…and the show must go on…

Good evening,
I’ve always thought that the twists and turns that life takes are, indeed, often stranger than fiction… and this evening should prove to be very interesting.

We, at RVL, have been honoured by being asked to participate in a radio program, a radio program for SOC Radio and the Magick Lab Academy.

You can find the show details at Magick Lab WordPress

The show goes to air at 10pm E.S.T. with our wonderful hosts, the dazzling Lady Marie Bargas and the debonair Mr. Tony Sokol.

In addition I will have the pleasure of being on the show with special guest, the amazing, Lady Gia Bathory

The only question I have is, how should I dress?

Like I said, it’s going to prove real interesting and it might just give folks a chance to gain a little insight into RVL in a way we haven’t done before…

All about Vampyre balls…

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE… this just in…

Presented by


BALLS… Vampire Balls to be exact, now I want you to think back to the last one you attended, or heard about, or saw pictures from… and the one before that, and the one before… what’s the common thing that occurs with all of them?

EXACTLY… everyone gets gussied up to be “Vampish“, right? Right?
So, go with that thought but think OUTSIDE the square, what about combining the Vampyre theme with another theme, say, ummmm… oh, I know…


Img. source: Tumblr


Yeah Kitty-katz and Daddy-oh’s… this RVL’s especially for my L’il Kitty-Kat Lady M…

and in the morning we can all say…


Img. source: jitterbugzdanceacademy.com.au


RVL Promotes, and advises, the responsible use of alcohol.

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A little bit uv British… Vampyre Music…

“I belong to this flag, right…!

Hahaha… ‘ello,
Now, as most of you may already know I spent a long time in Australia, living, working, trying, struggling, 30 years to be precise but… I escaped…

I was actually born in the middle south of England into a respectable working class family, that being said I think it’s about time you copped a bit uv my Vampyre music…

First off, a little “music from th’ streets…” (pun FULLY intended)


My suit is diamonds, CRAZY ones…!

Noe, ‘eres a fing, American Idol “began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002, and ended its first-run on April 7, 2016. In 2018, the show will make its debut on ABC. It started off as an addition to the Idols format based on the British series Pop Idol, and became one of the most successful shows in the history of American television.” (Courtesy Wikipedia)
Our “Idol” began in 1976 as the front man for Generation X…

…and finally, what happens when you put two of the BIGGEST voices of the Brit music scene together on one track? Yeah, y’get a luv song like you’ve never ‘eard…(Oh, yeah, this one comes straight from me own YouTube Channel along wiv me own slideshow…)

Toodle pip wot, ah hah…!!!