BREAKING NEWS – Who ya gonna call…?

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Some interesting news from England tonight, a new organisation has been created, today, with a view to making the modern Vampire culture a better and safer place for everyone involved.

We would like to introduce the Vampire Community Police

If you would care to take a quick look the group can be found at although being a closed group there’s not a lot to see at this time except for the members and the administrators, along with some historical info items. 

The ‘Mission Statement’ of the organisation reads:

Welcome to the Vampire Community Police (VCP). We will investigate into any allegations of wrongdoings, misconduct or inappropriate behavior of any vampire in the Vampire Community that will pose a threat or danger to the community. Regardless of their statue, standing or leadership within the Vampire Community. All parties involved are innocent until all evidence presented or found out is without a doubt to be true and factual. Once enough evidence to prove that they pose such as a danger or threat to the Vampire Community is gathered and filed it will then be presented to the Vampire Community to take such actions needed to protect the Vampire Community. Actions could be a warning, excommunication, exile and/or ban from the Vampire Community for what ever time that warrants such evidence presented. When telling us be sure you have screenshots, names and any other things to be used as evidence is presented. Please contact any admin if you have questions and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.”

We have, this evening, sent a message to the group convener and we will be aiming to bring you more information, and insight, on this as soon as we are able.

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