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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
This “Crossroads” editorial is published under my bye-line, it is one of the perks of working for J. that if something really, really important to one of his staff comes up they have individual spaces to write as they will, spaces that are, by and large, set aside from the main RVL stream.

This editorial reflects the opinions of a number of Chicago Vampires, real Vampires, it represents the point of view of some lifelong resident Chicago Vamps who are very proud of their city and the Vampire enclave in it.


In a culture such as ours it is often inevitable that things become magnified, sometimes out of proportion, sometimes the smallest issues seem to take on a life of their own… and grow, and grow and grow without any real feeding…


Let me ask you a question, have you ever been on the north side with around four or five hundred Irish lads at a Dropkicks gig? Ever been on a CTA at one am, alone? Ever been in a Westside parking structure at midnight? Ever been wandering around alone in Englewood at two a.m.? No? Why?

Chicago is a tough town, it can get real hard, real quick for a stranger who doesn’t know the city and that’s why people don’t generally march in here and start “laying down the law”… except for maybe one stranger that is…

This situation is real, it is now and it poses a real threat, a “clear and present danger” and a crisis for the Vampire community in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Recently RVL made reports in two publications, “A flamin’ good flipper and a new dance in Chicago” and “VVC Global Statement of Warning” regarding the establishment of a new Vampire Court in Chicago. We have, following on from the latter article, been conducting our own inquiries into events that are unfolding in Chicago.

The first thing that strikes us as curious is that a post, made by Loren Vargo (a.k.a. Jonathan Michael Butkovsky, Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon, Mix Bouda, “King” Lycaon) let’s not go with the King bit just yet eh? That stated, “Join us or die trying” disappeared after being captured by observers. This seemed to be in keeping with the “challenge” to a “fight to the death” that Butkovsky (as Loren Vargo) issued to Dr. Rev. Lord Aramond VanRahamdalph of Houston.

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Entertainment, 1993

This is a very serious issue, it points both to the mental instability of this so-called “King” but also seems to be inciting or invoking criminal activity. That, readers, is NOT the manner of a well-balanced and normal operating person, be they were, vamp or whatever he is claiming to be these days. He has, we find, already been exiled and excommunicated from San Antonio, Austin, Houston and I am awaiting information from Denver as to his presence and time there.

I have obtained, and been given full permission to reproduce, the following comments from recent conversations and information available by the goodwill of Lord Aramond of Clan Rahamdalph.

Please see:

Clan Rahamdalph’s Community Offenders Registry and Archives of Evidence.

Reproduced by permission


In addition, we have ascertained, by direct contact with the venue, that the event that is claimed to be booked for the July 4th, this “Black Ball” has NOT been booked and the event Co-ordinators office there has no knowledge of this organisation nor anyone connected with it…

Why would someone lie about such a matter? Is this “Vampire Court” trying to lure people to a particular location for some purpose? If you attempt to buy a ticket for the event you end up being directed to a page for “King Lycaon” which informs you that you have to contact him, and it provides a telephone number. Again… WHY?


I know that hundreds of people, the “management” of RVL included, tuned in last week to listen to King Maven Lore of the Vampire Court of New Orleans broadcast the “telephone message” that he received from Butkovsky. Personally I found it difficult to make out anything coherent in between the swearing and cursing… real class eh? For those who missed it…

Special Re”Mix” Edition Broadcast


However you read and/or choose to interpret things we are, I would suggest, facing a real crisis here. Are we going to allow this person into our city, into our clubs, into our presence based on the fact that he “hasn’t done anything here”?

May I remind you of certain “tenets” of the new “Chicago Law”… according to this VCC…

The Chicago Law

Vampire progeny must be approved through the Vampire Council if the childe has not awakened themselves. Turning is forbidden until approval is gained.

All Vampires within the territories of Chicago are subject to this court’s laws and rulings.

All Vampires within the Chicago territories are expected to make formal introductions to the court through contact with a council member.

This self-proclaimed “King” set up shop here and the first thing that happens is we are TOLD that we are ALL subject to his Laws and Rulings… not sure how that made you feel fellow Chicagoans.

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Seriously, in the main, we don’t even really like rival sport teams coming into our city – why would we allow an “outsider” to set himself up as “King”?

If the allegations and reports from Houston, Austin, NOLA, Denver and other ports are to be given credence; if the VVC’s Global Warning is to be given any credence – with all the proof which that organisation, among others, has amassed, then what we have here is a vicious and stealthy predator who is here to prey on both the community in Chicago and, heavens forbid, innocents outside the control, and therefore protection, of our Chicago enclaves.


Question is, what can be done about it?

As we know, and must recognise, legally, until he commits a crime the police will do nothing. That much has already been ascertained through personal experience of yours truly… (in two countries.)

What about a good old fashioned Chicago style welcome…?

“The Godfather”
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Probably wouldn’t register the significance…

What about we just ignore and block everything that he and/or the VCC comes out with? Persona non Grata perhaps?

Now, whether he chooses to acknowledge, remember or recall, or not, some years back now I engaged with Mr. Butkovsky when he was neck deep in trouble in Texas, I spoke with people in the culture down there, I listened to ALL the sides of the matter and then I tried to help Mr. Butkovsky to see where he was, possibly, in error and by what measure he might recover the situation. My advice was refused, outright, until it came to the point where I could see absolutely no way forward. Today I am sitting here faced with the self-same situation and I realise that there has been NO learning from the mistakes of the past and that, in point of fact, the same mistakes are now being repeated in a different city. So, if you’re going to try and criticise me for speaking about something I don’t know about, don’t bother, this ain’t my first rodeo.

Mr. Butkovsky has, in my opinion, made the following critical errors of judgment;

1) He has waltzed into one of the toughest cities in the United States and started laying down “Rules” for us to follow while carrying the burden of a “Global Community Warning” issued against him.

2) If he had followed the advice his own Court has posted, in entering a new area respectfully, introducing oneself and abiding by the societal rules already in place, this whole thing might not have blown up in his face.

3) When faced with the knowledge of such mistakes, rather than attempt to correct them, he has continued to maintain an air at once both combative and disrespectful to the Vampires residing in this area.

“How much you can learn when you fail determines how far you will go into achieving your goals.” ― Roy Bennett

Thanks Roy but…ahhhh… what if you learn nothing?

Whatever path we in Chicago decide to take, individually, I believe that it is important that we, collectively, send out a strong message that no one gets to waltz in here and “TELL” us how things are gonna be, by posting a proclamation of “RULES”…

Quote: “The Vampire Court will govern the Vampire law for all of Chicago’s Vampires.”…

Uh… Chicago Vamps govern Chicago Vamps – END OF STORY MISTER BUTKOVSKY.


As an addendum to this report I made contact, once again, with Rev. Dr. Aramond VanRahamdalph, in Houston, and posed a few questions to get a better feel for what has been going on since I was in contact with Butkovsky.

RVL: My dear Rev. Dr. Aramond Sebastian Van Rahamdalph, welcome back to RVL, we appreciate, as always, you sharing a little of your valuable time with us. We would also like to thank you for assisting us in investigating the extraordinary, and quite bizarre, business going on in Chicago at present.

LA: You’re most welcome, It’s a pleasure to be back, and I will help as much as I can with any problems our community faces.

RVL: As you are aware the subject of our inquiries, one Loren Vargo (a.k.a Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon) has set up a “Vampire Court”, proclaimed himself King and posted the Court Rules for our city… can we ask, what is, or was, your immediate reaction to this event?

LA: It’s a disgrace to our community.
It’s a slap in the face of every leader that has ever worked hard bringing their community together, a slap in the face of all the new leaders who have started out doing things with the right goals and ideals, and a slap in the face of every community member in the Chicago & surrounding areas who wants a real organization to unite the local community.

RVL: Now, you, within Clan Rahamadalph, already issued, prior to the VVC’s Global Warning, a declaration of “Persona non Grata” against this person, can you give us a little insight into what prompted that action?

LA: Yes, Mix’s/Loren’s Excommunication/Exile was issued throughout the Greater Houston Area originally about four years ago when I was still the elected King of the Houston Court, and it was reissued about two years ago by my clan after I stepped down as the king to rebuild the Houston council with the other local leaders; most of whom (if not all) still uphold it to this day.
The initial decision for the Excommunication/Exile came after the fact that he had contacted, harassed, and either threatened or attacked many of our community’s female members. The second and final decision was made after the fact of after many months of mild threats towards myself and court members Mix/Loren decided to take it even further and make actual death threats towards myself, my family, my lovers/SOs, and the entire court and Houston community that he had any contact with him in the past.

RVL: Quite aside from the fact of the “challenge to fight to the death” you recently received from him, and the recent alliance with the notorious Michael Vachmiel, do you have any opinions as to the motives for the actions that are taking place up here?

LA: His motives are as clear as day, he created the court with the intention of securing a place in that city’s community so his actions there with community members could not get him removed even if he was excommunicated/exiled there as well.
You could say – he pulled a Vach.
His other intention (and main reason) is to use his new title to goad Logan, Maven, Myself and any other leaders within the community that dislike him. He wants revenge, and he found a small way to get it through this new “court”.

RVL: Yesterday, in making telephone inquiries, we, among others, ascertained that the July 4th “Black Ball” booking of venue that has been announced by the “Court” is a complete fabrication. Why, in your opinion, would any organization make such claims?

LA: I heard about that.
I honestly could not fathom any respectable organization making such false claims. Yet considering the individual we’re dealing with in this case, I would probably hate to know his real reasons for doing it.

RVL:…are you aware, at this time Lord Aramond, of any past or pending criminal proceedings or judgments involving Mix in Texas or any other State?

LA: I know of a warrant he has in Austin, though I don’t know what it’s for. Other than that, I don’t know of anything since he left Texas.

RVL: In closing, without wishing to put you on the spot, what advice would you give to Chicago’s Vampire community, and their friends, at this time?

LA: I would say to steer clear of Mix/Loren, come together and build something for the community that has real meaning to you and yours. Do not let him or his “friends/allies” intimidate you, or threaten you. Stand together, and stand tall. 

RVL: Rev. Dr. Lord Aramond van Rahamadalph we thank you for being here today, thank you for your concern for the real living Vampires in our area. We will, if you do not mind, continue to stay in touch with you as this crisis unfolds.

LA: You are most welcome, please do stay in touch, and I will let you know if/when I find out anything new.

It would seem, very much, as though we are not dealing with a one off flash in the pan situation here but the latest in a long line of anti-Vampire culture misdeeds by a serial troublemaker… LET’S NOT GIVE HIM THE ROOM ON OUR PLAYING FIELD CHICAGO…!!!


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Ref: Clan Rahamdalph’s Community Offenders Registry and Archives of Evidence

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