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In our recent “Chatting with Vampires” our guest, Lady Kaia, alluded to the fact that;
“…one day there will be someone, who want to find out, is there something in our genes, bodies that makes us different from humans.

As she indicated to me in discussions preceding the preparation of the editorial/interview, Lady Kaia was, herself, keenly interested in this line of inquiry, amongst others.

To that end she has created the first of her “Empirical” studies of the physiological attributes of modern living vampires.

Naturally, the more informative and informational input that is gathered the more accurate the picture will become and may, in its turn, prove to be a unique catalyst to further examination of some of the fundamental questions about the modern vampiric nature.

Accordingly, Lady Kaia invites all modern living vampires to participate in this information gathering phase. Part one can be found at:

Research about Vampires Abilitiies

Should the above link not work for you please click on, or copy and paste, the following address…

We recommend that you visit and read over the questionnaire first since there are some indicators that require certain observations be made. Above all we recommend that all our readers get involved and help to build one of the first comprehensive information sources about modern living vampire physiology. It could be a small step on the road to understanding.

Thank you, in advance, for your invaluable assistance.

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