A New “World” Order – Update June 12, 2017

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

As in the way of many things, once we clear some of the smoke and debris surrounding something we can begin to appreciate, or at least see, this thing for what it might just be.

With deepest gratitude to the owners of Blood Nations we have been granted access to the website in the capacity of observers.

As I pointed out to the members there, RVL is not there to criticise, judge nor inflame, we are simply there to look into the “Unity Project” for what it really is and for what it truly stands.

We are hopeful that, in addition to the Q&A by Project coordinator Maven Lore, we may get to present a one-on-one with an official of Blood Nations for that would be an honour for RVL.

In a statement issued at 2:39pm yesterday, Rev. Dr. Aramond Sebastian VanRahamadalph D.D. of Clan VanRahamadalph noted;

Clan Rahamdalph, Texas, U.S.A.

” I was interviewed by John Reason’s RVL on my thoughts on the Blood Nations “unity” project. below is the link to that interview.

A New “World” Order – Update

I will say again, Clan Rahamdalph is a family.

We will not let the actions of outsiders come between us, nor will we look down on our family members who exercise their free will. We are not here to tell others what to do, only to educate & enlighten. That is our purpose.

If my family members wish to give this a try, then I will respect their free will. BUT I will still do my part to protect my family from harm, be it physical, or otherwise.

I may even join the site at a later date so that my family & all our Houses, Covens, & Packs are visible to all those who wish to seek us out.

Only time will tell what this “project” truly is to become, & I for one will be watching.”


Though the Blood Nations web presence is in its infancy, still being developed, naturally enough the promise is there for a clearer understanding of the initiative and it is, also naturally, a fervent hope that two opposed factions may, at some point, come together if only to make peace.

As the “Unity Project” grows and gathers ground, or not, RVL will be keeping the updates coming so that all persons in the modern culture may, eventually, draw a conclusion based on facts rather than rhetoric. That is our “mission”.

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