A November to remember…

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Ohhhhh I’m a baaaaaad man…!

First off I gave the entire staff of Real Vampire Life the month of November off… and I didn’t even clear it with the boss…!!!

Secondly, Lady M and I got on a big airplane and flew half-way around the world to me old stomping ground Australia. We had an awesome time with family, lying around in the heat and sunshine and sucking down cold beer and wine… ahhh me, it’s a hard life ain’t it?

(RVL reminds you to consume alcohol responsibly)

Thirdly, came back with a brand new plan, no, we ain’t, “getting’ seed from Columbia and Mexico, an’ hid it up a holler down Copperhead Road…”, we decided to join the gang in l-E-ading the way…

E-Cigs by Mt. Baker Vapor

Of course, there are some risks associated with ‘Vaping’ – do the research for yourself but think on this, you get up in the morning and go to work, usually by driving and spend everyday breathing in the atmosphere… like I say, risks in everything…!



The big news though is not so much any of those things.

We fully expected, in being “Out of the Office” for the better part of the month we would come back and find a serious fall off in readership and stats, imagine our surprise when we got back and checked on the E-Zine…

Site visits for the month 26 October to 25 November, 2017. = 5,000
Average Site visits per day = 178.57

Readership Countries as at 11/26 = 114

Twitter followers as at 11/26 = 1170

These figures represent an overall site record for RVL since we rebuilt from the server “meltdown” in May 2012, individually the figures represent the following increases over the September-October month.

By comparison;

Month stats period: 9/26/17 – 10/25/17 inclusive

Total views: 4048

Avg. Views per Day: 144.57

@ 10/25/17 1141 Twitter Followers

Distribution total countries: 110


Site views for the month 26 October to 25 November, 2017 increased by 23%

Average Site visits per day:  178.57, an increase of 23.518%

Twitter followers as at 11/26:  1170, an increase of 2.54163%

Distribution total Countries as at 11/26:  114, an increase of 3.6364%

Apart from being most encouraging for our annual growth figures it is very gratifying to know that there are readers who appreciate everything we have been building since 2012 but we can’t take all the credit…

As our owner, J. Reason, wrote recently,

“I couldn’t be more pleased. I always look forward to reading new articles, and seeing what people, and vampires, from across the globe are doing. You are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.”

YOU are why we do this, YOU are why we keep doing it, YOU are the folks who make the Events, the Headlines, the Ideas and the News we write about –

YOU are J. Reason’s Real Vampire Life.




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