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Common vampire bat

Common vampire bat

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Good evening, something from the “lighter” side, of the darker side today…

Entertainment, events, tours, music and parties… some of the best from our own, for our own…

First off, since it is so close now, we travel to Portland in the United States and the upcoming Vampire’s Masquerade Ball where both old-fashioned; and new fashioned, denizens of the dark can gather and feel at one.

The 13th ball will take over the Melody Ballroom on March 28, “a night of gothic elegance and decadence” that eschews all stereotypes of costume or character, relishing instead in the wholehearted dedication to the purity of period and the lavishly macabre.

The ball began in 2002 in gothic nightclub Back Room, where 100 people came to celebrate the elegant aesthetic. In 2005 founders handed the ball over to Lady Raven, a promoter in Portland’s gothic scene, who moved it to The Scarlett Ballroom and re-imagined it on a much grander scale, drawing hundreds of attendees from around the region.

The VMB moved to the Melody Ballroom in 2007, and now attracts some 800 guests from across the world.

Portland’s Melody Ballroom on March 28, 2015


Iron Garden poster

Planning to be in NJ for April?

the Iron Garden with Horror Show Jack Fang smith and Genoveva Rossi at QXT’s (Official)

Join us Friday April 24th for an evening of socialization, education, creative expression, networking, charity and fun! Our conclave topic is THE POWER OF BLOOD


LORD STEFAN RESURRECTUS speaks on “Unity thru Diversity”.

“Blood Mettle” book-signing with authoress HEATHER E. HUTSELL

Resident Tarot Reader GENOVEVA ROSSI

Resident Fangsmith HORROR SHOW JACK

Plus an intimate BLOOD BLOT CEREMONY!


Matt_PsivampIn the mood to rock???

Matt @ Psivamp… One of the hottest “dark side” artistes around today, you can follow Psivamp at

…and while you’re there, check out the Official Music Video for the song Analysis off of the 2014 release of Asylum.

For your weekly fare of tunes from the darkside get your dials on to these delights…

Leathur Lair

The Leathur Lair

bloodlit radio imgThe Bloodlit Dark is waiting for you…

You might prefer to catch up with things in the refined atmosphere of a little light reading…

Aristos International Vampyre Magazine

Aristos International Vampyre Magazine


Aristos Vampyre International Magazine

“This page is geared toward the more (mentally) mature Vampire. Anyone that admires or indulges in the finer qualities and aspects of life!”

Dracula Festival 2015
May 2015

For our brothers and sisters “across the pond” a summer event coming your way…

Vampyresque summer salon

VAMPYRESQUE SUMMER SALON at ARNOS VALE CEMETERY – dark romantic gathering of souls • JUNE 17th 2015 • BRISTOL, UK

The VAMPYRESQUE SALON has secured exclusive access to a hauntingly beautiful place: Arnos Vale Cemetery. The Victorian “Arcadian” garden necropolis south of Bristol is a 45 acre oasis of peace and home to a unique collection of Grade II listed monuments and buildings. Its 50,000 graves hold the remains of 170,000 people.

The VAMPYRESQUE SALON will discover beautiful memorials and unlock the hidden meanings behind the cemetery’s most common grave symbols on an exclusive walking tour & celebrate its international and sophisticated dark romantic gathering of souls in the Anglican Chapel of Rest.

While downunder, heading for Autumn, or Fall if you prefer, our friends at The Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society are looking forward to their August Bloodlust Ball event at The Tivoli in Brisbane, Queensland ~ The premier event in Australia for those of “dark” inclination.
bloodlust ball img

Lots of things coming up, many more than are represented here… if you have an event coming up, or a standing entertainment service that caters to those in the shadows, that you would like us to feature at RVL please use the contact form below to send us details. We hope your “do” is a smash hit.

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