Be Observant…

There are several places on the internet that seek to provide news and current affairs for the “vampire” sub-culture and in particular for the on and offline community of real living vampires. One of the best can be found at The Vampire Observer on WordPress.

The Observer combines timely and apt perspectives on subjects ranging from Energy Work, Philosophy and Spirituality and Psychical Research to Real Vampirism and Witchcraft.

The quality of the material they bring to the reader by way of editorials, interviews, news and opinions is second to none and will keep the reader both informed and feeling involved.

Some of the latest articles at The Vampire Observer can be read in Vampires: Behind the Scenes, Giving the Vampire Back to Mythology, The Art of Illusion and Corvis Nocturnum’s article The Lost and Unenlightened.

Truly this is one site that lives up to its catchphrase, The Vampire Observer ~ News and Opinions with Bite. Do yourself a favour, drop by and see what else they have there, it’s well worth it.

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