Calling the West Coast of U.S.A… calling the West Coast…

sony-f23-cameraWe received the following message/request a few days ago and posted it at RVL Facebook… the producers are on a fairly tight timeline and would like to make the following offer…


I am writing to you on behalf of a US television production company – SD Media ( We are currently producing a Travel/Adventure show called “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED” where the host, Jonathan Legg, travels the globe seeking out unique and exotic experiences.
During the course of this series, Jonathan takes a look into the vampire lifestyle meeting real-life vampires in various locations around the world; France & the UK for example to name but two.
He is currently looking to meet with a sanguinarian vampire, preferably on the West Coast of the United States, and for the purpose of the show, would like to become a donor for this person.
While researching this topic, I came across your website “Real Vampire Life” and was wondering if you could help us identify and reach out to a potential participant preferably on the West Coast, However, if you don’t have any contacts on the West Coast, we are prepared to travel to another sate, even if we are a little bit short on time. Any help you could offer in steering us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
The idea is not to sensationalize the vampire lifestyle but to portray it as it is. In order to demonstrate authenticity, Jonathan will go to a clinic, test and have a small amount of blood drawn. He will taste it himself and have the sanguinarian vampire taste it on screen.
We can put the person’s face in shadow and/or mask their voice if desired.
The crew is small consisting of 2-3 people: Jonathan the host, a cameraman and possibly an assistant with very light equipment.
To learn more about the show, please click on the link :  or if you would like to discuss the project in more detail, please feel free to contact the show producer – Sashi De on 916 293 1791.
As we are working on a tight schedule, we would appreciate any feedback from you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,

SD MEDIA “We, at RVL, do not, and will never, divulge private information about anyone we know and so the ball’s in your court folks… do you want to take part, simply follow the directions in the email message shown above and good luck.
RVL Staff


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