The Red Pages

“The brainchild of Michael de Cerberus and Bholanath of House Dreaming before him. The idea behind The Red Pages is to create a phone book for the Alternative Communities containing the businesses of those within it and those with whom we have had good relations; to create and bolster our foundation by building our socio-economic power.”

In this group, feel free to advertise your business or that of any other with whom you favour. Make contact with those that interest you and feel free to suggest more businesses to be added to The Red Pages themselves. Anyone interested in volunteering as an administrator, please contact Michael J. Forrester (Michael de Cerberus).

Being a Communities-wide project, there is no favour shown to any particular group, business, or camp, and no internecine warfare is welcome or allowed, all differences can be hashed out elsewhere.

Remember, here at The Red Pages, plagiarism and theft of intellectual property is the worst kind of crime, if you are caught engaging in these acts, you will be removed completely.

Let’s help keep this initiative going and growing by adding your business or event.

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