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Good evening, Dobra večer, Guten Abend, Jó estét,

We trust everyone made it through the great American eclipse, as they were calling it here, safely?

This evening I would like to address a topic that comes along quite frequently and one which seems to be deeply entrenched as part of the modern living Vampyre culture.

Many of you may have caught, recently, the SOC Radio show, The Magick Lab Academy, that we were delighted, and honoured, to have been able to be a part of. It was fascinating to have been able to have spent that time in chatting with the people involved, Tony Sokol, ‘The Hollywood Witch’ Marie Bargas, the show producer Tracy from New Zealand and the special guest of the evening Lady Gia Ahlia Bathory, it was something of an eye opener and although we were, and have been, aware of the link between many modern Vampires and the Occult, the depth of information and quality of commentary provided by Lady Gia was extremely informative.

Whether it was the show that prompted a question we fielded, or not, we don’t know but the substance of the question was,
“Why do Vampires have to be anything but just Vampires? Do they have to be Vampires and something else?”

It is, at once, a simple and yet complex question that goes to the heart of modern Vampyre belief systems and outlooks and one, especially given the nature of the two subjects, that is somewhat inextricable by the virtue of the beliefs themselves.

The All-seeing eye
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The development of the Vampire mythos and the rise in Occult philosophy have accompanied each other through history from around the sixteenth century, from the earliest records of human existence the occult movement drew inspiration and developed ritualistic practices so it is no surprise that the two are still closely aligned in this day and age. Similarly, it is no surprise to find the two philosophies existing, side by side, today.

A most detailed chronology of the history of the Vampire can be found in “The Ultimate Vampyre Timeline” that this author has been putting together, adding to and reviewing since 2010 and from which it can be seen that, as far as is able to be somewhat reliably determined, the Vampire has been known, historically, since ancient Sumerian times (ca. 3200bc) and has never been out of human consciousness since that time in one form or another.

Occultism as a term, by comparison, appeared in the Latin somewhere between 1520 and 1530 a.d. from the Latin “occultus” (past participle of occulere to hide from view, cover up)[1]


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A great disparity in time frames, yes but the term occult has been applied, variously, to practices dating as far back as Ancient Egyptian times. The most important thing to recognise here is that those ancient peoples did not regard their practices as “metaphysical”, as “supernatural”, “occult” or something that was necessarily to be “hidden”, to them the practices were part of the natural order of life, the world they inhabited and the universe that they perceived – in other words it was “normal”.

16th Century Metaphysics and Vampirism

The earliest [sic] reliable account of real “vampirism” in this period centred on 1597 a.d.

Clara Geisslerin[2] whom was a 69-year-old widow in the town of Gelnhausen, Germany. She was accused of witchcraft, grave-robbing, murder, and consorting with demons. Under torture, so the story goes, she confessed to sexual relations with demons in the form of animals and to drinking the blood of sixty children that she had killed. Whether she was actually consuming human blood to remain healthy and alive is debatable, it is just as possible that she was using, and drinking, it ritually in homage to some demonic entity. So, once again, a line becomes blurred. Many may see her as a vampire simply because she drank the blood, while others will see her as a magick practitioner, witch or occultist because she used blood in her murderous rites and practices – so, the question becomes, Clara Geisslerin, Occultist or Vampire?

In the period commencing around the time that “occultism” became defined, the Renaissance (ca. 15th and 16th century) saw a resurgence in hermeticism and Neo-Platonic varieties of ceremonial magic.

Likewise, the rejection of these practices centred around seven specific arts. The seven artes magicae or artes prohibitae (arts prohibited by canon law, detailed by Johannes Hartlieb in 1456) were:

nigromancy (“black magic”, demonology, by popular etymology, from necromancy) geomancy (method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand) hydromancy (a method of divination by means of water, including the colour, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool) aeromancy (divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions) pyromancy (the art of divination by means of fire) chiromancy (characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm) and scapulimancy (the practice of divination by use of scapulae – the shoulder blades)[3]

Thus, after becoming “criminalised” by the prevailing religious law systems of the day, and with the great popularity of, and belief in, these ancient practices it became necessary for them to go “underground” or become “hidden”, in essence to become ‘the occult’. Since that time “occultism” grew to encompass any metaphysical process or belief that could be imagined.

At this point it becomes necessary to enter the philosophical realm of metaphysics to the mix… see, I said it could be complicated didn’t I?

16th Century Alchemist Michal Sedziwoj – Painting from the XIX century collection of Julian Tuwim.
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Now, feel free to refer to your favourite dictionary for the meaning of “metaphysics” if you wish but basically, in layman’s terms, it means “physical properties and laws that exist, and work, beyond that which is directly observable and measurable” – roughly…

The term first appears around 1350-1400 a.d., in Middle English as “metaphisik” then goes on to become further defined somewhere between 1560 and 1570 a.d. in a Medieval Latin and Greek combination as “metaphysica” with a basis in the arrangement of Aristotle’s writings.[4]


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The question reconsidered

“Why do Vampires have to be anything but just Vampires? Do they have to be Vampires and something else?”

The simple answer lies in one phrase, “belief systems”. Nothing about actually, physically being a modern living Vampyre prohibits one from believing in Metaphysics as a universal constant and the belief in such a constant appears to go hand-in-hand with “occult” beliefs and practices.

I would, however, suggest that since modern Vampirism is not, at this time, a scientifically observable or measurable entity that it also falls into the realm of metaphysics. I know, full well, that I am an energy worker. I know that I have influenced circumstance by the employment of “energy” work, either in ritual or not. If people ask me, “Are you a real Vampire?” I reply, “That’s part of me, yes.” Indeed, I take energy into myself for the purposes of feeling better, of empowering myself when I am feeling low and believe me when I say there have been days when I have felt that if I didn’t suck in some energy from an outside source to bolster my own energy then I would have been just as happy to throw myself under a train… I guess, in that instance, it enables me to survive. Modern Vampire is only part of what I am and because of how I utilise that aspect of myself it also enhances my metaphysical work as well.

Am I an Occultist as well as a modern Vampire? Well, I don’t share details with the general population of what I’m doing, I don’t walk into a supermarket and yell, “Everybody stand still, and I’m going to suck energy out of you because I feel like crap…!” so, in that moment, I am “hiding” what I am doing which leads back to the very definition of ‘Occult’.

I believe there are many forms of energy available to those whom I refer to as being “enlightened” and that those energies help certain individuals to achieve things that they might not otherwise achieve. I believe that being a modern Vampire is part of that and that it is part of the very fabric of who and what I am, as for specific rituals, or “occult” practices, to me they are the hammers, tape measures and chisels in my “toolbox”. I get them out as needed to do a job.

The Monas Hieroglyphica of John Dee
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Defining belief systems is always fraught with difficulties because belief is very often based in non-definable feelings and perceptions. How people see things very much depends on a great many factors also, factors such as experience, upbringing, sociological experiences and, in great measure, imagination. Being a modern living Vampire is not scientifically observable, at this time but there are hundreds of thousands of people the world over whom know who and what they are, similarly, the occult and occult practices are based in a non-scientifically observable result or event that may well only be sensed by the practitioner, does either of these things mean they don’t exist? Remember, the existence of the Higgs-Boson Particle was only theorised and then suddenly, one day, BAM…!!! There it was… observed and recorded.

Vampires can be Vampires, Vampires can also be Occultists, Occultists can be Occultists but they don’t necessarily have to be Vampires, Seagulls can be Seagulls and they can also be birds, they, however, don’t have the choice and that’s where we differ.


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Good evening,
I’ve always thought that the twists and turns that life takes are, indeed, often stranger than fiction… and this evening should prove to be very interesting.

We, at RVL, have been honoured by being asked to participate in a radio program, a radio program for SOC Radio and the Magick Lab Academy.

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In addition I will have the pleasure of being on the show with special guest, the amazing, Lady Gia Bathory

The only question I have is, how should I dress?

Like I said, it’s going to prove real interesting and it might just give folks a chance to gain a little insight into RVL in a way we haven’t done before…