A new “world” order?

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This item comes in the form of “breaking news” and it is something that we at RVL will be attempting to follow up on and get further information about.

The map shown above relates to the states that have either been “taken over” or are in the process of being “taken over” by a group called Bloodnations.

It is, at once, both an intriguing and somewhat disquieting turn of events that does bear closer inspection. We will be attempting to make contact with the owners of Bloodnations to determine why this has come about and whether it is to include ALL modern Vampires resident in any particular area.

It is believed that this project is aimed at promoting unity within the modern culture and, while that may seem to be an admirable goal to many, it also begs the question, as always, “Unity under what rules?”

We at RVL look forward to being able to bring you more on this shortly dear reader.

To Be Continued

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