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The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, England, 1936

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Good day to you readers,
The modern living Vampire culture encompasses, and embraces, many paths, beliefs, interests and occupations. We count, among our number, artists, authors, Wiccans, Christians, Psychics and all manner of esoteric pastimes and businesses. Perhaps it is no wonder, given our often “different” outlook on life from the run-of-the-mill.

One area that has always interested me, especially since I have visited some of what were reportedly the most haunted places in two countries, is the field of Paranormal studies and research.

Today we are honoured to be able to spend a little time with one of our culture’s foremost practitioners of this type of research.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome to RVL Lady Alyson of the Paranormal And Supernatural Team (P.A.S.T.)

Lady Alyson of P.A.S.T
(copyright P.A.S.T.)

RVL: Good evening Lady Alyson and welcome to RVL, it is a great pleasure to be able to spend a little time with you.

A: Thank you for the opportunity to to talk with you about my passion for work in the paranormal field.

RVL: May we clarify, first off, do you identify as a modern living Vampire?

A: **That’s a tough question for me. I guess it depends on the personal definition of a Vampire. If you are going off of the definition of being able to take in energies to be able to use them in accordance to the Will I would have to say yes I guess I would be. Although I just go by witch or practitioner. I have a hard time labeling myself. I’m just Alyson.**

RVL: …and can we ask how long awakened?

A: *** I was aware of my abilities from a young age, but wasn’t really able to make sense of what it was until I met Matt, so I would say he was the one who awakened me and that would be 2014. However my first encounter with the VC was in 2000 and it obviously had an impact on my path and ultimately led to my relationship with Matt.***

The Team (L to R) Matt, Lady Alyson and Cory

RVL: Thank you, let’s cut to the proverbial ‘chase’ shall we, how long have you been involved in paranormal research?

A: I would say most of my life. My father and I shared a passion for anything paranormal. From ancient alien theories to local ghost stories. I always joke and say instead of sneaking his Playboys I would sneak his Von Daniken books.

RVL: What first drew you into this field of research and study?

A: Again I would say it started with my father but I also had a friend who’s mother was into metaphysical studies. I would spend weekends out at the farm where they lived and was exposed to many things that peaked my interest from Reiki to the Occult. A great memory I have is of her friend, a professor of parapsychology at the University of Regina telling real ghost stories to us before bed and I loved every minute of it! So I guess you could say I had many positive experiences early on in life with all things paranormal. As I got older I just tried to educate myself with whatever I could find either through stories, publications, documentaries or, later, online. As I learned more I felt I had way more questions and it drove me to always seek out more information or test my own theories.

RVL: Now, a lot of people may have seen, and be thinking, “Ghostbusters” but it’s nothing like that I would imagine… would you perhaps share with us a particularly “intense” experience you have had?

A: If only it could be like the movies! It’s actually not as exciting as one might think, but that’s a matter of perception as well. Personally for me if I have to spend hundreds of hours sitting in the dark silence to get one piece of evidence we can not readily explain its worth it, that to me is exciting! It’s also good to point out that we don’t ‘bust ghosts’. My personal approach to investigating is to observe and open a line of communication in a respectful manner. From what I have gathered in my research so far is that we still have free Will after we leave our physical bodies. It is not my place to try and force spirit to leave a place that they feel they need to be. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I would rather try and communicate with whatever is there and see if we can establish a coexist relationship built on respect. So, unfortunately we don’t use ghost traps or proton packs. But I love how in the last movie the theory of spirit utilizing DC current to manifest was incorporated into the story line, this is something we actually do!

The “Pink Lady Mist”, Grove Park Inn
img. source:

RVL: It would seem a little silly to ask you if you believe in ghosts, obviously you wouldn’t be researching them if not but can we ask instead, what do you think ghosts are?

A: My theory on ghosts has grown and evolved over the years. We (my team) and I are testing more theories on the basis that ghosts are multidimensional. It would explain most paranormal events from residual energy to interactive intelligent spirit and beyond to beings that were never human. But like I said my theories on that are constantly growing and changing and you could ask me this next year and I may say something completely different. I think that keeping an open mind and testing our own beliefs progresses the field.

RVL: …and if we can wax philosophical for a moment, do you believe that the presence of inexplicable ‘ghost like’ events indicate that there is “life after death” per se?

A: Personally I don’t believe in death. The presence of inexplicable events should make us question that there is so much more going on beyond this physical plain. I don’t believe in the finality of death, just a change of existence.

RVL: How far do you, or have you, travelled from ‘home base’ for the investigation work?

A: Personally I have travelled to Mexico, Europe, all over the USA to educate myself on the paranormal. Our team is based out of Saskatchewan, Canada which is a large province, twice the size of Texas to give you an idea. So from home base maybe about 5 hours. Of course we want to go farther in the future as we all have bucket list locations. When I can mix travel and paranormal I am a very happy lady.

RVL: Now, there’s a great many folks who watch all the television shows about ghost hunters and they see all the fancy equipment like the motion activated camera, the recording desks and video equipment… what sort of specialised equipment do you use in your investigations?

A: We use basic equipment such as K2 meters, night vision cameras, digital recorders, laser grids and SB11. We are a high tech experimental team as well. I have to give most of the credit to my husband Matt for this. Not only do we use almost every piece of equipment you see on the TV shows but he has also invented a few pieces as well to test out theories. But with that being said he will be the first to tell you that ‘you’ are the best piece of equipment. We don’t rely on equipment but use it as a tool for extra validation. So what is a tool? It is an extension of yourself. Something as basic as divining rods are just metal rods until they are in your hands.

sb11-2 and K2 EMF meter
img. sources: Ghost Hunter Store & GMM Technoworld Singapore

RVL: What’s the most “haunted”, in your opinion, place you’ve been to?

A: I would have to say one of the most active and intriguing places we have been to was Cowessess First Nation Reserve here in Saskatchewan. We encountered everything at one location, human spirit, animal spirit, elemental, little people (Faeries), non human spirit and time variations. It was a paranormal buffet!

RVL: …and, I suppose, this is the $64,000 question, have you ever seen anything that, in your opinion, comes close to proving that ghosts exist?

A: Personally yes, but being of an inquisitive and questioning mind I still look for physical explanations even if I can’t readily explain it. Ultimately it’s a matter of perception of the person looking at the evidence. I like to be challenged in a constructive way and let’s face facts this is not an exact science. If someone’s intent is to disprove any evidence I can not readily explain  they can ultimately in some way disprove the evidence I have presented. Some investigators get very disgruntled about this, I however use it to learn and grow in the field, to do better. So yes many times I have captured intriguing evidence that I still cannot explain but again I present it as a ‘you decide scenario’.

RVL: If you managed to record “absolute proof” what would you do with it?

A: Again it’s a matter of perception of proof. When we do capture something we cannot readily explain we show it to our peers our fans and let them decide for themselves. Our role is not convince an audience of the existence of life after death but to open them up to the possibility that it does exist.

“Three Hunters”
(copyright P.A.S.T.)

RVL: Do you think that your own “vampiric facet” lends something extra to your investigations?

A: I have recently been talking with Matt on this very subject. I think being a practitioner in the field of paranormal gives us an advantage. As he put it “practitioners walk in all worlds”, and that really made sense to me. I believe it facilitates easier communication between the veils. I think that spirit senses this and are more willing to communicate with us. I hadn’t really thought of it before but an investigation is like a ritual, there is an opening, an exchange of communication and a closing. Because of this we know how to communicate respectfully. Other teams go into places demanding from spirit to engage them or get out of that space, does it not make sense that they are more willing to communicate with us respectfully?

RVL: …and just going back to your personal beliefs about ghosts, why do you think that ghosts do what they do, and do you believe that there are good ghosts and bad ghosts, good and evil if you like?

A: Most of the time it is to get your attention and or maybe a message across. I always tell people instead of reacting in fear to something that may be paranormal happening to them stop for a moment and consider, it may be just a way of getting your attention. Unfortunately in the TV world they want you to believe there is a eternal good vs. evil saga playing out since the beginning of time. Again this is a matter of personal perception. However are there ‘nice’ ghosts and ‘mean’ ghosts? Well there are nice humans and mean humans so yes it can cross over into the spirit world. The best advice I can give is to keep an open mind to the possibilities that something you may perceive as negative or evil may just be a way of spirit reaching out to you as best they can.

“Resurrection Mary”, Chicago.
img. source: the weird, the freaky, the scary – Tumblr

RVL: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into the paranormal investigation field?

A: Keep an open mind and don’t rely too heavily on your own personal beliefs. Question everything! Learn about science, physiology, physics, Magicks, theology, religions, history and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to test out your own theories and create. Don’t go into the field purely for the rush of being scared, you can go to an amusement park for that. You don’t need all the latest equipment, really a good night vision camera with full spectrum lighting can catch a lot, but so can a small inexpensive voice recorder. And like Matt said, you are the best piece of equipment!

RVL: In closing, do you have any “personal” ghosts, family spirits or such?

A: No unfortunately not. My dad has reached out to me a few times, mostly in dreams. We do however get the occasional spirit follow us home. I have no issue with that as I feel like I was in their space and now they are checking mine out. I have had to ask some to leave as it can get a bit uncomfortable when you are feeling watched and I respectfully ask them to go back when I feel they have over stayed. I always joke and say I never feel alone when I am by myself at home.

RVL: Do you have a website dedicated to your work at P.A.S.T and can people contact you if they think they may have something worth investigating?

A: Yes of course we have a website with links to all of our episodes on YouTube. Our Facebook page is quite active and fun as well

And Matt is also doing a facebook page called The Mudutu Effect where he helps to explain the metaphysics behind what we do in the paranormal field and how science and Magicks go hand in hand.

RVL: … and is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about the ghost business or in general terms about the modern Vampire culture?

A: Well what we do is definitely not a business. We don’t take money for what we do. Everything we do is out of our pocket so it’s more like an all encompassing hobby. It’s date night, weekends away and time well spent with friends and making new ones. It’s helping others to better understand what may be going on in their lives and to try and help out with the fear that maybe surrounding the situation. We do this not expecting anything in return but to learn and to grow as individuals and as a team.

RVL: Lady Alyson, it has been a genuine honour and a pleasure to spend this time with you today, and to find out, first hand, what the paranormal investigation business is about. We would like to keep in touch, wish you luck in your work and please keep us in mind if you get that “absolute proof” would you?

A: Absolutely!

In a world of strange, wonderful, inexplicable things we need adventurers like the P.A.S.T. Team, we need them to “boldly go”, to seek out new things and strange events…we need them to give flight to our dreams and our imagination.

Skeptics demand proof, so these people, like Lady Alyson and the team, spend their lives committed to the pursuit of that proof, will they ever find it? Who knows but don’t forget, technically speaking, the Higgs-Boson Particle didn’t actually “exist” prior to 2012 either…

Who knows what’s just around the corner, next week, next month, next year. Let’s just be grateful that we have people looking for the answers because you just never know, one day we may need “Ghostbusters” – better we have experts on the case yes?

Img source: “Ghostbusters”
Columbia Pictures (as Columbia-Delphi Productions)
Delphi Films (from) (as Columbia – Delphi Productions)
Black Rhino Productions (as A Black Rhino / Bernie Brillstein Production) 1984

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A couple of milestones

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Good evening everyone,
We hope you are well.

Got some news we want to share. As you know we regularly report the performance statistics of our humble little E-Zine at the end of each month-period.

I would like to let you in on this month’s posted figures…

A couple of things have happened in this month, June-July, period.
We have increased, yet again, our total number of Twitter followers and we have increased our total number of Countries that we reach. Good news. The best news of all, as of today, 7/26/18, we have amassed a total of 250,138 visits since the disastrous server crash of 2012 that pretty near wiped us out.

Thank you, a thousand times over, to all those people who made it possible for RVL to achieve these milestones.


Month period stats June 26, 2018 to July 25, 2018 inclusive

Total visits: 3175 (11.993% increase)

Avg. visits per day: 113.39 (11.990% increase)

@ 7/26/18 – 1361 Twitter Followers (2.101% increase)

Distribution, Total Countries, as at 7/26/18: 141 (3.677% increase)

 As you can imagine we’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves about now… yes, it’s taken a while but never losing the vision that J. Reason instilled in us has been the key. As much as we’re feeling pretty chuffed we are also feeling extremely grateful to all of you in the Modern Real Vampire Culture that have come to support us.

Blessings to all.

Editor in Chief – J.Reason’s RVL E-Zine

One coin, two sides

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Unity, in the modern living Vampire culture, was once described to me as, “a pipe dream”. Is that still the case?

Let’s, firstly, take a brief historical look at some contemporary examples of “unity” in the real world.

img. source: K UN.ORG

The most famous, and perhaps well known, is, of course, the United Nations. Founded 24 October 1945 and originally comprising 51 member states it now numbers 193 member countries.

img. source: Unruly Hearts on WordPress

Another well known “unity” project, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) agreement based on the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949. Since its founding, the admission of new member states has increased the alliance from the original 12 countries to 29.


img. source: National Geographic Maps

Yet another is the ANZUS (Australia New Zealand United States) Security Treaty is the 1951, collective security non-binding agreement between Australia and New Zealand and, separately, Australia and the United States.


Not simply for security or military requirements does unity come about either, consider, if you will, The Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty which extends the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that commits members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Protocol’s first commitment period started in 2008 and ended in 2012. A second commitment period was agreed on in 2012, known as the Doha Amendment. As of July 2016, 66 states have accepted the Doha Amendment, while entry into force requires the acceptances of 144 states. Of the 37 countries with binding commitments, 7 have ratified.

All real, viable, working and representative models of unity for a collective benefit.

img. source: Mark Manson @

Within the modern Vampire culture we can look at two models that have proven to be viable thus far in promoting a unification for communication, information exchange and certain acceptances of common principles. The first we will look at is Dark Nations.

Dark Nations

In the latter half of 2007 the Dark Nations founded by Madame X of House of The Dreaming and Lord Khan, initially gathering over 2 dozen Houses and Orders into a collective effort designed to encourage communication and interactions between the member houses.

The Unity Project

The second, and more recent, The Unity Project, the brainchild of King Maven Lore of New Orleans, LA and King Logan South of Austin, TX was established in June of 2017 and experienced a surge of interest at its inception which has resulted in a steady growth to date.

It is interesting to look at the operational aspects of the two, in comparison, and see which might be the more popular model. There is no doubt that both work and, in fact, you can usually tell when something is working when a great number of people start belittling and denigrating it… not so unlike real life in that respect.

Member status:

Having been involved in the Dark Nations at one time I found it to be a great platform for the cross-communication between the member houses. Each “Administrator”, or rather “Facilitator” was tasked with looking after a small number of member groups and this ensured that smooth running was maintained. Membership to the Dark Nations, much like the process whereby a country or state joins the United Nations, is by invitation. There is, obviously, a vetting process that goes on prior to any membership invitation being made and the main stipulation is that the “embassy” of a member house at DNs must have a minimum of three people in it.

It has been some time since we have chanced to be able to speak with a representative of DNs but we are hopeful of being able to bring you an up to date, inside look at what the organisation is up to today.

By contrast, we would suggest, the Unity Project, is a more “open” network of Member Houses. Typically the member houses of the Unity Project takes on the title of “Vampire Court of” and the leader of the house assumes the monarchical title of King/Queen.

As far as we are aware, from previous discourse with one of the Unity Project’s founders, there is no particular set pre-selection or invitation process, whether a house is, or is not, admitted is based on a more generalised application process. This very “open” aspect attracts groups more readily, we would assume, than a closed system of invitation only.

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Why Unity?

Mainly because it’s infinitely preferable to bickering and B.S. but that’s not the only reason. Wider based, and more highly resourced, culture specific charity work could be improved. A more cordial level of intercommunications between more groups would mean that “trolls” and “troublemakers” could be more easily, and completely, frozen out by concensus. Exchange of study research could lead to a better, and deeper, understanding of the specialist identifiers between the self-identified types of Vampires and, thereby, a more inclusive unit could be established and maintained.

The fact is that unity doesn’t mean having one “Boss”, “King” or “Grand Poobah”, it means wider representation in a more beneficial atmosphere. In fact, as King Maven of New Orleans put it in the interview entitled, “A new world order reprised”:
“There is no federally mandated law saying we have to follow anyone.  House/Court/Various Group leaders are such because people freely give their loyalty and support to them. You can’t “Take Over” anything, you can’t “Grab Power” from anything or anyone, that’s not how it works.  Power is given BY the people TO who they choose to.”

He went on to say,
“I can say that the number one issue that they had was the assurance that their houses and courts wouldn’t be ruled by the website, nor would they have to change their structure and bylaws.  The idea that we presented to them is that this project would help expand their respective organizations and/or rebuild organizations that have long since fallen into disrepair through global communication and working hand in hand with other communities.”

Indeed, both current models we have considered fit what might be seen as the “preferred” model for unity within any society.

As an example of unity of purpose for wider benefit, RVL and the research group CLAVIS have recently entered into an agreement to examine the feasibility of creating a list of all the available Vampire lexicons available. From this collection a general Lexicon could be created that would examine all currently employed terms in the culture and by reducing them to their base components a “dictionary” of terms could be designed to enhance communication and understanding of non-house specific terminology.

There are many benefits to unity and cooperation and it is becoming clearer that there are more elements of the modern Vampire culture that are warming to that concept.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, what’s going to happen to our identity as a house, or our legacy, if we all join in this big, happy, all hold hands and sing kumbaiyah around the campfire thing?”

Simple answer, nothing… no more than any member country of the United Nations has been swallowed up and lost its national identity. No one is saying you have to change but look at the benefits that could be shared between your house, group or organisation and other member organisations.

The old days of, “He who controls the information rules the roost” are gone. Information, within the culture, is no longer a commodity to be bought and sold, it’s a right of all to have access to the widest pool of resources for improvement, and learning, and anyone who thinks otherwise is heading the way of the dinosaur.

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What are the considerations that might turn us from “Unity”?

It’s a sentiment that lies close to the heart of a great many in the modern culture, the belief that Vampires, modern Vampires, much like the historical archetype, aren’t “pack” creatures, rather they are “loners”, individuals who don’t generally crave company, mingling, socialising or any of that.

Indeed, that very thing was the subject of an RVL two-part editorial, Vampires – Pack or Solitary beings? Published in March of 2017. (Part 1 & Part 2) and as I commented in Part 1;
“Modern Vampyres, those without specific vampyric ideologies that they adhere to, those that are not part of a structured “order” and those that stand outside of the often referred to “politics” of the modern, contemporary, situation are left wondering in which direction to turn and for this very reason many will, and will continue to, return to solitary ways because that is the way of the vampire.”

The politics involved with inter-house dealings may well drive many to seek the solace of the solitary way once more. Hierarchies that are too strictly observed and levied on the members will, I would suggest, push in the same direction. It is a difficult thing to walk a path under someone else’s rules, as the renowned Magistra Xia wrote;

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In conclusion:

At the end of the day “unity” or “not unity” is, as it always has been, the choice that each individual will make for themselves. It is a choice that many groups, covens, clans and organisations may well discuss and vote on… it’s not something that can be forced.

Concerns for group, or individual, identity will come into play. Inter-group politics, whether we like it or not, will play a part, personal likes and dislikes will play a part… in all respects it’s not so much a case of trying to build something, or forge something but more a case of trying to grow something. What it needs is good gardeners. Gardeners who, as much as they want an abundant crop must be pragmatic enough to respect that not everyone wants what they want.

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