsupials) Possums and Kangaroos… oh, and Great White Sharks… but they also think of beaches and surfing an’ stuff…

Back from 1978… it’s Radio Birdman…

img. source: Radio Birdman/ YouTube

Aloha Steve and Danno


ALOHA dudes and dudettes…!!!

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What comes after…

Marvel Comics character “Thor”

The etymology of the word “Thursday” can be connected to the Norse mythology. The Norse god of thunder and lightning, Thor, gives its name to the day. Thursday literally means “Thor’s day”. –  Morris Eigi ( www.qa.answers.com )

So, I was watching, speaking of Thor, a little YouTube this morning and one of the featurettes was, “Who are the other superheroes that can pick up Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer?”

Well, turns out that the majority of them are women and, in the Marvel Universe comics, after Thor died, the mallet was taken up by a babe who, subsequently, became known as… Thor…!!! True story – apparently “Thor” is a title not a name… oh-kayyy… so what was Thor’s real name marvelites? I mean we all know Iron Man was Tony, The Incredible Hulk was Bruce but nobody ever mentioned Thor’s real name… was it Edwin? Arthur? Fred? Quincy?… so many questions unanswered right? Could it be that, if you’re a Christian, maybe God has a first name? I mean, we know Jesus right, and Joseph The Carpenter was actually recorded in a Roman census of Galilee way back when… what do you think God’s real name might be? Bears thinking about doesn’t it?

Alrighty then, now I’ve given you something to puzzle over here’s the latest from the “Maths Room”, Stats and Circulation for RVL this month have been stellar, a very big thank you to ALL the dudes and dudettes who dropped by over April…

The numbers? Oh. yeah, right…
As at 4/26/18

Month Stats period: March 26th to April 25th, 2018 (inclusive)

Total Visits: 4566 (39.547% increase)

Avg. Visits per Day: 163.07 (39.543% increase)

@ 4/26/2018 – 1279 Twitter followers (0.947% increase)

Distribution, total countries, as at 4/26/18: 131 (3.149% increase)

Pretty durn good eh?

What else we got goin’ on…

How about some of this…

Yah, haven’t had a “Ramones-fest” for a while…

Oh, another item that comes up this week, the trouble with Chicago is that we have someone in it that really doesn’t need to be here… and lotsa other folks around the place think so too…!

Yes folks, a person who has, arguably, joined the TOP THREE most reviled characters in the entire VC has struck again… EVER… (Where’s Thor when ya need him???)

For further information on this menace you can visit

 The Clan Rahamdalph Community Offenders Registry and Archive of Evidence

on Facebook, the link is contained in the Persona non grata document…

art by Marcel Curiel, reproduced by permission.

 HEY… you ever get the feeling that you’re missing something? That there’s some great universal secret that somehow slid by while you weren’t looking? Don’t worry, happens to everyone and sometimes all you need to do is kick back and relax, just let it all out…!!!

The other you could try, I guess, is wait for nightfall, take a nice blanket, spread the blanket on the lawn and lie flat on your back staring up at the stars, do it buck nekkid if it pleases but I’d recommend warning the neighbours first…!!!

Ahhhh… now here’s something a little darker…

Some very good friends in Italy forwarded us a theatrical trailer from a major television and movie series production that’s going on down there right now…

We are very proud to acknowledge our close ties with, and support for, these friends and… well…check this out kids…


…and with that we’ll leave you with your Thursday, have some fun where you can, don’t work too hard (cuz no one else is) and be safe…!!! We’re gonna go out with what is arguably one of the single coolest pieces of music that can possibly be listened to…



Persona non grata Revision 2 issued

Good evening,
It is my solemn duty to post the second revision of the Persona non grata issued, initially, on April 19th of this year (Ref: Crossroads 2018: Persona non grata in effect)

For further information on this matter, and for any person, House, Court, Haven or Order wishing to append their names to this document, please visit the –
Clan Rahamdalph Community Offenders Registry and Archive of Evidence.

With that, please see below Revision 2 of the document.

Vampires of Chicago, Friends and Supporters Alliance

In addressing the matter of Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) and The Vampire Court of Chicago, its supporters and allies.


Let it be known throughout the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, Pagan, and Kithani communities that Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon)  has been declared “Persona non Grata” in Illinois and allied regions represented by the signatories. He is hereby EXCOMMUNICATED and EXILED from the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities including all Clans, Tribes, Courts, Houses, Covens, Packs etc. represented by the signatories.

Let it also be known that Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) has been:

Formally denounced, sanctioned and stripped of their recognition within the community by the leadership of the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities in San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

Given the status of “invisible person”, his name is to be, and should be, avoided/ not used in conversation for any reason.

He is hereby denied the “Right of Sanctuary” from all private havens, private Vmadea, or any other such places that “Sanctuary” can be called upon or given as represented by the signatories to this document.

He shall be treated as “Invisible” at all public events and gatherings by all members of the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, and Kithani Communities as represented by the signatories.

We, the undersigned, find that in the face of evidence and documents issued by Clan Rahamdalph of Houston and The Voices of the Vampire Community (V.V.C.) we have no recourse but to put the preservation, and safety, of our organisations, their members and our community first and foremost. This dictates that we must take action.

Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) has demonstrated on multiple occasions, over a period of years, that he is incapable, or unwilling, to control his own actions and conduct. This is NOT the behaviour of a reasonable and responsible member of ANY society.

ALL attempts to find peaceful and fair resolutions have failed in several cities across the country thus further demonstrating a complete unwillingness to perceive any viewpoint, nor follow any course, other than his own, a viewpoint and course which, by posts made at the newly established Vampire Court of Chicago and threats of violent nature made against other members of the communities nationally, demonstrate his apparent instability.


It is also to be observed that he is making attempts to make contact with female members of the local culture whom appear to be underage and is promoting events as “child friendly”. Given history and observations from other states and persons we must question the motives behind these actions.

This has become a safety issue for ALL nightside creatures; therian, otherkin, & vampire alike. HE has made it clear that he has nothing but ill will towards the Vampire Community as a whole & that he will stop at nothing to try & bring us down by any means necessary. Even if it means the fall of the therian packs as well.

Unfortunately, his actions, both current and past, have taken any decision out of our hands and, as this has now become a community safety issue of his own making, it is felt that we must uphold a declaration of “Persona non Grata Sin Nominee” and the Excommunication & Exile of Jonathan Michael Butkovsky (a.k.a. Loren Vargo/Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon/”King” Lycaon) from our community, events, havens, gatherings, meetings & all members of the Vampire, Therian, & Otherkin communities.

From this point forward he and his supporters and associates stand alone and outside of the society of Vampire, Therian and Otherkin communities.

So mandated this 26th day of April, 2018

Signatories, (Here being represented in Revision 2 of this document)

Casata Resurrectus Italia, Italy.

Dark Nations

Halo of Septem Civis and The House of Sabretooth Noctem Aeternus, VA

House Nepenthe, Chicago

House of The Dreaming

House Pride of Asura, NYC.

Iron Garden, Safe Haven for NJ Nightkind.

King Mikael Kage, Houston Vampire Court

Lady Danann DD., DAC., HPS. Founder Coven of the Northern Lights, MI

Lady Lilith Pheonix, Ordo Daemonae, Detroit MI.

Lady L.S. Cutrere & Lady K. Dockree – Independents

Lord Fios, Magister Templi of North Haven chapter of House Sabertooth- Noctem Aeternus

Lord Stefan R., Ordo Phoenix, Georgia.

Presidente Davide Santandrea, Liga Italiana Real Vampires
Reaper Wolf, King of NOLA wolfkin, and Pack Alpha of The Zanval WP.

T. & M. Bey, RVL & Independent Vampyres of Chicago.

The Brat Prince of Chicago; Vampires, Therians and Otherkin of Chicago. (VTOC)

The Vampire Community of Detroit


NB: This document may be copied and reproduced, in full, to any place within the noted communities. 

The Vampire, Therian and Otherkin communities of the Greater Chicago Area wish to express their deepest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to ALL signatories represented here. 

We, at RVL, would also like to add that it is heartening to know that when the chips are well and truly down so many representatives of our fine communities are willing, ready and able to stand together against a common threat. We are proud to have been able to coordinate this effort and wish to add our own thanks to those already expressed.
Blessings one and all,