Breaking News – A flamin’ good flipper & A new dance in Chicago?

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Good evening my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In strange but true news this week…

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A burger-flipping robot has completed its first shift at major fast food chain – turning a massive 300 patties an hour. ‘Flippy’, the robotic arm device was bolted to the kitchen floor and tasked with flipping burgers at super-speed.

The mechanic kitchen assistant, dressed in its own chef uniform, worked alongside staff at American burger chain, CaliBurger, in the company’s California branch.

But while the technology has only been tested in one location, Flippy could soon be turning burgers in the UK as CaliBurger plans to open a London branch.

Unlike its kitchen colleagues, Flippy can work tirelessly for hours on end grilling the perfect burger to order before alerting its co-workers when to add cheese to the meat.”

I know, amazing things everywhere yeah???

In our next snippet, especially those of you whom reside in and around dear old Chicago town.

Breaking news for you all… WE have a new KING…!

or Queen, or ummm Tzar, Regent? Emperor? Hmmm not entirely sure yet, we’ll get back to you on that…anyway…

Coming online, or becoming “public” yesterday, as near as we can tell, there is now a Vampire Court of Chicago. Yes, that’s right… we are all under the benevolent and munificent grace of… ummm… of… hold on a minute…

Oh, sorry, can’t see who’s in there…

Okay, yeah, Loren Vargo (a.k.a. Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon, a.k.a. Johnathan Michael Butkovsky) formerly of Austin/Houston, created the page and has graced us with the new LAWS ruling ALL Vampires in Chicago in their new “sort of democratic” organisation…

Better take a look so I don’t screw up methinks,

“The VCC, despite certain terminology used, is mostly democratic. Every Vampire in this city has a voice and a time and place for that voice to be heard. We have a Council that will deliberate in order to ensure the will of our people and keep our relationships strong. Our bonds are deep, our trust is always earned, and our motivations are always clear. We promote being open, being free, sharing community, understanding, family and the support of our home. Chicago as a whole is our priority, we are not introverted and we wish to see good things happen for everyone in this city.

 The VCC works as a whole out in the open to do good for the community with such acts as charity and volunteer work.

Tenants of the Court

  1. The Vampire Court is a place for all of Chicago’s Vampires.
  2. The Vampire Court is to protect all of Chicago’s Vampires.
  3. The Vampire Court will govern the Vampire law for all of Chicago’s Vampires.
  4. The Vampire Court is to be both fair and firm.
  5. The Vampire Court is not to be disrupted with mundane affairs.
  6. The Vampire Court is to be treated with respect.
  7. The Vampire Court’s Council is charged with maintaining order.
  8. The Vampire Court’s Council members are to be show the proper respect of their offices.
  9. The Vampire Court is to be democratic.
  10. The Vampire Court shall never die.


The Chicago Law

  1. It shall ever be the Vampires of Chicago that decide their own fate.
  2. There shall be no rivalry with any person or group based on race, religion, bloodline or matters of sex.
  3. Feeding without consent, unless feeding from ambient energy, is strictly prohibited.
  4. No Vampire is to use any personal ability, physical or metaphysical to attack another member of the court.
  5. All Vampires within the court are expected to follow human law without exception.
  6. No Vampire is to share information of anyone’s Vampiric nature to a mundane without consent. That which has been made open knowledge is not restricted.
  7. Vampire progeny must be approved through the Vampire Council if the childe has not awakened themselves. Turning is forbidden until approval is gained.
  8. Any assault against any council member will be treated as an act of treason until the Court convenes to pass judgment.
  9. The Vampire Council will adjudicate all issues presented unless a vote is called for.
  10. The Vampire Council must always rule objectively. If one can not they may be asked to step down for the issue in question.
  11. The Chain of Command is always to be upheld and respected.
  12. Those found guilty of treason are to be excommunicated from the court.
  13. In a vote a majority Vampire ruling will always decide.
  14. Non-Vampires are welcomed, but they must be sponsored by a Vampire. Vampires must takes full responsibility for those they sponsor.
  15. Non-Vampire votes will be counted as usual unless otherwise protested for interfering with the will of the Vampire majority.
  16. Non-Vampires are to be treated as guests and shown respect.
  17. Non-Vampires are to show proper respect as guests.
  18. Any court member may call for a vote at any time.
  19. Votes must grounded for a month until they can be voted on again.
  20. All Vampires within the territories of Chicago are subject to this court’s laws and rulings.
  21. All Vampires within the Chicago territories are expected to make formal introductions to the court through contact with a council member.
  22. All Chicago Vampires traveling to another territory are expected to make proper introductions to those who rule in that territory with the exception of free states.
  23. All Chicago Vampires are expected to abide the laws of any territory they visit unless that law places someone in harms way.
  24. Enemies of the court are not to be received. Those proven traitors, those whom have been excommunicated, or those that wish us harm shall be cast out. We shall not acknowledge them in any way, they will become as ghosts without voices.”

Copyright VCC 2018

Well, it’s nice to know we’re being cared for and guided by a “sort of” Democracy now – sorry, must have missed the election/vote.

I was always under the impression that to be ruled over one had to give their consent and/or swear fealty to the monarch. All I can say is that there a lot of Vampires in and around Chicago who are on the fence, the fence between laughing hysterically and being furiously angry.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what develops here won’t we?

Oh, and just a note, I don’t think this “Court” is part of any other movement, project or organisation… seems to be a solo declaration of takeover.

Gotta love the sigil too, a single red star… oh, wait a minute, don’t the Chinese Communist party have dibs on that one?

Don’t worry everyone, we’ll keep watch over this startling new development and we will try and get a few words from… somebody in the organisation as soon as we figure out who they are…


How many of you guys and gals out there were…


…and a big shout out to all the folks in the Big Apple…


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